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Publication: ViewPoint
The Terror That Begot Israel

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Editor's Note:

Ask 1000 people at random about terror in the Middle East 
and not one in that thousand will know about the Jewish 
terrorism that created the state of Israel. What follows 
is certainly not a comprehensive list, but should give 
newcomers to the history of the conflict pause. 

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     Bush Interfered in Democratic Process In Palestine

Vanity Fair recently published a report claiming that US 
President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleeza 
Rice were involved in covert plans to topple and destroy 
Hamas after it was democratically elected in 2006. 

View: Bush Interfered in Democratic Process In Palestine
The Terror That Begot Israel- by Khalid Amayreh

"We committed Nazi acts." 
Aharon Zisling, Israel's first Agriculture Minister

"There is no doubt that many sexual atrocities were 
committed by the attacking Jews. Many young (Arab) girls 
were raped and later slaughtered. Old women were also 
General Richard Catling, British Army Assistant Inspector 
after interrogating several female survivors 
(The Palestinian Catastrophe, Michael Palumbo, 1987)


As the evil state of Israel is celebrating sixty years 
of ethnic cleansing and atrocities against the native 
Palestinians, many people around the world, especially 
young generations, will not be fully aware of the manner 
in which Israel came into existence. Similarly, the
younger Zionist generations who don't stop calling their 
Palestinian victims "terrorists" should have a clearer 
idea about Israel's manifestly criminal past which Zionist 
school textbooks shamelessly glamorize and glorify

Prior to "Jewish" statehood, three main Jewish terror 
organizations operated in Palestine, primarily against 
Palestinian civilians and British mandate targets. The 
three were: The Haganah, the Zvei Leumi or Irgun and the 
Stern Gang. The Haganah (Defence) had a field army of 
up to 160,000 well-trained and well-armed men and a unit 
called the Palmach, with more than 6,000 terrorists. The 
Irgun included as many as 5,000 terrorists, while the 
Stern Gang included 200-300 dangerous terrorists. 

The following are merely some examples of Zionist terrorism 
prior to the creation of the Zionist state in 1948: The 
list doesn't include the bigger massacres such as Dir 
Yasin, Dawaymeh, Tantura and others. 


During this period, Zionist terrorists carried out a series 
of terror attacks against Palestinian buses resulting in 
the death of 24 persons and the wounding of 25 others. 


Haganah blew up the Iraqi oil pipeline near Haifa/Palestine.
Moshe Dayan was one of the participants in this act. The 
technique was used in 1947 at least four times. 


On 6 November, 1940, Zionist terrorists of the Stern Gang 
assassinated the British Minister resident in the Middle 
East, Lord Moyne, in Cairo.


On 25 November, S.S. Patria was blown up by Jewish 
terrorists in Haifa harbour, killing 268 illegal Jewish 
immigrants. The explosion, carried out by the Haganah 
terrorist group, was only meant to prevent the ship from 
sailing. However, it seemed that the terrorists had 
miscalculated the amount of explosives needed to disable 
the vessel. Other sources reported that this was no 
miscalculation and was a deliberate  mass murder of Jews 
by Jews aimed at drawing sympathy and influencing British 
immigration policy to Palestine. 


Zionist terrorists blew up the King David Hotel in 
Jerusalem, which housed the civilian administration of 
the government of Palestine, killing and injuring more 
than 200 persons. The Irgun gang claimed responsibility 
for this criminal act, but subsequent evidence indicated 
that both the Haganah and the Jewish Agency were involved. 


On 1 October, the British Embassy in Rome was badly damaged 
by a bomb explosion for which Irgun claimed responsibility. 


In June 1947, a postal bomb addressed to the British war 
office exploded in the post office sorting room in London, 
injuring 2 persons. It was attributed to Irgun or Stern 
Gangs (The Sunday Times, Sept. 24, 1972), p. 8. 


In December 1947, six Palestinians were killed and 30 
wounded when bombs were thrown from Jewish trucks at 
Arab houses in Haifa; 12 Palestinians were killed and 
another injured in an attack by armed Zionists at an 
Arab coastal village near Haifa. 


On 13 December 1947, Zionist terrorists believed to be 
members of Irgun Zevi Leumi murdered 18 Palestinian 
civilians and wounded 60 othersin Jerusalem, Jaffa and 
Lud areas. In Jerusalem, bombs were thrown in an Arab 
market-place near the Damascus Gate; in Jaffa bombs were 
thrown into an Arab café; and in the Arab village near 
Lud, 12 Arabs were killed in an attack with mortars and 
automatic weapons. 


