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Publication: Cat Nips
Training Your Cat To Walk On A Leash

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             CAT NIPS - Friday, August 1, 2008
  "Stories, Facts & Tips on the World's Most Popular Pet"

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Dear Fellow Ailurophile!  

Hi! Everyone, TGIF

Here we are with another beautiful HOT weekend ahead 
(at least here in Chicago). I hope it is where you're 
at too! This would be the purr-fect weekend to stay in 
the cool air conditioning and train your furry little 
friend. Good Luck!  

Have a great weekend....

Cassie Cattails  

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              Training Your Cat To Sit Up

Sitting up, like the dog trick "beg," is one of the 
simplest behaviors you can teach your cat. Cats often 
assume this position naturally. Your goal is to have 
cat sit up on his haunches when you give the command 
"up" while you hold the food reward above him-and 
eventually on the command alone. 

What You'll Need 

Your cat before mealtime 

A quiet area where the cat is comfortable 

A table for the cat 

A specific command (in this case, the word "up"), preceded 
by your cat's name ("Scooter, up") 

Your positive signal (a clicker, or an upbeat word such 
as "yes") 

The reward (his favorite food or special treats) 

Training Steps:
Gently put the cat on the table at the edge nearest to 
you, and pet him so he is comfortable. 

Show your cat the reward, then give the command "Scooter, 
up" while you hold the food directly above the cat (but 
not close enough that he can grab it). 

When he stands on his hind legs or haunches and reaches 
for the food, hit the clicker (or use your positive signal) 
and say "up, good up." Immediately give him his food reward. 

Eventually your cat should respond to the command "up" 
without you having to hold the food above him. 

Once your cat has learned this behavior, you no longer need 
to place the cat on a table to sit up. If your cat stands 
on his back legs instead sitting on his haunches, slowly 
move the food back over his head. To keep from tipping over, 
he will sit down on his haunches. It helps if he starts out 
in a sitting position. Remember to hit your clicker (or use 
your positive signal) when he is in the position you want.  
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         Training Your Cat To Walk On A Leash

Responsible cat owners will find that teaching your cat to 
talk on a leash has important safety benefits. With the 
dangers of dogs, disease, cars and unwanted kittens, having 
your cat on leash when he's outdoors is a good way to ensure 
she live many happy, healthy years. 

Leash training a cat is very similar to leash training a 
puppy. It takes time and patience. When people are leash 
training a struggling, pulling puppy, they persist with 
patience. They know eventually the puppy will learn. 

With a cat, as soon as he objects, most cat owners give up. 
But your cat can get used to a leash. Your goal is to be 
able to take your cat outdoors on a leash and walk short 
distances using the command "heel." 

What You'll Need To Start The Process: Good Luck and
REMEMBER stick to it and don't get discouraged.

1. Your cat before mealtime 

2. A harness and a short leash 

3. A specific command (in this case, the word "heel"), preceded 
by your cat's name ("Scooter, heel") 

4. Your positive signal (a clicker, or an upbeat word such as 

5. The reward (his favorite food or special treats) 

6. A spoon to hold the reward (you may want to tape the 
spoon to a stick or wooden dowel so you won't have to 
bend over) 
                      Training Steps 

1. Spend a week or two just getting the cat used to the harness. 
Put it on him when you feed him so he develops a positive 
association with his harness-good things happen when it is on. 
Remember to click the clicker (or use your positive signal) 
while the cat is eating with the harness on. 

2. After your cat is comfortable with the harness, you may 
attach the leash. Just let him drag the leash around. Be 
sure to start the leash training inside your home so your 
cat feels safe and secure. 

3. Put the cat down at your side and hold onto the leash. 

4. Give the command "Scooter, heel" while you slowly move 
forward holding a piece of food in front of the cat. 

5. When he takes a step or two forward toward the food, 
use your positive signal and say "heel, good heel." 
Immediately give him his food reward. 

6. Repeat this pattern, each time taking a step or two more 
until your cat responds to the command "heel" and moves 
forward when you do. Remember to go slowly and take it 
one step at a time. 

Do not take this trick outdoors until your cat is very 
comfortable with the harness and leash. When you do go 
outdoors, take it slow. Let him first explore the area 
in front of your home, before venturing out into the 
neighborhood. Although cats can be leashed trained just 
like dogs, they will not trot at your side the way a dog 
will. When you walk with your cat outdoors, he may stop 
frequently and examine the world around him. Over time, 
he will come to enjoy his leash and harness.   
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"Dogs eat, cats dine." -- Ann Taylor


Be Back With You On Tuesday --- Stay Safe - Cassie Cattails  

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