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Publication: Up Yours!
Up Yours! Video - I'm Rick James, b!tch.

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        UP YOURS! VIDEO - Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Does the US have the right to bar Space projects by foreign 

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Dear Butt-rangers, 

I'm sure this is something many of you have experienced...
walking into a club or bar and having some drunk black dude 
humiliate the hell out of you by handing you your ass. If 
not a black dude then please substitute a software engineer, 
librarian, midget, Parkinson's sufferer, girl scout, or 
whoever you might have had experience with in this type of 

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Drop dead, 


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Fat Kid on a Rollercoaster - 2.7
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Chappelle: Rick James
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Charlie Murphy exploded into the limelight on the show 
reenacting his 'True Hollywood Stories'. Based on his 
experiences partying with celebrities, in this story he 
recalls his relationship with 'Super Freak' Rick James. 

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