On 9 December, Haganah terrorists attacked an Arab village 
near Safad, blowing up two houses, in the ruins of which 
were found the bodies of 10 Arabs, including 5 children. 
Haganah admitted responsibility for the attack. 


On 29 December, two British constables and 11 Palestinians 
were killed and 32 others were injured at the Damascus Gate 
in Jerusalem when Irgun terrorists threw a bomb from a taxi.


On 1 January, Haganah terrorists attacked a village on the 
slope of Mount Carmel, killing 17 Palestinian civilians 
and wounding 33 others. 


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On 4 January, Haganah terrorists wearing British Army 
uniforms penetrated into the centre of Jaffa and blew 
up the Sarai, which was used as headquarters of the Arab 
National Committee, killing more than 40 persons and 
wounding 98 others. 


On 5 January, the Arab-owned Semiramis Hotel in Jerusalem 
was blown up, killing 20 civilians, among them Viscount De 
Tapia, the Spanish Consul. Haganah admitted responsibility 
for this outrage. 


On 7 January, seventeen Arab civilians were killed by a 
bomb at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, 3 of them while 
trying to escape. Further casualties, including the murder 
of a British officer near Hebron, were reported from 
different parts of the country. 


On 16 January, Jewish terrorists blew up three Arab 
buildings, killing 8 children between the age of 18 months 
and 12 years. 

December 13, 1947 - February 10, 1948

Seven bombing attacks by Jewish terrorists took place and 
the targets were innocent Arab civilians in cafés and 
markets, killing 138 and wounding 271 others. During this 
period, there were 9 attacks on Arab buses. Moreover, 
Jewish terrorists attacked passenger trains on at least 
four occasions, killing 93 persons and wounding 161 others.


On 15 February, Haganah terrorists attacked an Arab village 
near Safad and blew up several houses, killing 11 civilians,
including four children. 


On 3 March, heavy damage was done to the Arab-owned Salam 
building in Haifa (a seven-story block of flats and shops) 
by Jewish terrorists who drove an army truck to the building
and escaped before detonation of 400 pounds of explosives, 
killing 11 Arab civilians and 3 Americans. The Stern Gang 
claimed responsibility. 


On 22 March, Jewish terrorists from the Stern Gang blew up 
a housing block in Iraq Street in Haifa, killing 17 and 
injuring 100 others. Four members of the Stern Gang drove 
two truckloads of explosives into the street and abandoned 
the vehicles before the explosives went off. 


On 31 March, Jewish terrorists mined the Cairo-Haifa 
Express, killing 40 people and wounding 60 others. 


On 16 April, Jewish terrorists attacked the former British 
army camp at Tel Litvvinsky, killing 90 Palestinians. 


On 19 April, fourteen Palestinian civilians were killed 
in a house in Tiberias, which was blown up by Zionist 


On 11 May, a letter bomb addressed to Evelyn Baker, former 
commanding officer in Palestine, was detected in the nick 
of time by his wife. 

April 25, 1948 - May 13, 1948

Wholesale looting of Jaffa was carried out following armed 
attacks by Irgun and Haganah terrorists. They plundered 
and carried away everything they could, destroying what 
they could not take with them. 


On 17 September, Count Folke Berndadotte, UN Mediator in 
Palestine was assassinated by members of the Stern Gang 
in the Zionist-controlled sector of Jerusalem. Bernadotte's 
aide Col. Serot was also killed and murdered by Jewish 


In November, the Christian Arab villages of Igrit and Birim 
were attacked and destroyed, killing and injuring many 
unarmed civilians, including women and children. All the 
Christian Arab inhabitants were forcibly expelled from 
their homes. The State of Israel still refuses to allow 
them to return to their villages despite several court 


The greatest acts of Jewish terror took place when Jewish 
terrorists, now called Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), 
uprooted 700,000-800,000 Palestinians from their ancestral 
homeland in Palestine. Since then the refugees have 
consistently been denied the right to return home. After 
the expulsion, the Zionist terrorist army razed to the 
ground hundreds of Arab towns, villages and hamlets and 
obliterated their remains. Eventually, Israeli villages, 
Kibbutzim and towns were built on the remaining rubble. 


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