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Publication: Top Ten
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        THE TOP TEN LIST - Friday, December 8, 2006

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Hello Everyone!

I don't know about you, but here in Illinois, it just
started getting mighty cold outside! Snow everywhere, and
icy roads, it's pretty bad. But then again, this is just the
normal Chicagoland weather :-P.

I hope everybody enjoyed the new poll, because I think I'm
going to try it again this week. But hey, I don't want to
jump the gun just yet, here are the results for last week's
poll, the top ten caption for this photo: Top Ten

1. Put another log on the fire, hun!
2. So there I was, relaxing, watching a football game,
eating some food, and then I thought, "Hey, the sky
is blue, the weather is nice... I think I’ll take a
dump in the chimney!"
3. Jim finds a way to avoid the dreaded cold toilet seat
4. What more can a man ask for? A toilet with a view.
5. Droppin' in with some special holiday cheer!
6. You go your way, I'll go mine.
7. Hey Mom, I think I hear Santa coming down the chim...
8. This is what happens when you catch mama kissing Santa
Claus on a Sunday afternoon.
9. Nuthin like a warm butt as you read the news.
10. Somebody better call the chimney sweep! Johnny is up to
his old tricks again.

Thanks to all who submitted, I thought they were all pretty
funny! This week, I have posted a new picture up at Top Ten
for you to submit captions for. So just send them in to Top Ten!

Have a great weekend!

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your heart desires with other Top Ten readers by visiting:
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Email Steve

GopherCentral's Question of the Week

Do you think explosives were planted in the
Twin Towers to bring them down?

Please take a moment to share your opinion, visit:
Question of the Week

This Week's Top 10 Video Clips from EVTV1.com

1. Danny DeVito drunk on The View
2. Japanese Game Show - Say the Tongue Twister... Or Else
3. Jingle Pets - A Christmas Carol
4. Christmas House
5. Blue Collar - Big Deck
6. Childbirth From The Inside Out - Final Stage of Labor
7. Fruitcake Lady Part 1
8. Rachel Ray - Pounding Meat
9. Mahnahmahnah - Muppets
10. Creature Comforts - The Vet

Top 10 DVD sales:

1. Ice Age: The Meltdown -- 20th Century Fox
2. The Da Vinci Code -- Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
3. Cars -- Walt Disney Home Entertainment
4. The Notebook -- New Line Home Entertainment
5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire -- Warner Home Video
6. The Polar Express -- Warner Home Video
7. Click -- Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
8. You, Me and Dupree -- Universal Studios Home Video
9. Batman Begins -- Warner Home Video
10. Memoirs of a Geisha -- Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Top 10 DVD Rentals:

1. Ice Age: The Meltdown -- 20th Century Fox
2. The Da Vinci Code -- Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
3. Cars -- Walt Disney Home Entertainment
4. Mission: Impossible III -- Paramount Home Entertainment
5. Little Man -- Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
6. You, Me and Dupree -- Universal Studios Home Video
7. John Tucker Must Die -- 20th Century Fox
8. The Break-Up -- Universal Studios Home Video
9. Accepted -- Universal Studios Home Video
10. Nacho Libre -- The Lake House -- Warner Home Video

I'm Walking Here....

Here's an item (the Telescopic Walking Stick) that I never
really thought I would use. But I decided to try it out
when we went for a walk along a trail a few weeks ago.

It was fun to use.... yes I said fun. When we would come up
to a stream, I would poke at things in it. I also used it
when I wanted to venture off the beaten path, just to make
sure that there were no snakes in front of me. Believe it or
not, it made the walk more enjoyable. Check it out and the
unbelievable low price.

