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Publication: Up Yours!
Listen up, you pinkos.

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             UP YOURS! - Saturday, August 26, 2006

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Dear Mental Orphans,   

I want to address a reader comment in detail because clearly   
this little bimbo is a naive ignoramus who needs some firm   
guidance now, before she becomes a God-damned hippie.   

   Dear Chadwick--I had an idea I'd like to run past   
   you. I honestly think that, in the long run, kids   
   would be better off without indivudual parents.   
   There is a phrase I've heard "its takes a village   
   to raise a child" that i think is rather true.   
   If children were raised in heterogenous groups of   
   adults, wouldn't it cut down on the next   
   generations prejudices? Its said a person develops   
   their personality in the first few years of life.   
   If children were raised with several differnet   
   religions to choose from, and exposed to different   
   classes, races and lifestyles then that of their   
   parents, wouldn't that make for a more fully   
   educated and well rounded generation? Just a   
   thought. --Katie   

And it's a no good, stupid thought, Katie. What you're   
describing is Communism and the United States went to   
war in both Korea and Vietnam to stomp the ugly head of   
Communism into the rice paddies.   

The phrase "It takes a village" comes from the title of a   
book written by Hillary Rode-hard Clinton. Lord knows where   
she or her ghost-writer stole it from. The idea is that a   
child's development and what they need to succeed are   
inextricably entwined with the society in which they live   
and how well it sustains and supports its families and   
individuals. In other words, it takes a village to raise a   

Does it? I always thought that it takes two parents who love   
their child enough to beat the fear of God into him or her   
as soon as the child is old enough to crawl.   

Statistics abound that children raised outside of a nuclear   
family, without a clear role-model in both a mother and   
a father, have higher incidences of illiteracy, crime and   
teenage parenthood by huge margins.   

In his book "The Ten Things You Can't Say In America" author   
Larry Elder has this to say about the importance of the   
family unit and the damage caused by government subsidizing   

   "The government, and well-intentioned toe-tag   
   liberals, arrogantly think assistance programs   
   replace quality parenting. Raising a child   
   means an hour-by-hour, day-by-day, week-by-   
   week, month-by-month, year-by year proposition.   
   Quality parenting communicates appropriate   
   behavior by word and by deed. When a child   
   hears his father's alarm go off, then hears   
   the old man grunting when he gets up and heads   
   off to a job, the kid learns. He learns that   
   sometimes people have to do things they don't   
   want to do in order to achieve a goal. He   
   learns that smiling all the time and always   
   loving a job are unrealistic, but that mature   
   people do things they have to do rather than   
   only those things they enjoy doing."   

On the other hand, a summary of "It Takes A Village" on   
Amazon.com has this to say about the lessons Hillary Clinton   

   "She [Clinton] doesn't believe that we should, or   
   can, turn back the clock to "the good old days."   
   False nostalgia for "family values" is no solution."   

So false nostalgia for family values is no solution. The   
Heritage Foundation did a study of families on welfare   
versus families eligible for welfare but refused to take   
it. Among other things the Heritage Report showed that   
children born out of wedlock were more likely to engage   
in early sexual activity and themselves have children out   
of wedlock.   

The report further stated, "Compared to children living   
with both biological parents in similar socioeconomic   
circumstances, children of never-married mothers exhibit   
68 percent more antisocial behavior, 78 percent more peer   
conflict and 53 percent more dependency. Overall, children   
of never-married mothers have behavioral problems that   
score nearly three times higher than those of children   
raised in comparable intact families."   

But, let's not bother with cold, hard, irrefutable facts.   
Family values are just wasteful nostalgia.   

Katie, the bizarre scenario you described in your email is   
a fantasy. Communism didn't work on a national scale in the   
U.S.S.R. for their economy or their society. What makes you   
think it's going to work for the socialization of a child   
on a family scale?   

If you want greater tolerance of races, lifestyles and   
religions the answer is education, not the destruction of   
the family unit.   

Get your head out of your ass. 

I need a drink, 


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instinct about when to die." --Oscar Wilde   

[This guy was a fag. What the fuck would he know?]


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> READER'S COMMENTS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Dear Chadwick, I was wondering if you get a lot of e-mail 
from prudish, puritanical old crones and geezers who are 
offended by all of the profanity in your newsletter. Those 
kind of people are stupider than a motherfucker. They con-
tinue to read your newsletter even though they find the 
curse words highly offensive. --Shirley
[Not generally, because those kinds of people won't sub-
scribe to an ezine entitled "Up Yours!" Usually the title 
attracts retarded, horned-up bitches.]

Dear Mr. Chadwick, Thank you for printing an intelligent 
article for a change.  That case is a perfect example of 
how lienency simply begets more heinous acts of delinquency. 
Our society better start dealing out appropriate sentences 
for crimes such as the one you wrote about or soon we will 
have a nation of Chadwicks!  God help us all then! --Dave
[I would have just ordered both of them launched through 
a windshield at 40 miles-per-hour and called it a day.]

Check it out, last week's column was done buy a Bitch,   
LITERALLY, not the usual bitch we're accustomed to reading.   
Chadbitch, hmmm, has a ring to it!   
[So does your skull when I hit it with a mallet.]

hey man - you are right on the money,  if you ever need a   
right hand man call me. --Robert   
[Call you for what? You keep your right hand to yourself,   

Chadwick - Would you mind tying me to your bed spanking me   
and fucking me from behind like the slut i am? --Debra   
[Mmmm...I don't want to get fleas in my bed. How about if I   
tie you to the bumper of my car and beat you with a pitching   
wedge? Would that do anything for you? I can stick my putter   
up your ass if that would help.]  

Dear Chaffed Clit, I'm writing on behalf of the three long-   
time subscribers to this newsletter who do not smoke crack   
or sniff glue, who actually have a few brain cells left,   
and can remember something other than the 1-900 number for   
over-sexed pole smokers.  If you're going to start with the   
re-runs, please let us know....gimme a break you fudge-
packing, son of a whore. --M-Dawg from Cincinnati   
[I think your estimate of three is generous.]   

hey chad...ya know? savannah has a point. i have a gay   
friend who talks just about as shitty as you. it seems like   
your "wit" is only acquired in angry fags who think they're   
better than everyone else...you fit the bill. --joey   
[A guy named joey with gay friends is questioning my sexual   

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End of UP YOURS! 
Copyright 2006 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved. 

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