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Publication: ViewPoint
Turning the Tables on the Israel-Firsters

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Editor's Note:

Do any of you know who Michael Scheuer is? He is an ex-CIA 
analyst who has become a public figure who dares to speak 
out against those people who place Israeli interests ahead 
of US interests. He names them for you to be aware.

I first saw him on Bill Mahr's show and poor Bill was 
taken aback at Michael's clear way of discussing the 
Middle East. More and more people are no longer being 
cowered by someone suggesting they may be an anti-Semite 
if they criticize Israel. 

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Turning the Tables on the Israel-Firsters 
by Michael Scheuer

Now that the dust has settled in the spat between 
journalist Joe Klein and the ideologues at Commentary, 
it is time to regret the ink spilled over the non-issue 
of "dual loyalties." The idea that there are U.S. citizens 
who have equal loyalties to the United States and Israel 
is passé. American Israel-firsters have long since dropped 
any pretense of loyalty to the United States and its 
genuine national interests. They have moved brazenly into 
the Israel first, last, and always camp. Sen. Joseph 
Lieberman, Norman Podhoretz, Victor Davis Hanson, the 
Rev. Franklin Graham, Alan Dershowitz, Rudy Giuliani, 
Douglas Feith, the Rev. Rod Parsley, Paul Wolfowitz, James 
Woolsey, Bill Kristol, the Rev. John Hagee, and the 
thousands of wealthy supporters of the American Israel 
Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) appear to care about the 
United States only so far as Washington is willing to 
provide immense, unending funding and the lives of young 
U.S. service personnel to protect Israel. These individuals 
and their all-for-Israel journals – Commentary, National 
Review, the Weekly Standard, and the Wall Street Journal – 
amount to nothing less than a fifth column intent on 
involving 300 million Americans in other peoples' religious 
wars, making them pay and bleed to protect a nation in 
which the United States has no genuine national security 
interest at stake. 

The Israel-firsters' success is, of course, the stuff of 
which legends are made. Most recently, for example, we 
heard President Bush echo Sen. Lieberman's insane and 
subversive contention that the United States has a "duty" 
to ensure the fulfilling of God's millennia-old promise to 
Abraham regarding the creation and survival of Israel. Bush 
told the Knesset all Americans are ready to endlessly bleed 
and pay to ensure Israel's security. And where does the 
president derive authority to make such a commitment in 
the name of his countrymen? From the Constitution? On the 
basis of America's dominant religion? From – heaven forbid 
– a thoughtful, hardheaded analysis of U.S. interests? 

No, Bush's pledge was based on none of these. Bush's 
decision to more deeply involve America in the eternal 
Arab-Israeli war was based on nothing less than the 
corruption wrought on the American political system by 
the Israel-firsters, AIPAC's enormous treasury, and the 
lamentable but growing influence of America's leading 
evangelical Protestant preachers. 

The Israel-firsters started the Iraq war and now have the 
United States locked into an occupation of that country 
that may not end in any of our lifetimes. Unless Americans 
ignore the likes of Hanson, Podhoretz, Lieberman, Woolsey, 
and Wolfowitz, the cost in blood and treasure will 
ultimately bankrupt America. 

AIPAC is a perfectly legal organization, and the wealth 
of its members is channeled into reliable campaign 
contributions for any candidate from either party who 
will put Israel's interests above America's. From McCain 
to Obama, from Pelosi to Giuliani, from Hillary Clinton 
to Vice President Cheney, AIPAC pumps money to any and 
every American politician who is willing to adopt an 
Israel-first policy. 

Leading American Protestant evangelical preachers – men 
like Hagee, Parsley, and Graham – are the newest and 
perhaps most anti-American members of this fifth column. 
They serve two purposes: (1) to reinforce in the minds 
of their flocks the Bush-Lieberman absurdity that the 
United States has a "duty" to ensure Israel's survival; 
and (2) to use religious rhetoric to steadily convince 
the Muslim world that U.S. leaders are interested only 
in taming – and if need be, destroying – Islam. 

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The reality and power of this anti-American, pro-Israel 
triangle – Israel-first politicians, civil servants, and 
pundits; AIPAC's corrupting influence; and the warmongering 
of major evangelical Protestant preachers – is so obvious 
and palpable that the only way its members can blur reality 
is to deny the triangle's existence and identify their 
critics as anti-Semites. Well, the time has come to simply 
ignore these folks' knee-jerk hurling of that epithet. 
Indeed, the slur ought to understood for what it is: a 
sure sign that the Israel-firsters know that their fifth 
column would be destroyed in a minute if their fellow 
Americans come to recognize that their sons and daughters 
are dying in Iraq and soon elsewhere to protect an Israeli 
state whose existence is just as important to U.S. 
interests as the creation of a Palestinian state – that 
is, of no importance whatsoever. 

American voters must start using the democratic process 
to begin removing themselves from the religious war known 
as the Arab-Israeli conflict. Disengagement will take 
time, hard work, and a steadfast commitment to the rule 
of law. Three actions are well within the voters' 
capability, and their use would bring pressure on federal 
officials to stop killing America's children in wars 
between Arabs and Israelis. 

1. Voters should press federal representatives to end 
taxpayer funding for the National Endowment for Democracy 
and other such organizations. These organizations' main 
function is to promote the fallacy that U.S. interests 
are served by making sure that Israel – "the embattled 
island of democracy in the Middle East" – is protected, 
and that the lives of American children should be joyfully 
spent to bring democracy to foreigners in Iraq, Iran, 
Afghanistan, and elsewhere. 

2. Voters should not vote for any candidate for federal 
office who accepts contributions from AIPAC or any other 
Israel-first organization. This decision would be an 
important step in beginning to sweep clean the Augean 
stable that is American politics. 

3. Voters of all faiths must press their religious leaders 
to regularly, publicly, and specifically denounce the 
evangelical Protestant preachers whose fire-and-brimstone 
support for Israel involves Americans in religious wars 
in which U.S. interests are not threatened. 

Neutralizing the Israel-first fifth column must be done, 
but it must be accomplished using legitimate democratic 
tools: voting, lobbying, free speech, and support for 
candidates pledged to keep America out of other peoples' 
religious wars. The invocation of the anti-Semite epithet 
by the Israel-firsters should be ignored. To be silenced 
by the slurs of the Israel-firsters is to ignominiously 
invite the end of American independence by subordinating 
U.S. interests to those of a foreign nation, as well as 
to forget the warning of the greatest American. "If men 
are precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter 
which may involve the most serious and alarming 
consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind," 
George Washington said in March 1783, "reason is of no 
use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and, 
dumb and silent, we may be led, like sheep, to the 
slaughter." As long as the Israel-firsters can define the 
limits of acceptable public discourse, Americans are on 
their way to the slaughter. 


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