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Publication: Coffee Break
Trash sculpture erected in Russian city

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Tuesday, July 29, 2008             
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The age difference between the two likely major-party 
U.S. presidential nominees, 25 years, promises to be the
biggest ever, analysts say.

When Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., the presumptive Democratic
nominee, celebrates his next birthday Aug. 4, he will be 47.
The Aug. 29 birthday of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the 
likely Republican nominee, will be his 72nd, eclipsing 
the former age-difference mark of 23 years set in the
1996 presidential election, Gannett News Service reported 

The candidates that year represented a battle between the
Baby Boomer generation (former President Bill Clinton)
and the World War II generation (former Sen. Bob Dole).
Generational experts see McCain and Obama as bookends of 
a voter revolt -- led by the so-called "millennials" age
26 and under -- against the Baby Boomers' culture-war
politics over abortion, marriage and other social issues. 

The McCain-Obama match "is in some ways a reflection of
the country's lack of interest in continuing the Boomer 
political debate that has gone on between the two Boomer
presidents (Clinton and current President George Bush),"
Morley Winograd, an adviser to former Vice President 
Al Gore, told Gannett. 

What are your thoughts on the age factor of Obama
and McCain?

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          Trash sculpture erected in Russian city
A sculpture constructed entirely of garbage found on the 
banks of Russia's Lake Baikal was erected in the Buryat 
Republic's capital, environmentalists say.  Three pyramids
as tall as 13 feet were placed in Ulan-Ude Saturday as part
of the "Green Planet, Future Depends on You" campaign, 
ITAR-TASS reported.  Volunteers filled a truck with garbage
left behind by tourists near Lake Baikal, the world's
deepest lake and largest by volume, which is often called
the Blue Eye of Siberia, said Vasily Kuzichev of Moscow, 
who took part in the campaign.  The Russian news agency
said plastic food containers, beer bottles and soda cans 
were among the trash collected and sculpted into pyramids
designed by Anastasia Glinina.  The sculpture will be taken
down and recycled this week, the report said.  Volunteers 
from around the world gather annually to remove massive
amounts of garbage from the lake's shoreline, the news 
agency said.


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          UPS driver gets special funeral delivery
A United Parcel Service driver in Crystal Lake, Ill., was 
delivered to his grave following his death by one of the
company's vehicles, his wife says.  Judy Hornagold said
the fact her husband Jeff's body was taken to the cemetery
Saturday in his friend's UPS truck was a great tribute for
a man who worked for the shipping company for 20 years, the 
Crystal Lake (Ill.) Northwest Herald reported.  UPS
driver Michael McGowan was in charge of the very special 
delivery, which included moving his former co-worker's 
casket from a funeral home to St. Thomas the Apostle Church.
The Herald said Hornagold died of lung cancer Tuesday.


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             New York's Naked Cowboy cuffed in Calif.
New York's Naked Cowboy says California cops didn't 
recognize him as a famed East Coast busker when they nabbed
him for singing in his briefs a public plaza.  Robert Burck,
known as the Naked Cowboy for playing a guitar in New York's
Times Square in his underwear and a cowboy hat, was taken 
into police custody Friday in San Francisco, the New York 
Post reported.  Burck said police initially didn't realize
who he was and made fun of his skimpy outfit.  "It was
non-stop. They're laughing hysterically because there's
this guy in his underwear. Then they were like, 'Oh, that's
the Naked Cowboy'," he told the newspaper.  Police accused
the Cowboy of breaking rules that prohibit soliciting and
playing an instrument in San Francisco's Union Square.
Burck was cited for "violating a posted sign" and is to 
appear in court Monday, the newspaper said.

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