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Publication: Spritual Healing
Using Meditation to Create Your Dreams

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Spiritual Awakenings with Dawn Silver

January 25, 2006

Good morning and Good Day StarGazers,

I guess I spoke to soon last week, as the temperature has been dropping. But the sky has been clear and the stars appear brighter.

Speaking about stars, as many of you are already aware, Venus has been retrograde since December 24th of 2005. What does this mean? Venus is the Goddess of Love. She governs fashion, beauty, emotions, your values, your tastes, and your ability to be giving. When she is retrograde it is not a good time to purchase clothes, jewelry or change your hair or make-up, particularly when she is in aspect to planets in your astrological chart. It is not a good time to re-decorate or get married, unless you are born with a Venus retrograde in your chart. Why all this? Because you may change you ideas of what love and beauty are to you when this cycle is over. Oh well, hair grows!

But it is not only this. Venus can rule fated events and diplomacy and what we have seen in the news is that our tactics in diplomacy are being challenged, on our own soils. I will let you interpret that as you may, but that is what I see. Venus is in the sign of Aquarius, the air-signed water bearer. Aquarius rules intellect, groups and organizations, and humanitarianism. With Venus retrograde, in the cool headed sign of Aquarius, our values and our humanitarianism may be viewed as arrogance in the world at large. Do we want to be seen as selfish? What are our true intentions? With Venus in the sign of eccentric and unorthodox Aquarius conjuncting transiting Chiron, the wounded healer, this is a time to heal our feelings and emotions. But it is also a time to re-evaluate our values and relationships as well as our diplomacy as citizens of the world. Is this really the time to thumb our noses at our own constitution? Our forefathers put these laws in place to protect each and every citizen. Anyways, thank the Goddess on February 3 our beloved Venus goes direct. Till then take this time to heal your issues in love and relationships. And for the rest of us, to get a fashion sense. ;)

This week we have a wonderful submission by a healer extraordinaire, Karen Jolly. I have enjoyed her work and the work of her author/trance channeler husband, Weston Jolly, throughout the years. Thank you, Karen. Her information will be listed below where you can order one of her great healing meditation CDs and tapes. But first I will answer a question from Raime, born in Texas.

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Hi Raime! When do I see you getting a job? Well, to begin with, you have a Virgo, the workaholic sign, rising, sextiling your cancer Moon. This, along with transiting Neptune, which rules sacrifice and disillusionment, is on your sixth house of work, and four of your natal planets in your twelfth house of hidden activities and serve or suffer. My best advice for right now is to do work of a less personal nature, but work which allows you to be of service to others. This can mean many things: working in a nursing home, a shelter for homeless, a community kitchen, or working with an agency doing work to benefit foster children. The options are many, and with your spiritually nurturing disposition, you would be a great asset.

While you are doing that, your chart suggests going back to school or continuing to working on your dreams. You can write, you are poetic and artistic, and, with Gemini at your mid-heaven, your are well-suited to doing two careers at once. You can multi-task with ease. You are also great at promotional work. You are clever...how about an ad agency? If those are not your talents but are your interests, then go back to school. What you are going through is temporary, but does not totally ease up for another three to three and a half years. With your chart, work should not be the issue. Your issue is making up your mind and feeling confident enough to move forward. Forge forward, sister!

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Using Meditation to Create Your Dreams
by Karen Jolly

It is January 2006, a great time to consider what you would like to accomplish, change, and conquer in the upcoming year. But do you find upon reviewing your goals that these are the same items as last year and the year before? What’s keeping you from accomplishing everything on your list? This year, instead of remaining stuck, move forward, using meditation to create your dreams.

Every January I’ve made it a habit to list my goals for the New Year. But after years of seeing the same dreams on my list I started feeling a sense of hopelessness about my future. I felt like I had poured my heart out to the Universe asking for what I wanted and no one was listening. Time and again I felt the answer from the Universe to my deepest dreams was “no.”

I see this same pattern in so many of the people in our personal sessions. They put an aspiration out to the Universe and then they don’t understand the message that comes back. Or, they call me in tears complaining that they put a desire out there and the exact opposite took place. They feel deeply disappointed and angry that “the Universe is not supporting" them.

It wasn’t until I began meditating on a regular basis that the true message from the Universe was revealed. Once I discovered this message, I was able to focus my intentions and accomplish the objectives that had sat idle on my list for decades.

So what is it that really happens when you put an intention out to the Universe? What message is the Universe sending you?

When you tell the Universe your deepest desires and await an answer, it will come. But it isn’t always a simple “Yes”, like we want it to be. Often the reply is more like this, “This goal is in conflict with your feelings, which makes your request muddled.” The Universe then reflects these feelings to you in various ways as an opportunity to move forward.

Unfortunately, we all have a tendency to avoid this message, because there is a part of us that is afraid to deal with our beliefs and feelings. That is why so many of us feel we are not supported in our dreams, because as soon as we step out there to create something new, an issue or drama pops up right in front of our nose. This is not a “No”, even as many of us interpret it; rather, it is an invitation to face those things that have kept you from truly manifesting your desires. All that is being asked is that you remove your self-created blocks.

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This is where meditation is so important. Meditation offers you the opportunity to go within, to hear, see and, most important, feel what is in the way. Through meditation, you will create the space to reveal your blocks, and then, to release them once and for all.

When I work with clients during a session to create a personalized meditation I always encourage going to the feelings surrounding the issue. This is not difficult; it just requires a willingness to seek the answers within. For example, if you desire to create a new relationship, lose weight, or step into a new career, the first thing I would ask of you is to tap into the feelings you have in regard to those desires.

You can do this anytime by breathing deeply, quieting yourself, and moving into that place of discovery within. Breathe, relax, and wait a few minutes. Then ask yourself how you feel when you think about your goal. Allow yourself to feel the answer. Does it make you feel uncomfortable or irritated? Where do you feel it in your body? Once you let the feelings surface ask yourself, “When you have I felt this feeling before?” You can then track the feelings back to when you first made the decision to feel this way. This allows you to take responsibility for those feelings and gives you the incredible opportunity to release them.

You are the creator in your life. Every feeling you carry is yours and has been chosen by you. Taking full responsibility for how you feel is what allows you to change everything in your life. In this way you rebirth yourself and allow all your feelings to be new. In this way you are rebirthing the way you look at and feel about your life.

This year take the opportunity to step past the old mindsets to accomplish your goals. Meditate on a regular basis and surface the feelings that are blocking your growth. When you put your intention on clearing whatever is holding you back, the Universe is very quick to take you to the heart of the matter.

I am wishing you all the very best in 2006. May this be a year of creating your dreams.

In Light and Love,

Karen Jolly

P.S. Many people find meditation difficult because they don’t have the time or don’t know how to quiet their mind. I’ve created several meditations on CD that each take 20 minutes and guide you easily into the space of self discovery. If you are interested in finding out more about these meditations, or in creating a personalized meditation, please visit my website by clicking here: www.MeditationalTherapy.com. If I can assist you in accomplishing your personal goals with Meditational Therapy, please let me know.

Thanks, Karen. Next week we will take a look at Joette from California’s question.

Till then, take the next few weeks to re-assess your values,

Dawn Silver

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