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Publication: Up Yours!
Up Yours! Video - Drunk Guy During Arrest

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        UP YOURS! VIDEO - Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Are you happy that the Democrats are in control of the House?

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Dear Alcoholics, 

Hey, I found some video footage of your dad. And you know 
how they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, or 
in your case...the restraining order doesn't come long after 
the harassment. 

Scroll down and click on the link to view the clip.

Drop dead, 


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comments on this and recent issues at... Up Yours! Forum


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                * Last Week's Clip Results *

Priceless: Date Disaster - 3.9
Click here to watch last week's video

                      * Today's Clip *

Drunk Guy During Arrest
(Current rating - 5!)

This guy has definitely had one too many to drink and the 
proof is in this police surveillance tape of him not able 
to stand on his own. Watch as he goes head first into the 
wall as he tries to give the officer his wallet.

Click here for: Drunk Guy During Arrest

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