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Publication: Wrestling News Today
The Undertaker Injured

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                 Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Undertaker Injured; Details 
Story By: Andy Stevens

PWInsider are reporting that The Undertaker suffered a 
torn bicep tendon. He is scheduled to see a doctor today 
to have the injury examined. Apparently you can easily 
see where the torn muscle in his bicep has rolled up his 
arm towards his shoulder. 


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         Random News From The Wrestling World

Next Superstar To Get Push, Vince/SmackDown, More
Story By: Ryan Gray
Source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Vince made the decision last week to give WWE RAW Superstar 
Chris Masters a renewed push. Masters was in the midst of 
a push last summer, before being suspended for violating 
the WWE Wellness Policy. 

Speaking of Vince, he is now taking more interest in Smack-
Down than ever before. Even with most viewership going to 
RAW, Vince is said to now give SmackDown equal attention. 
Michael Hayes is credited for Vince's interest as many 
backstage say their relationship is a lot like McMahon's 
and Pat Patterson's. Hayes is said to be very influential 
and is credited for building a power base. 

The promotional poster for this year's WWE Vengeance pay-
per-view has been released. If you remember, last years 
pay-per-view was the site of the official Degeneration X 


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New Steve Austin DVD To Be Released This November
Story By: Ryan Gray
Source - PWInsider.com

On November 20th WWE will be releasing a three disc DVD 
set titled "The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin". 
Promotional material for the set reads: "A career-spanning 
retrospective of the Rattlesnake that highlights Austin's 
amazing career and his legendary rivalries with Bret Hart, 
The Rock, Mick Foley, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Undertaker, 
Kane, Scott Hall, Eddie Guerrero and more. Stone Cold 
Steve Austin's Life and Legacy will also include footage 
and matches from WCW, ECW, and his Smokey Mountain days." 

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                      Reader's Forum

It is absolutely disgraceful for Batista to act like that
at the signing. It looks like soomeone forgot why he's so
popular in the first place...THE FANS!!! That was
deplorable. I used to like him but it looks like I'll have
to stick with Cena. Oh well, I think Cena's better anyway.
Personality goes along way and it looks like Batista just
doesn't have what he should anymore.

- Nichole

john cena, john cena, john cena, what about him, long over
do to lose the championship belt, yeah he made a movie, he
can come out and say the champ is here, wohoo, I agree with
most peolpe SHAUN MICHAELS has been with wwe, (wwf)...it
you will for years, I went and seen Shaun and Marty at the
colosium in quad cities back in the late 80's, back when he
hurt his knee, and the rockers were fueding with power and
glory, if anyone one deserves a title shot with
(johnnnnn cena)<-------what a joke that it is, ->the heart
break kid<-Shaun Michaels, stop pampering cena lets move on
story writers drink your coffee and wake up....I also read
the colum where batista wouldn't look at a child nor speak
to him while do an autograph signing, just because your
having a bad day cause your world champion anymore and a
man that well deserves the championship has it UNDERTAKER
HELL YEAH, if it wasn't for us fans out there buying your
meal tickets you wouldn't be wrestling, I'm not putting the
wrestlers down cuase they are extremly talented and they
put on a hell of a show but they need to recognize we are
the reason there out there performing and we are the reason
they have a payroll, in closing VINNIE MAC your a huge joke
and you should stick to being ceo your ego has well over
surpassed your pride get a life

- James


Whomever sent the letter in bitching about John Cena being
the worst champ in the history of WWE, well if he was that
bad the "BIG BOY" would have sacked him a long time ago.
Hence it looks like you are wrong, and furthermore they
really do not have any so called talent that can stand up,
and carry the torch for this country,thus we must say that
until we see the WWE stop, and say we do not want him to
be champ anymore. They will take the belt away from him,
and give it to WHOM?

- Larry C.

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