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Publication: Deal of the Day
Your Deal - Titanium Turbor Electric Razor under $10

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DEAL OF THE DAY                             January 23, 2006
Deal Of The Day

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What's the Deal?

We had a bit of mailing trouble on Friday... so if you missed
that issue, make sure you look at the previous special in 
this edition. It's a great one and we still have 37 pair left.

Also today's item is one I'm sure you've seen on TV. I got
my nephew this razor for Christmas and he loves it. We're
closing them out, so here's your last chance to get 'em...
of course it's at a low, low price.




Normal Retail: $14.99 

You've seen this amazing razor on TV and now you can get it at
a huge savings. We only have 107 left of these and once they're
gone, they are GONE. This makes a great gift and I know father's
day is months away, but you can give the perfect gift and also
save a bunch of money. Check it out at: 
Today's Deal of the Day


Elementary School Success Collection... 
THE LOWEST PRICE EVER (while they're still in stock)

Get 23 elementary school subjects on 13 CD-ROMS. Included 
with the Elementary School Success 2005 collection is the 
Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia and Timeline and the 
Merriam-Webster's Student Dictionary. Bonus premium 
CD-ROM content from the world leaders in reference.

This collection addresses dozens of school fundamentals 
from spelling and subtraction to our Solar System and 
beyond.  This is the perfect tool to help your elementary 
student excel.

Get the Elementary School Success Collection. Your child
will thank you for ever. Visit: School Success Collection

         .......... Previous Deal ..........

PAJAMA MIA PANTS  (Size Small/Medium Only)

Normal Retail: $14.99 

Previous Deal of the Day

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