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Publication: Country Music News
Toby Keith Perfects the Summer Tour

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        COUNTRY MUSIC NEWS - Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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*----------- TEST YOUR COUNTRY MUSIC KNOWLEDGE -----------*

Q. Which country music singer played the main act in 
Pure Country?

*------------------ Answer At The End ---------------------*


1900 Traditional ballad singer Buell Kazee born in Magoffin 
County, Kentucky  

1966 Martina McBride born in Sharon, Kansas  
1967 Leon Ashley's #1 single "Laura (What's He Got That 
I Ain't Got)" charted  

1972 "Missing You" charted for Jim Reeves, almost 8 years 
after his death  
1954 Vocalist and radio personality Pete Cassell, age 36, 
died in Key West, Florida  

1988 Steel guitarist Pete Drake, age 55, died in Nashville,

1999 Ina Anita Carter, of the Carter Sisters, died at age 
66 in her Middle Tennessee home  
1997 Banjo legend Earl Scruggs and his son, Randy, were 
honored at NARAS' Starwalk, located at Opryland  

1997 Brooks and Dunn were honored at NARAS' Starwalk, 
located at Opryland  

1972 Barbara Mandrell joined the Grand Ole Opry  
1997 Terri Clark's self-titled debut album certified platinum  
1951 Pee Wee King recorded "Two Roads" 
1951 Pee Wee King recorded "Railroad Boogie"  

1952 Webb Pierce recorded the #1 single "Back Street Affair" 
1955 Johnny Cash recorded the Top 5 Sun Records single 
"Folsom Prison Blues"  

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  Johnny Knoxville Will Host Sirius Outlaw Country Show

Johnny Knoxville will co-host a new weekly show on the 
Sirius Satellite Radio's Outlaw Country channel with his 
cousin, singer Roger Alan Wade, starting Saturday 
(July 26) at 8 p.m. ET. The channel's executive producer 
is Steven Van Zandt, star of The Sopranos and a member 
of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. Knoxville starred 
in MTV's Jackass and the film version of The Dukes of 
Hazzard. In 2006, he bought a cabin near Nashville that 
was previously owned by Johnny and June Carter Cash. 
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             +--- COUNTRY STARS CONCERTS ---+

             Toby Keith Perfects the Summer Tour

Toby KeithToby Keith is a busy man in the days leading 
up to the Aug. 8 theatrical release of his new film, 
Beer for My Horses, a comedy he wrote with one of his 
co-stars, comedian Rodney Carrington. Most nights this 
summer, though, he can be found onstage during his 
Biggest & Baddest tour featuring Montgomery Gentry, 
Carter's Chord, Mica Roberts and Trailer Choir.

"We've got it all down to some kind of perfect science," 
Keith told CMT Insider during a recent interview before 
a concert in Southern California. "This is why we got 
in the entertainment business."

One of the few artists of any genre who qualify to 
release an album titled 35 Biggest Hits, Keith talked 
about the songs he can't omit from his live shows and 
what he expects when he sees another artist in concert.



A. George Strait

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