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Publication: Country Music News
Trace Adkins' New Album Arrives Nov. 25

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        COUNTRY MUSIC NEWS - Thursday, July 31, 2008

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2006 Jason Aldean's "Why" earns a gold single from the 
Recording Industry Association of America  

2004 Faith Hill records "Mississippi Girl" at Emerald 
Entertainment in Nashville  

2003 The Department of the Interior designates the Sun 
Recording Studio in Memphis as a national historic 
landmark, the first studio to receive such an honor 
2002 The Dixie Chicks record an episode of "CMT 
Crossroads" with James Taylor in Nashville  

2001 Warner Bros. releases Blake Shelton's self-titled 
debut album  

1969 Elvis Presley begins a historic four-week run at 
Las Vegas' International Hotel in his first live show 
since 1961. In the audience are Liberace, Herb Alpert, 
Dick Clark, Cary Grant, Fats Domino, Burt Bacharach, 
Pat Boone and Paul Anka  

1964 Jim Reeves and pianist Dean Manuel die in a plane 
crash in Brentwood, Tennessee. Country stars comb the 
area for the wreckage for three days, including Eddy 
Arnold, Chet Atkins and Ernest Tubb. Reeves ends up 
in the Country Music Hall of Fame  

1963 Chad Brock born in Ocala, Florida. He has less 
than 20 matches as a professional wrestler before 
embarking on a singing career in the 1990s, topped by 
his autobiographical love song, "Yes!"  

1948 Country music appears on national television for 
the first time, with a show taped at Washington, 
D.C.'s Constitution Hall. Kitty Wells, Eddy Arnold 
and Johnny & Jack are beamed to five cities  

1937 Bonnie Brown born in Sparkman, Arkansas. She 
older siblings Maxine and Jim Ed in The Browns, whose 
million-selling crossover hit "The Three Bells" pre-
cedes their 1963 induction into the Grand Ole Opry  

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         Trace Adkins' New Album Arrives Nov. 25

A title hasn't been chosen, but Trace Adkins' new album 
will be released on Nov. 25. The project's first single, 
"Muddy Water," written by Monty Criswell and Rick 
Huckaby, will be released to country radio on Aug. 4. 
The emotional song about the power of redemption is 
already becoming a key performance during Adkins' summer 
concert tour which continues with a stop Friday (Aug. 1) 
at the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, Alberta. 

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             +--- COUNTRY STARS CONCERTS ---+

     Faith Hill Singing Sunday Night Football Theme

Faith Hill will again be singing the opening theme for 
NBC's Sunday Night Football. Her performance of "Waiting 
All Day for Sunday Night" will debut Sept. 7 during the 
first regular season Sunday Night Football broadcast 
featuring the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears. 
Additionally, Hill will also participate in a preseason 
promotional campaign to begin Sunday (Aug. 3) during 
the Pro Football Hall of Fame game between the 
Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins. The first 
promo depicts NFL players preparing game-time snacks for 
Hill and her girlfriends. The cast includes Dwight 
Freeney and Bob Sanders of the Colts, Tony Gonzalez of 
the Kansas City Chiefs, Torry Holt of the St. Louis Rams 
and Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens. 



A. Brad Paisley

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