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Publication: Diet Buddy
Treadmills and Ellipticals!

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, February, 5, 2007

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Treadmills and Ellipticals!

Hi There Buddies...

Winter is definitely here and it seems that no matter 
where you live, this is the coldest time of year, unless 
you're in Australia.  Here in the Midwest we're having 
those dreaded freezing temperatures that just seem to be 
dipping lower and lower and certainly make you want to 
stay indoors wishing for Spring to get here fast.  Since 
that probably won't be the case until April or May, there 
are plenty of days spent indoors, more than likely eating 
a bit more and exercising a bit less. 

Many of us who normally get our workout routines in when 
the weather is warmer, are having to find alternative ways 
of staying fit.  Whether you've joined a gym or you've 
decided to power-walk in the mall, you've probably given 
exercise equipment for the home some thought for these 
winter months. 

So you've finally decided to invest in a new or your first 
exercise machine, but aren't quite sure what to look for?  
Should you buy a treadmill or an elliptial?  What exactly 
is it these two very popular machines have to offer?  And 
is one machine better than the other?

While there are definite differences between the two, it 
really is a matter of which piece of exercise equipment 
is best designed for your specific needs.

Let's take a look below...(by Treadmill Review.net)

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Treadmills Vs. Ellipticals

Advantages of Ellipticals

*  Ellipticals cause less impact on your joints than a 
   What is interesting is that this lack of impact on the 
   joints allows the user to burn roughly the same amount 
   of calories as treadmills with the impression of putting 
   out considerably less effort.

   So you burn the same amount of calories while feeling 
   like you did less work.  (This is called the 'Rate of 
   perceived Exertion')

   This lower impact also makes the elliptical trainer an 
   excellent choice for those with knee or hip problems, 
   the elderly or even rehabilitation patients.

*  Ellipticals provide an overall body workout:
   With the dual-action upper body arms as well as the 
   foot pedals, you are getting an overall body workout. 
   Whereas the treadmill mostly focuses on the lower body, 
   the elliptical works your entire system for an overall 
   cardiovascular workout.

   One way to get around this with a treadmill of course 
   is to use hand weights or a resistance band as you walk 
   (if you don't have hand weights, some people even use 
   soup cans to work their arms).

*  Elliptical trainers work different muscle groups:

   One feature that is often overlooked on an elliptical 
   is the opportunity to move in both a forward and 
   backward direction.  When you go backward on an 
   elliptical you are targeting a different set of muscles 
   than when you go forward (hamstrings vs quadriceps).  
   This helps add variety to your workout and stave off 

Advantages of Treadmills

*  Treadmills are best for runners, walkers and joggers: 

   The treadmill is still the machine of choice for those 
   who prefer running, jogging or even walking.  It's 
   obviously a smarter choice for the dedicated runner/
   jogger than an elliptical trainer.  Plus it can help 
   you train even in the winter months when you don't want 
   to run outside.

*  Anyone can use a treadmill: 

   Walking is a simple form of exercise that anyone can 
   do - from beginner to seasoned athlete, it doesn't take 
   much coordination.

   You don't have to be super-coordinated to figure out 
   how to use a treadmill whereas ellipticals can some-
   times be a little tricky to use for those of us who 
   are a little on the uncoordinated side.

*  Treadmills provide workout variety: 

   A treadmill also provides workout variety of a different 
   kind than the elliptical.  A treadmill allows you to 
   walk, run, jog, walk uphill, do intervals and programs. 
   You can even build in upper body workouts by using hand 
   weights or a resistance band as you walk.

   Because treadmills have been around longer than 
   ellipticals, the workout options are more advanced.

   Consequently you have treadmills that build in iFit 
   technology, speaker systems, and even built-in TVs.

*  Treadmills Save Space:

   Many treadmills provide the option of folding up. 
   This saves space and can be particularly valuable for 
   those in condos, apartments or smaller exercise areas. 

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Let's also get some recommendations from Chris Freytag 
who's been selling fitness equipment for 3 years on TV, 
and knows a lot about the important features and benefits 
to look for in the two top selling pieces of equipment. 


Walking is till voted one of the best ways to stay in 
shape at any age.  So how do you pick a treadmill to use 
at home and how do you make the most of your workout 

You've got to feel comfortable on your treadmill to use 
it. We've all seen the cheap home model that shakes like a 
blender when you walk on it.  To insure gym quality, check 
out the motor size (at least 1.5 continuous horsepower - 
not peak horsepower), tread-belt size (at least 16 inches 
wide) and the frame material (steel is better than 
plastic). In addition, a cushioned deck is great for 
reducing impact on your joints compared to road running. 

