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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Trish Stratus Speaks

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hulk Hogan's Reality Series To Begin Fourth Season 
Story By: Ryan Gray

VH-1 has released the official preview for the fourth 
season of the "Hogan Knows Best" reality series. 

It reads: 

Get ready for the main event of the summer TV season as 
the Hogan family returns to VH1 for a fourth round of 
reality mania! The family is still adapting to their Miami 
digs and Hulk and Linda are coping with a new challenge: 
marital strife. As the kids grow more independent, Hulk 
and Linda finally confront some long-simmering marital 
difficulties. They start seeing a marriage counselor to 
try to bring back the family harmony. 

With one album behind her, Brooke discusses leaving home 
to continue her music aspirations. But her efforts at 
financial independence and dating older guys causes Hulk 
much consternation. Meanwhile, Nick's growing status as 
an up and coming driftcar driver means Hulk faces new 
parenting tests. As Nick sows his oats, Hulk must finally 
have "the talk" with his son and he tries to get inside 
his teenager's mind by getting hip to the latest youth 

Hulk and Linda both try to stay young at heart. Linda 
tries to hire a trainer to stay fit which makes Hulk 
jealous. Hulk evaluates whether to upgrade his wardrobe 
to more of a South Beach look. And to experience a day 
as normal non-celebrity at Universal Studios Florida, 
Hulk gets a radical makeover from a Hollywood makeup 
artist and the family follows suit in order to keep Hulk's 

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

Trish Stratus Speaks On A WWE Return 
Story By: Ryan Gray

In a recent interview with MSN former WWE Women's champion 
Trish Stratus mentioned returning to the company. When 
asked if she would return she said, "I don't know. With 
Wrestlemania coming back, people are like, 'Are you gonna 
make a comeback?' Wrestlers are known for not retiring 
permanently. My send-off was so unique, and great and 
grand, and I don't want to cheapen the send-off." 

The purpose of the interview was to discuss her new CBC TV 
series "Second City's Next Comedy Legend." The series will 
debut today. 

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WWE Signs Controversial Third Generation Wrestler 
Story By: Steve Carrier
Source: PWInsider.com

Teddy Hart and WWE have come to terms as Teddy Hart has 
been reportedly sent to Florida Championship Wrestling 
in Tampa, Florida to fulfill his developmental deal. 

In the recent years Teddy Hard has been the talk of the 
Internet for antics in ROH, TNA, Jersey All Pro Wrestling 
and MLW. Hart, 27, is the son of wrestler BJ Annis and 
Georgia Hart and the grandson of Stu Hart. His cousins 
Nattie Neidhart and Harry Smith are currently under WWE 
deals as well in Florida. 

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                      Reader's Forum

You have to admit, from the 3 hour Benoit tribute to the
full news story the next day...  that was the fastest and
most complete heal turn in wrestling history. 

- Stephanie

come on people get over your selfs. first off get off the
soap box. chris benoit is not a murder. an i for one wont
by it. i think he was framed it is possible you know. an
get off the drug crap. the media just loves to blame things
on drugs. every thing chris had was given by his doctor.
people dont get that wrestlers have to wrestle while in
pain of course they have pain killers. an stop blaming
vince for everything. he care bout his wrestlers, he runs
a big company he does everything he can to help. but there
is only so much you can do. everyone is their own person,
so stop blaming others. chris is dead so he cant defend
himself. so whenever some idiot downs his name i will be
there to defend chris someone has to be chris's voice. im
for one glad they did the tribut show. i think they should
of did more with sherri as well.

- nikki

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