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Publication: Up Yours!
Up Yours! Video - So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good bye.

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        UP YOURS! VIDEO - Wednesday, February 7, 2007
Do you believe a North American Union (NAU) among Mexico, 
Canada and the US is a good idea?

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Dear Former Readers, 

Well, folks, Up Yours! Video has had quite a run, but the 
bosses have decided that one of us isn't worth the effort, 
and something tells me it isn't me. So this is going to be 
the final issue. 

As a farewell I have selected a brilliant clip of some young 
Israeli settler out on the town and having a little fun. I 
have watched this clip about a dozen times myself. 

My favorite quote has got to be, "You and your fucking Jesus 
can kiss my ass. Screw you, you Nazi. You fuck." 

As a final little revenge I have recommended that the entire 
subscription list be merged with the Laff-A-Day Video list. 
So if you don't want to listen to third grade dick jokes and 
watch videos of dogs humping, or whatever, unsubscribe now. 

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy. And don't forget to read this 
Saturday's issue of Up Yours! 

Drop dead, 


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                * Last Week's Clip Results *

Federline Superbowl Commercial - 2.9

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                      * Today's Clip *

Drunken Israeli Settler Threatens Film Crew
(Current rating - 5!)

In a drunken racial tirade, an Israeli settler threatens a 
British film crew. The wild exchange has the settler cursing 
Jesus, threatening to kill the film crew and Palestinians. 
Warning: Vulgar Language 

Click here for: Drunken Israeli Settler Threatens Film Crew

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