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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Two ECW Stars Removed

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                  Monday, March 5, 2007

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TNA To Make Big Announcement Next Week, More
Story By: Joe Gentry
The following is from TNAWrestling.com:

TNAwrestling.com is proud to announce that Hector Guerrero 
of the famous Guerrero family has officially joined Total 
Nonstop Action Wrestling! 

Guerrero is a longtime veteran of the sport and is the 
brother of Chavo and the late Eddie. 

Mike Tenay joined by Guerrero - will make an official 
announcement this Thursday night on "iMPACT!" on SpikeTV 
during an in-ring presentation 

In addition to working behind-the-scenes in TNA, Guerrero 
will also be a part of the Spanish broadcast team along 
with current announcer Willie Urbina. 

TNAwrestling.com has also learned that Guerrero will be 
presented with a special award this Thursday night on 
behalf of TNA and the Hispanic Legacy Foundation for his 
achievements in the sport of professional wrestling. 

Tune in this Thursday night on "iMPACT!" on SpikeTV 
beginning at 9pm ET as TNA welcomes Hector Guerrero to 
our family! 

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

Two ECW Stars Removed, Extremists No More, Test
Story By: Daniel Pena

It looks like Rene Dupree and Sylvan are going to be 
repackaged yet again. Their profiles have been removed 
from the roster section on ECW.com. Sylvan returned to 
the main roster two weeks ago and reformed the original 
La Résistance with Dupree on ECW on Sci Fi. 

Test's profile has yet to be removed from ECW.com, but it 
will be any day now. It seems to be that when a person is 
suddenly released, they'll keep the profile up for a few 
days after the firing due to the surplus in web traffic 
it's likely receiving. When the traffic simmers down, then 
they pull the profile. 

All references to the term "ECW Extremists" have been 
removed from ECW.com. ECW wrestlers are now being referred 
to as "ECW Superstars". 


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The Two People Behind Jillian's Brooke Hogan Spoof
Story By: Daniel Pena
source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Jillian Hall's terrible singing character isn't based 
off of "American Idol", but rather, Brooke Hogan. The 
company is using Jillian as retribution to Hulk Hogan 
for revealing the names under consideration for this 
year's Hall of Fame over the radio, which infuriated 
Vince McMahon to say the least. She's now being marketed 
as that character, so it looks like it's permanent. 

Jillian debuted the character at the February 6, 2007 
SmackDown tapings in Omaha, NE, a few weeks after Hogan 
read the HOF candidacy list on the Bubba the Love Sponge 
show. Jillian had her hair styled after Brooke Hogan. 
She was also given accented contact lenses to make her 
eyes the same unusual blue color that Brooke's eyes are. 

As it turns out, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H actually 
came up with the character, not Vince McMahon. Vince 
simply okayed it because he's currently upset with Hogan. 
Also, Triple H holds great disdain for Hogan, so this 
thing shouldn't come off as a surprise. 

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                      Reader's Forum

To Ralph J.
While Angle had a neck injury during the Olympics, the 
story that it was broken is just that, a story. The 
international wrestling governing body wouldn't have 
allowed him to compete if his neck was really broken. 
- Bob

Why the hell is Brett Hart crying about Owen not being 
inducted into the Hall of Fame....Have all the inductees 
been announced....as far as I know....there are only 3 
people so far.......Dusty Rhodes, Curt Henning and Jerry 
"The King"....am I missing something that.....if i'm 
not.....Brett should just stop his crying and bitching....
get kind of sick of listening to Brett cry about something 
to do with the WWE......I believe Shawn Michaels said it 
best.....Suck it UP and move on...... 

- Michael 

To all of the Kurt Angle fans! Yeah he wrestled with a 
broken neck. But hey, he could told Vince he wanted to 
get neck healed. Did he????  NO!!!! So he knew what he 
was getting into. So in my book and many others. Kurt 
Angle is a CRYBABY!!!!!!!!!!!  And he SUCKS!!!!!!!!!  
It is true, it is da** true!!!!!!!!!!! 
- Not an Angle fan 

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