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Publication: Forgotten History
Tom Jones: I Who Have Nothing

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             History Video Clip of the Week 
       "Sights and sounds that changed the world"
                Thursday, Sept. 6, 2007

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History Videos


Dear friends, 

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          *---- Video Clip of the Week ----*

            Tom Jones: I Who Have Nothing
Tom Jones rose to fame in the mid-1960's, with an exuberant
live act which included wearing tight breeches and billow-
ing shirts. He was also known for his overt sexuality. Come 
watch as Tom sings I (Who Have Nothing). 

Click to view: Tom Jones: I Who Have Nothing

                   Bonus Video Clip

       Depleted Radioactive Uranium Effects 

This generation's version of 'Agent Orange' is the health 
disaster caused from using radioactive depleted uranium 
shells in Iraq. The health hazards to troops and civilian 
populations make this an international crime against 

Click to view: Depleted Radioactive Uranium Effects 


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   *----Top 5 Forwarded Video Clips of the Week ----*

1)    Miss Teen South Carolina Flubbed Response


2)  The Psychology of Sex


3)  Funny Babies and Their Funny Fathers


4)    Karaoke For the Deaf


5)  Insane 747 Landing


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