You'll also want to make sure it has power incline and 
speed controls, both of which will help you build sleek, 
toned legs.  Walking or jogging on an inclined treadmill 
also burns tons of calories.

Look for a control panel with lots of motivational 
options - speed, distance, calories burned, built-in 
heart-rate grips, and possibly a fan.  Maybe your goal 
will be to run three miles.  Maybe it's keeping your 
heart rate in the training zone.  I'ts a proven fact 
that feedback and data are motivating!

You'll want programmed workouts - just like the models at 
the gym.  Just press a button and the treadmill does the 
work for you, changes incline and intensity and gives you 
various interval workouts.  It's the answer to boosting 
your metabolism and keeping it fresh!

Need even more of a change of pace?  Then check out the 
latest treadmills that combine entertainment and fitness. 
Some now have MP3 ports and built-in TVs and sound 

Favorite picks this season:  

For an unbelievable deal check out the Image 17.5S 
Treadmill. For less than $500, it's a whole lot of 
treadmill!  It meets the standards listed above and 
is great for the indoor walker.

For upper-end pick:

The Nordic Track ViewPoint 3000 Treadmill. It's the 
perfect combination of entertainment and exercise. With 
the MP3 port, TV and pre-programmed workouts, it's 
awesome for the runner and walker who want to have fun. 


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Whether you are cross training, bored with you usual 
routine, or want a total body workout that is easy on 
the joints and knees, the elliptical may be the piece 
of equipment for you. According to the International 
Health, Raquet and Sports Club Association, the use of 
elliptical trainers has increased 158 percent over the 
past five years, possibly due to the aging population 
getting more into fitness and wanting that low impact 
alternative.  But it isn't just for the aging population, 
it's a great cardio workout that is quiet, low impact, 
and can be challenging for all fitness levels.

When purchasing an elliptical, choose sturdy frames - 
steel not plastic.  You also want a comfortable stride 
length. This is the circular movement the pedals make. 
It should feel natural for your leg length. An adjust-
able stride is a nice feature so that everyone in your 
household can customize the fit.

The machine should run on silent magnetic resistance, 
which you want to feel smooth and fluid.  This also 
makes it easier to watch TV and keep the baby sleeping!

Many ellipticals will offer a ramp or incline, which help 
to simulate going up hill and train those buns and legs. 
You can also add resistance like a stationary bike, 
increasing your effort and calorie burn.

Another great feature to have on an elliptical is upper-
body handles.  The dual action of moving the arms with the 
legs helps to increase the heart rate and the calorie burn. 
It's again the answer to multitasking - a total body work-
out in less time.

Like on treadmills, look for a control panel with lots of 
motivational options and pre-programmed workouts that 
change the incline and intensity for you.

Favorite picks this season: 

For those on a budget, the ProFormXP115 Elliptical costs 
less than $400 and includes an adjustable stride, pre-
programmed workouts, heart-rate grips and even a target 
pacer that motivates you to stay in your zone.

For upper-end pick:

The Octane Fitness Q45 elliptical machine.  The patented 
adjustable stride length feels comfortable and natural. 
The X-Mode has a virtual personal trainer that prompts you 
to squat, go in reverse, lean back, pedal faster and boosts 
your motivation!

These machines actually make exercise sound like fun 
again, and when you enjoy doing a specific exercise, you 
do it more often, which means you're burning more calories, 
which means you're losing more weight!  Of course you do 
have to spend some of that hard-earned money, so make a 
wise choice when investing in yourself and don't skimp 
on your health to save a few dollars.  Remember as with 
everything else, when shopping for indoor equipment do 
some research first and then go to a store and try it out 
before making any kind of purchase.

Did You Know ???

That today's busy lifestyles occupy a lot of time and 
eliminate a lot of free time.  The trend for exercise 
is home gyms.  The majority of the new homes today are 
putting in a room for exercise.  Some people work out 
at the gym and have equipment at home for those busy 
days they can't make it to the gym and they want gym-
quality equipment. 

Not sure which home exercise equipment to buy?  Stop by 
the Diet Buddy Forum and exchange ideas with fellow 
buddies at... Diet Buddy Forum

Have a great week everyone !!! 

Disclaimer:  Since I am not a medical professional any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.

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