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Publication: Up Yours!
Up Yours! Video - Date Disaster

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        UP YOURS! VIDEO - Wednesday, November 8, 2006
Are you happy that the Democrats are in control of the House?

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Dear Hosers, 

Ah, youth. It carries with it the optimism that something 
like what you'll see in today's clip might actually happen. 
The reality of the situation would be Dad coming down the 
stairs with a revolver, or a carving knife, or a heavy, 
blunt instrument, and then there would be police involved 
and assault charges. 

Or if this was your family, Dad would come down the stairs 
and he would immediately charge twenty bucks in advance. 

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Drop dead, 


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                      * Today's Clip *

Date Disaster
(Current rating - 3.7!)

By now almost everyone has seen one of those MasterCard 
'Priceless' commercials on television. Here is a hilarious 
spoof of one of those commercials with an ending that truly 
is priceless. 

Click here for: Date Disaster

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