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Publication: Fifty & Furthermore
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FIFTY & FURTHERMORE - Monday, February 12, 2007

"I'm Dr. Dorree Lynn, founder of FiftyandFurthermore.com. 
Growing older can be a time for creative and passionate 
living, and I will apply my years as a psychologist to 
help you with the challenges and wonders that come with 
this new life stage."

Hello and welcome to FIFTY & FURTHERMORE! 

I have another offbeat but fascinating news story for you 
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Will it run? Tulsa to dig up car buried for 50 years

TULSA, Oklahoma (AP) -- Organizers of a coming-out party 
for a buried 1957 Plymouth Belvedere could use some help.

The car, which was buried in brand-new condition under 
the lawn of the Tulsa County Courthouse in 1957, is 
scheduled to be unearthed June 15 as part of the Oklahoma 

Promoters are looking for people who helped lower the car 
into its crypt in 1957 to perhaps shed some light on what 
to expect when the car is unearthed.

There's speculation the car may have turned into a pile 
of rust. Or that it's in pristine condition and worth 
thousands of dollars.

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Sharon King Davis, who has chaired Tulsa's centennial 
efforts, looked at photos of the people responsible for 
burying the car in 1957 and found her grandfather.

"I wish grandpa had left me some instructions," she told 
the Tulsa World.

The car had been largely forgotten until Davis and her 
group started work on the centennial. Files on the car 
have vanished, so it's not clear what to expect when 
the lid is lifted.

What's known is that the car is on a steel pallet with 
jacks under the axles. Efforts were made to preserve it, 
but it's unclear if moisture has gotten to the metal and 
caused rust.

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"There's a kind of Rip Van Winkle reaction," Davis says. 
"Most people had long ago forgotten the buried car, but 
as the time to dig it up nears, they are waking up and 
wondering about life in 1957."

Another unknown is who will be able to claim the car.

When the car was buried, a contest was announced to award 
the car and a $100 savings account to the person who came 
closest to guessing Tulsa's population in 2007.

Organizers concede that finding that person or his or her 
heirs may not be easy.

At the time, the guesses were recorded on microfilm and 
sealed in a steel container buried with the car.

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