Normal Price: $19.99

Whether you're an avid hiker or just looking for a little
extra help walking around, the Telescopic Walking Stick is
just what you need. It's fully adjustable to fit your height
and the spring loaded shaft helps reduce strain on your wrists,
back, knees, legs and feet. With a built in compass it will get
you through hard rocky terrain or just across the street.
Make Walking Fun with The Walking Stick

Top 10 singles:

1. Beyonce - Irreplaceable
2. Akon Featuring Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Love You
3. Akon Featuring Eminem - Smack That
4. Fergie - Fergalicious
5. Justin Timberlake Featuring T.I. - My Love
6. Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up
7. The Fray - How To Save A Life
8. Hinder - Lips of an Angel
9. Bow Wow Featuring Chris Brown & Johnta Austin - Shortie
Like Mine
10. Jim Jones - We Fly High

This Week's Top Ten Reader Poll!

Top Ten Picture

Send all submissions to:
Top Ten

Top 10 albums:

1. Incubus - Light Grenades
2. Soundtrack - Hannah Montana
3. Daughtry - Daughtry
4. Various Artists - NOW 23
5. The Beatles - Love
6. Jay-Z - Kingdom Come
7. Sarah McLachlan - Wintersong
8. Akon - Konvicted
9. Josh Groban - Konvicted
10. Various Artists - NOW That's What I Call Christmas! 3

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The top 10 Country singles:

1. Rascal Flatts - My Wish
2. Sugarland - Want To
3. Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats
4. Tim McGraw - My Little Girl
5. Kenny Chesney - You Save Me
6. Brad Paisley - She's Everything
7. Montgomery Gentry - Some People Change
8. George Strait - It Just Comes Natural
9. Rodney Atkins - Watching You
10. Taylor Swift - Tim McGraw

The top 10 Country albums:

1. Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts
2. Rascal Flatts - Me And My Gang
3. Keith Urban - Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing
4. Sugarland - Enjoy The Ride
5. George Strait - It Just Comes Natural
6. Josh Turner - Your Man
7. Brad Paisley - Time Well Wasted
8. Brad Paisley - Brad Paisley Christmas
9. Rodney Atkins - If You're Going Through Hell
10. Wynonna - A Classic Christmas

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Growing Dinosaur Egg Pets are the coolest new way to hatch
yourself a new friend.

You kids will delight as they watch their little reptile
egg hatch into Dinosaur. The excitement grows as the egg begins
to crack open and slowly a baby dinosaur appears.

It's so easy... Simply put the egg into a container of water
and wait for the hatching. When out of the egg remove the shell
and place the dinosaur into its own larger container of water,
and it will continue to grow and grow.

These novel pets are obviously not living creatures, but are
highly amusing. Amaze your children with this educational and
fun experiment. These toys are NON-TOXIC. Oh and the best
part is the price... get an egg for just $1.99. Visit:
Growing Dinosaur Egg Pets

The top 10 Christian singles:

1. Chris Tomlin - Made To Worship
2. Superchic[k] - Stand In The Rain
3. Newsboys - Wherever We Go
4. tobyMax - Made to Love
5. Casting Crowns - Does Anybody Hear Her
6. Jeremy Camp - What It Means
7. Bebo Norman - I Will Lift My Eyes
8. DecembeRadio - Drifter
9. Aaron Shust - My Savior, My God
10. Sanctus Real - The Face of Love

Top 10 Electronic albums:

1. Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere
2. Madonna - Confessions On A Dance Floor
3. Depeche Mode - The Best Of Depeche Mode: Volume 1
4. Scissor Sisters - Ta-Dah
5. Gorillaz - Demon Days
6. Imogen Heap - Speak For Yourself
7. Enigma - A Posteriori
8. Moby - Go-The Very Best Of Moby
9. Cascada - Everytime We Touch
10. She Wants Revenge - She Wants Revenge

The top 10 Mainstream Rock tracks:

1. Tool - The Pot
2. Three Days Grace - Pain
3. Disturbed - Land of Confusion
4. Shinedown - Heroes
5. Stone Sour - Through Glass
6. Army Of Anyone - Goodbye
7. Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober
8. Nickelback - Rockstar
9. Saliva - Ladies and Gentlemen
10. Breaking Benjamin - The Diary Of Jane

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