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Publication: Trivia Today
A guest column from Lee.

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          TRIVIA TODAY - Wednesday, June 4, 2008 
       "Six Items a Day of Enduring Insignificance" 

Greetings Infomaniacs,

   Hey Everyone! It's Lee! I've been told people have 
   been asking about me so I thought I'd write in. 

   Things are going extremely well. I'm enjoying my 
   newest job as a mom. My baby girl, Abigail, is 
   already 7 months old. Time definitely does fly. 
   She has been the best baby; sleeping through the 
   night since 7 weeks, holding her own bottle since 
   3 months, and only crying if she gets hungry. 

   Ryan has been doing a great job as a dad. Abby 
   definitely loves her daddy! He can make her giggle 
   anytime.  He was the first person to ever change 
   her diaper and he hasn't had a complaint since. 

   My cheer teams are also starting back up. It's a 
   never ending cycle. Parents are either ecstatic
   about the teams' their children make or they think 
   we are the devil because we didn't put Lil' Susie
   on the more advanced team. Well if Lil' Susie had 
   the skill she would be on that team. I wish parents 
   would let us, the coaches, do their jobs and put 
   the athletes where they belong. Let the kids be 

   I have vowed never to be that kind of parent! I 
   will always let Abby choose her path, as long as 
   she won't get hurt, nor will I push her to be 
   something she isn't meant to be. 

   Thanks for all the interst, everybody. I certainly 
   miss writing Trivia and reading all of your great 




Your Trivia Today editor 

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                    TODAY'S MYSTERY QUOTE 

QUOTE: "A thing worth having is a thing worth cheating for." 

HINT: 1880—1946, American comic actor, born Philadelphia as 
Claude William Dukenfield. 


                        RANDOM TIDBITS 

Robert Wadlow is the tallest man in history whose height 
is verified by indisputable evidence at 8'11". He is often 
referred to as the Alton giant because he came from Alton, 
Illinois. At the time of his death he weighed 440 pounds 
and showed no signs of stopping growing. His coffin weighed 
half a ton and required 12 pallbearers to carry. 


The Oak Island Money Pit is the site of the world's longest 
running hunt for lost treasure. For hundreds of years, 
treasure hunters have ventured to Nova Scotia and tried to 
recover the treasure which is protected by a series of in-
genious traps. Strange man made artifacts have been recovered 
from the pit over the years, but to this day, the treasure 
still remains buried.


The Wow! signal was a strong, narrowband radio signal 
detected by Dr. Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977 while 
working on a SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) 
project at the Big Ear radio telescope of the Ohio State 
University. The signal bore expected hallmarks of potential 
non-terrestrial and non-solar system origin. It lasted for 
72 seconds, the full duration Big Ear observed it, but has 
not been detected again.


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a magnet. With a little water, it can scrub away grime or 
shine glass and chrome. Each cloth measures 12 ½ X 12 ½ . 

You get a set of four in assorted bright colors. Made from 
durable micro-fiber you can wash them over and over again! 
They are super soft to avoid scratching of fine interior 
trim pieces..

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Set of 4 Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths


The modern Olympic Games were held in the first time in 
1896 at Athens and were then followed by the 1900 Paris 
games. The winter games were added in 1924.


In 1905, 18 men died from injuries sustained on the foot-
ball field. President Theodore Roosevelt stepped in and 
instituted safety measures to make the game safer.


In a typical season major league baseball will require 
4,800 ash trees worth of Louisville sluggers.


You'll spend hours trying to figure out how it works!

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This Calculator Pen Set is designed with a Magic case that can 
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in the pocket or small handbag. 

* 8 digits Calculator
* AG8 button Cell Battery 1pc is included
* A metal pen for handy writing

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                  *** Weekly Mind-Scrambler *** 

What 5 chemical elements make chocolate? 

   Submit your answer by visiting: www.thedailytease.com

Answer will be posted in Friday's Trivia Today. Good Luck! 
If your name appears in Friday's newsletter, 
email me your complete name and address and I will ship 
your prize. 
Be sure to put "Winner" in the subject line.


QUOTE: "A thing worth having is a thing worth cheating for." 

ANSWER: W. C. Fields 


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