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Publication: Up Yours!
The cult of Making Money.

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            UP YOURS! - Saturday, November 18, 2006
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        * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dear Operating Thetan wannabes,   

Since the upcoming "TomKat" wedding has been getting so much   
hype, a fixture in the media recently is one of film's most  
popular homosexuals, Tom Cruise. And if there is one thing   
that Mr. Cruise is good at, since it's clearly not acting,   
it's talking about his brain-washing club Scientology.   

Since I can't seem to log onto the Internet, open a magazine   
or turn the television on without seeing this cakeboy   
spouting on about this international pyramid scheme I decided   
to do a little research to get a better feel for what these   
Scientologists are about.   

Scientology as a religion was started in 1955 by a group of   
fanboys who had hard-ons for a science fiction author named   
Lafayette R. Hubbard. It was based upon the philosophy of   
Scientology which Lafayette publish in 1951, which, in turn,   
grew out of his book "Dianetics" which he published in 1950.   
Got all that?   

To put that in perspective, it would be like a bunch of   
today's pasty-faced sci-fi geeks starting a religion based   
on the 'Force' and the Jedi Knights from "Star Wars." By   
the way, don't any of you retards email me and tell me that   
a bunch of pasty-faced sci-fi geeks already practice the   
Jedi religion. What you sexless schmucks do in your parents'   
basements over the Internet is not considered an organized   
religion. It's just pathetic.   

Anyway, since 1955 Scientology has grown to include millions   
of members making up thousands of churches in over a hundred   

So what is the purpose of Scientology? The purpose of   
Scientology is to make money. And how does Scientology make   
money? Scientology makes money by eliminating for its members   
the most difficult part of religion...God.   

In Scientology a person's reactive mind becomes scarred by   
worldly evil and trauma, and these psychic scars are what   
keep the Thetan (what passes for a soul for Scientologists)   
from rising above the neuroses of common life proceeding to   
a 'clear' existence.   

If any of this sounds vaguely familiar it's because   
Scientology apparently 'borrows' heavily from Hinduism,   
Buddhism and 19th century drug addict Sigmund Freud. In   
fact, the more you read about Scientology the more you   
will be reminded of the 1991 movie "Defending Your Life"   
starring Albert Brooks. The movie makes a lot more sense,   

But becoming 'clear' is not the ultimate goal of   
Scientologists. After that there is something called   
"Operating Thetan." Scientologists believe that an OT is   
able to leave their body and mind. They can see, hear and   
feel without access to their normal senses.   

Well, there's nothing there to stroke the ego of a megalo-   
maniac with a height complex like Tom Cruise-ing-for-man-ass,   
is there?   

Can you imagine an army of Operating Thetans floating around   
in the astral plane, running the world in the iron grip of   
stunted, homosexual messiahs? You might call it an Operating   
Thetan Theocracy. You down with OTT? Yeah, you know me. 

I need a drink, 


P.S. If you're interested we now have a Forum. You can post 
comments on this and recent issues at... Up Yours! Forum


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"Well, I know this: that onto this planet there's a great   
deal of dumping has gone on. Stuff from the nearby galaxy -   
not this galaxy but from the next galaxy over and so forth,   
is going on here. I know they take political prisoners and   
guys who they don't want around, but it's less personal   
than you think. They just have excess population so they   
start to get rid of their excess population, you see?   
They've got a revolt, or you're on the wrong side of a war,   
or something like that, and they pick you up in droves,   
and ice-cube you and throw you into a sea someplace. I   
know this planet has been subjected to that and several   
planets in this immediate end of this galaxy have been   
subjected to that -- that I know."   

 --L.R. Hubbard comment on what this planet is all about.


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> READER'S COMMENTS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

If you could get real, you'd only be half-retarded, you ass 
humping excuse for a man... oh yeah, Ma wants you home by 10. 
[If I were half-retarded then I'd be twice as smart as you, 

your lesbian/homo rap reminded me of a college-aged girl who 
travelled to australia a few years back and found the men 
refreshingly brute-ish...they were men who acted like men 
and treated women like women...she complained about the men 
in the usa being too 'wimp-ish' in comparison...my reaction? 
YOU STUPID CUNT !!!  that's what men were like here too, 
until the mom's of the usa decided to raise generation after 
generation of 'sensitive / caring' boys and bred the oaf-ish-
nedss out of us...and the funny thing about women you date.. 
the quickest way to lose them and their respect is to become 
what they 'think' they want you to be. --renfield
[I won't necessarily argue with this. However, your punctua-
tion sucks. Learn how to write.]

Dear Chadwick; Do you think women in a harem lay around and 
give each other oral sex when their man isn't around?  Men 
have interesting fantasies. --Nancy
[What? You mean they don't?]

Part of that ad you sent out monday said, "....caution you 
not to shoot the Airsoft pellet gun at cats......." You 
should not shoot those things at cats! How about illegal 
aliens? --Dave
[Nope. The AirSoft is much too weak.]

I totally agree with what you said about why guys dig 
lesbians. I may not be a guy, but it is so hot to see two 
chicks going at it. A naked woman is beautiful, but guys 
naked just looking kind of awkward. Don't get me wrong, I 
love a dick in the mix. But my girlfriend's strap on works 
the same, and she tastes much better when she cums. That 
is another thing, when a guy gets off- there is a lot of 
gagging/choking (not very sexy), but when my girlfriend 
gets there- I just can't get enough. Just thinking about 
it makes me horney... Also, what is hotter then two pairs 
of huge tits bouncing up and down together?? I need to go 
fuck my girlfriend- what to join us Chadwick? Love Dani
[No thanks. I've done fine without herpes so far and I see 
no reason to change my condition.]

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End of UP YOURS! 
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