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Publication: Diet Buddy
Time To Get Fit!

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          Diet Buddy - Monday, March 19, 2007

Time To Get Fit!

Hi There Buddies...

While it's not quite springtime yet...judging from the nice 
days we had last week, we are hopefully on our way.  I, of 
course am about as ready as you can get.  I just love when 
everything starts to bud outside and is waking from a long 
dark sleep (more like frozen).  Birds are chirping, animals 
are playing and people are smiling once again.  The start 
of Spring makes you appreciate warm weather and sunshine so 
much more after a cold and gloomy winter.

It's also a time when we're shedding our winter clothing 
and revealing a few extra pounds that piled on during 
hibernation. So if not already doing so, we'll want to start 
with some sort of regular exercise plan to help us shed 
those over-the-winter pounds and make us feel alive and 
vibrant again. 

With the help of Irene Lewis-McCormick, M.S., C.S. C.S., 
who is a master personal trainer and faculty member of the 
American Council on Exercise, let's take a look at some 
simple ways to get our bodies out of winter mode and into 
a new, energized and healthy self. 

Move Around in Style with The Telescopic Walking Stick

Whether you're an avid hiker or just looking for a little
extra help walking around, the Telescopic Walking Stick is
just what you need. It's fully adjustable to fit your height
perfectly and the spring loaded shaft helps reduce strain on 
your wrists, back, knees, legs and feet. With a built in
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Walk It Off!

Walking provides one of the easiest and most effective 
methods to lose weight and maintain health.  A pair of 
walking shoes is all you need.

If you feel you're not in good enough shape to walk, try 
this simple routine.  Check your watch, walk away from your 
home for 10 minutes, turn around and head back.  You will 
have walked 20 minutes without planning or effort and have 
burned about 80 calories.  Walking 15 to 20 minutes per 
day, for a total of 5 to 10 miles a week, burns 400 to 800 
calories per week.

To walk properly, maintain a full stride and swing your 
arms. Also wear comfortable clothing and drink plenty of 

Or strive to take 10,000 steps per day.  To get a realistic 
idea of how many steps you take each day, use a pedometer 
to count them for you.  Simply clip the pedometer to your 
hip each morning, set it to zero, and start your day.  Use 
the pedometer for at least one week to get a true picture 
of your daily activity.  If you average less than 10,000 
steps per day, step it up a bit. 

Work It In!

Increasing your daily activity through little lifestyle 
changes can be a powerful and effective way to achieve your 
goal.  Burning just 100 calories per day, the equivalent of 
taking a few extra steps each day, adds up to 10 pounds of 
weight loss in one year.

The key is to be ready and willing, so you get a short 
workout whenever the opportunity arises.  Try to do 
something every day because little things to make a 

Use these 10 simple techniques to introduce extra calorie-
burning opportunities into your day:

*  Park Farther Away And Walk.

*  Return Shopping Carts - to their proper places.

*  Avoid Elevators - and take the stairs.

*  Walk Through The Airport - as opposed to taking a train 
   or moving walkway.

*  Take A Walking Break - instead of a coffee break.

*  Get Up - from your chair frequently to move around.

*  Put On Upbeat Music - while you clean your house, and 
   you'll find you move a bit faster.

*  Do Crunches - while your kids play.

*  Walk Around The Office - as you brainstorm your next 


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keeps them all together. 

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Join The Gym!

You might find a class setting to be more motivating and 
challenging than working out alone.  Group fitness classes 
offered through a rec center add a variety to your routine, 
allow you to discover new exercise options, and provide an 
instructor that overseas your techniques.

"Good instructors have plenty of energy, enthusiasm, and 
knowledge of the activities they are teaching, "says Tracie 
Rogers, Ph.D., a sports psychologist at Arizona State 
University.  For those new to the group fitness Shannon 
Griffiths-Fable, group fitness director at Lakeshore 
Athletic Club in Boulder, suggests the following:

*  Check Out A Fitness Center's Class Schedule - and ask 
   friends and fitness managers for recommendations.

*  Look For Instructors - who are certified in group 

*  Find A Class - that will push you a little but won't 
   push you over the edge.  If the class works at a high 
   intensity or if movements are too difficult, your risk 
   of injury increases and the experience won't be much 

*  Make Sure To Join - a class that is convenient and works 
   with your schedule. 

*  Get To The First Class Early - and introduce yourself to 
   the Instructor, so he or she can provide you individual 
   help, if needed. 

Work Out At Home!

Exercising in the privacy of your home is convenient and 
inexpensive, though it requires more self-discipline and 
structure than going to the gym.  "The key is having a 
variety of options you can fall back on," fitness director 
Griffiths-Fable says. "Keep a few workout videos and a set 
of dumbbells in your basement.  A treadmill can provide a 
good option during inclement weather or odd hours."

For a useful home gym, you need to plan a bit.  For as 
little as $100, you can create an effective workout plan 
that will tone your entire body.  Here are a few 
recommendations of inexpensive equipment that is easy to 
use and store: 

Store Price: $14.99

It's like a day at the spa... For the price you would pay 
just for a CD you get this unique CD/DVD combo. 

Tai Chi is the fitness program that began 2000 years ago. 
It's a series of low impact exercises that increase energy. 
And best of all EVERY ONE can do them... no matter your 
present physical condition. 

Unlike most of today's exercises it actually increases 
your mental and physical energy through systematic stress 
reduction. But don't be fooled... this is a thorough work-
out involving the entire body. Learn graceful, flowing 
movements which tone muscles, firm the body and enhance 

The DVD is designed as a first step towards discovering 
the many benefits of Tai Chi. Let the vibrant and soothing 
music on the CD open the door to your inner well of quiet 
strength. Check it out at: Today's Deal of the Day

A Stability Ball - provides options for toning, 
strengthening, and stretching.  The ball is typically used 
for abdominal exercises such as crunches; it can also be 
used as a bench in strength exercises. Most stability balls 
come in two sizes - 55 and 65 centimeters.  When sitting on 
the ball, your thighs should be parallel to the floor. In 
general, adults between 5'and 5'6 should use the smaller 
size, while those taller than 5'6 should use the larger 

A Set Of Dumbbells - in weights that range from 5 to 20-
plus pounds, offers light toning of the muscles to 
intermediate strength training. Less expensive than 
machines, they provide flexibility and variety.

Resistance Bands Or Tubes - provide another option for 
strength training.  They're easy to store, come in a 
variety of sizes and resistance levels, and can be used 
in numerous ways.

Exercise Videos Or DVDs - also offer variety.  Purchase 
those that focus on two or three different types of 

A Step Bench - a 6 or 8-inch high platform, can be used 
for both cardiovascular workouts and strength training. 


Springtime really is the perfect time to get ourselves 
moving again after being parked in front of our TV sets 
for months.  It's the time of year for new beginnings and 
that should include our weight loss routine.  Let's get 
some fun activities into our daily lives to help us become 
healthier, happier and thinner.

Did You Know ???

Weight loss occurs when your exercise intensity falls 
between moderate (55 percent of your maximum heart rate and 
high (85 percent of your maximum heart rate).  Measure your 
heart rate by feeling your pulse in your neck (below your 
ear) or on the thumb side of your wrist.  Count the beats 
for 10 seconds, then multiply by 6.  This determines your 
exercise heart rate in beats per minute.

Can't find the time to get yourself moving?  Stop by the 
Diet Buddy Forum and exchange ideas at... 
Diet Buddy Forum 

Have a great week everyone !!!

Disclaimer:  Since I am not a medical professional any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.  

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