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Publication: Travel Freebies
Traveling Tools

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Travel Freebies                                June 21, 2006

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Hello Travelers,   

Today's issue features free items from our sister store 
that will help you pass the time while traveling.

Travel On,   

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Bring a book along the trip...

The die-hard Clean Laffs fans snapped up the first 10,000 
Best of Clean Laffs books, so we ordered another 5,000 to do 
a special Clean Laffs promotion Get The Best of Clean Laffs 
for f-r-e-e while limited quantities last. This is a great
promotion. The next printing of The Best of Clean Laffs and 
The Best of Clean Laffs "2" will be at full price. All you 
pay right now is a minimum s&h charge of $4.99 per book plus
$1.99 for each additional book. It's as easy as visiting the 
link:  The Best of Clean Laffs free (you pay s&h)


The Best of Riverdance...

It captivated the world with it's passion, power and precision.
Now you can experience the best of Riverdance with this 
unbelievable DVD that will thrill and excite you.

All the best Riverdancer's are included... Michael Flatley, 
Jean Butler Colin Dunne, Breandan De Gallai, Joanne Doyle 
and a cast of hundreds!

Plus, you'll see never-before-seen footage. And in one 
awe-inspiring performance, you'll see more Irish Dancers
hitting the stage to create a spectacle that has never been
seen before... or since.

If there is one DVD to own, 'The Best of Riverdance' is it!
Get a copy for yourself and one as a gift for just $19.99. 
The Best of Riverdance on DVD


Watch A Movie...

Andy Griffith's 8 Biggest Episodes -- f-r-e-e

Down-home humor and an endearing cast of characters helped 
to make The Andy Griffith Show one of the most beloved 
comedies in the history of television. Now in this 2 DVD 
Collection you'll get 8 of Andy Griffith's Biggest Episodes. 
Revisit all your favorite characters including Barnie Fife, 
Aunt Bee, Opie & many more as they delight you in the 
pleasant town of Mayberry. Get ready for some enteraining... 
good, clean, pure fun for f-r-e-e ($7.47 plus $4.47 for each 
additional). To order, visit: Andy Griffith DVD


       Are You Suffering from World Cup Fever?
 Relive Some of the Greatest World Cup Moments on DVD

Every final from 1954 to 2002 has been sifted through for 
the greatest collection of soccer moments ever compiled on 
DVD. Travel back in time to experience the amazing grace 
and athleticism of the one and only - Pele... Brazil's 
national treasure. You will experience the World Cup almost 
as if you were actually there.

This amazing DVD is a collectible treasure that you will 
watch over and over. And the best thing? The World Cup 
Highlights is yours for only $9.99. Visit:
World Cup Highlights on DVD


Listen to a CD...

While traveling to your destination by train, plane or
automobile, everyone needs a relaxing CD to pass the
time. Get the best of Gershwin for free.

You know his music. George Gershwin is one of America's 
most influential composers. Even seventy years after 
their release his songs are still featured in hugely 
popular movies like "When Harry Met Sally" and "Mr. 
Holland's Opus." The George Gershwin Collection includes 
all the favorites like Girl Crazy, I loves you porgy, 
Rhapsody in Blue and many more. All you pay is S&H of 
$4.99 per CD. Visit: George Gershwin Collection on CD


A Military Spectacle Like You've NEVER Seen...

"Part Parade... Part Theater and sometimes... Part Circus"

If you've ever seen a Tattoo ceremony you understand completely
what a thrilling event it is. And if you haven't then you simply
have missed an event of a lifetime. 

In this unprecedented DVD you will get a front row seat to ALL
THE BEST Tattoos and Tournaments!  Whether the setting is large
or small, in Edinburgh or the Village Green, you are thrust into
the power, passion and pageantry. 

For more info or to order for just $19.99, visit:
Military Tattoos And Tournaments

A Pen...

One thing I like to do to pass time are puzzle books and
with that said you need a good pen. Now you can write in
the dark for free. This fun and innovative ball point pen
has an illuminating light set in the body enabling you to
write in complete darkness. With 8 possible settings, you
can choose from 7 brilliant light colors all in one pen 
The Super Bright LED lasts for years. Twist off the barrel
of the pen and use it as a mini flashlight. NASA has used 
this Integral Super Bright LED to read and write on space 
missions for years, now you can use the same technology 
Order your Illuminating Pens now for free ($6.99 s&h plus 
$3.99 each additional) by visiting: Illuminating Pen Set

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