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Publication: Up Yours!
PETA. As sexy as they want to be.

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            UP YOURS! - Saturday, January 6, 2007
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Dear Anemics, 

I just read an interesting story about how Colorado Governor 
Bill Owens publicly slammed PETA (People for the Ethical 
Treatment of Animals) by calling them "a bunch of losers" 
and "frauds" and said PETA is, "a strange group of people. 
Don't send money to PETA."

As you probably know much of Colorado has been strangled 
recently with 18 inches of snow and more with some remote 
areas choked by 15-foot snowdrifts making transportation 

Subsequently, as many as 340,000 cows and steers have been 
left stranded and National Guard units are helping ranchers 
in a frantic bid to save the freezing animals. Rescuers are 
airlifting bales of hay and hoping for the best. But as 
Coloradans are learning, PETA isn't about to lift a finger. 
Not for those animals, the ones destined to be flame-broiled, 
grilled, or roasted.

When asked if they would lend aid to the effort, PETA spokes-
woman Reannon Peterson replied, "You're going to save them, 
and then in six months they're going to be killed and end up 
on someone's plate. So I don't know that it's really the most 
noble cause." 

Peterson added that wild animals caught in the blizzard's 
wake -- the same animals PETA routinely criticizes hunters 
for bagging -- also weren't worth spending PETA's money to 
save. "It's an act of God," she said. "There's really nothing 
to be done"

Well, I don't really know about that, nor do I care all that 
much. In my opinion PETA as a political entity ranks some-
where around the Young Gay Republicans. 

But for entertainment purposes PETA is anything but worthless! 
In my opinion we should support PETA if only because they 
continue to put on these demonstrations where naked chicks 
ice skate, and wrap themselves in clear plastic wrap like a 
giant, pasty, anemic steak and paint themselves like kitty 
cats and lock themselves in cages on street corners. 

Now don't tell me that's not worth a few measly donations!

I need a drink, 


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lying in bed all day watching TV, and I'll show you a guy   
who's not causing any trouble." --George Carlin


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> READER'S COMMENTS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Hey Dipwick, Is that big boobed broad your mama? --Dave
[Yes. My mom is about 24-years-old. Which would make me 
about 6. And I'm still your intellectual superior, so fuck 
off and die.]

Dear Chadwick; I always have a New Year's resolution to do 
something illegal and immoral.  I did both on New Year's 
Eve.  Now I don't have to worry about my next New Year's 
resolution till next year. --Nancy
[Have you been molesting household pets again?]

Damn, Chadwick, you really do need to get laid. Or at least 
a new blow up girlfriend. --Terry
[What the fuck do you think I've been saying for the last 

I've noticed that you sign off on every UP YOURS! with "I 
need a drink." Just out of curiousity, what is your drink 
of choice? Recently, a friend of mine turned me on to 
Maker's Mark whiskey. Good shit! If you are a whiskey 
drinker, try it sometime. --Dave
[Why do you think it's good shit? Does it kill the taste of 
cum? I haven't drank whiskey since I was sixteen. Men drink 
scotch. Preferrable Johnny Walker.]

Jesus, Chadwick. Is there anything you won't fucking bitch 
about? I mean come on, what do you do all day besides think 
up things to bitch and moan about? Is this newsletter the 
highlight of your life? Like i said asswipe, you need a 
therapist. One of these days you're gonna kill someone with 
all that pent up rage in you and then you won't be able to 
put out this delightful bitch rag you put out. --Ash
[Hmmm...what do I do all day besides think up things to 
bitch and moan about...you mean other than fucking your mom?]

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End of UP YOURS! 
Copyright 2007 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved. 

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