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Publication: Up Yours!
That's justice for you.

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             UP YOURS! - Saturday, August 19, 2006

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Dear ????, 

Here's justice for you. This brilliant little morality play 
occured in Kenton, Ohio. 

A judge decided two teenagers can complete their high school 
football seasons before they serve 60 day jail sentences for 
putting a decoy deer on a country road and causing a crash 
that injured two teens.

Judge Gary McKinley, a retired Union County juvenile judge 
hearing the case in Hardin County Common Pleas Court, said 
he knows his decision will be criticized.

"I shouldn't be doing this, but I'm going to. I see positive 
things about participating in football," he told Dailyn 
Campbell, a junior quarterback.

Campbell, 16, and Jesse Howard, 17, were each sentenced to 
juvenile detention, to start after the football season this 
fall at Kenton High School.

They stole the decoy from a man's home and created a base 
to help it stand upright because it had only two legs, 
Hardin County Prosecutor Brad Bailey told the judge. They 
drove up and down the road watching as drivers swerved to 
avoid the decoy.

Robert Roby Jr. of Kenton swerved to avoid the decoy deer 
and crashed his car into a pole and fence. His neck, collar 
bone, arm and leg were broken, and he has undergone 10 
surgeries. His passenger, Dustin Zachariah, has brain damage, 
Bailey said.

"None of these guys will ever know what our sons have gone 
through," Roby's mother, Mary, wrote in a statement to the 
court. "If they get nothing for what they've done, they'll 
do something worse later. They need more than a slap on the 

McKinley also placed the two teens on house arrest. They 
must pay fines and restitution, perform community service 
and write a 500-word essay titled "Why I should think before 
I act."

The judge suspended two one-year juvenile prison sentences 
for each boy.

Family and friends of the injured teens did not attend 
Howard's sentencing, leaving the courtroom after Campbell 
was sentenced.

"They said they would not attend this hearing as their own 
way of showing protest to the previous ruling," Bailey told 
the judge.

Zachariah now has the cognitive ability of a sixth grader, 
said his mother, Kathy Piper. When he applied for a job two 
weeks ago, he couldn't do the simple math on the application 
test, she said.

The teens' medical bills have reached $700,000 and are ex-
pected to top $1 million, Bailey said.

Both Campbell and Howard apologized during their sentencing 

"I think every day that I hurt someone, and that hurts me 
inside," Howard said.

I need a drink, 


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> READER'S COMMENTS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Snappy Pants Boy, Sounds like you need someone to give you a 
serious knock out blow job and then after that you need your 
salad tossed.  You are too cranky to deal with the lying 
individuals who demand your attention on this whacky column 
you write and the idiots who fuck with your hard on....so I 
leave you with this quote while you are trying to cum into 
those fat ass bitches you complain about. "Fear not the path 
of truth for the lack of people walking on it." --Linda

Dear Limpdick, I am a few bucks of household chemicals, an 
inanimate bag of saltwater? Great!!  That makes me just like 
you!  Now I have to kill myself! --Dave
[Yeah. The rest of us should be so lucky.]

Hi Chad: You should open a school to teach your insulting 
technique.  There a few poeple I would reeeaaaaly lick to 
tell to go to hell, in a very insulting way, but  I need 
some help. --Annie
[For the last time, people, you have to write you comments 
in English. I don't speak 'Dumbfuck'.]

who you callin' hairless? I don't know who that column was 
directed towards, but obviously not me.  I know this because 
I'm a "hairy" little monkey.  Damn near the missing link... 

Chaddie-face..I gotta question for you..What is it about anal 
sex that makes it so painful..I gotta know! --LiLMaKaVeLiQuEeN
[It's the incredible stretching...at least for the women I've 

The quote about portraying people as they "really are... would 
be considered vile and despicable." This is what SOCIETY does 
to us.  As children we can handle the TRUTH. Point being: Know 
what the definition of Kinky is? Kinky means YOU don't do it. 
Keep fucking with our heads, we really would be on such a ped-
estal without you cutting us down to size, we might actually 
believe WE could affect the human race. I'm going to make a 
Martini, and look for some dumbass like you to brainfuck. --Ln

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go to waste! Send it to: Email Chadwick

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End of UP YOURS! 
Copyright 2006 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved. 

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