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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
The Paranormal Prison

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Issue date: Saturday, May 13, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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Welcome to the Paranormal Insider. Often, the general 
public is skeptical about ghosts, UFOs, ESP and the like. 
If they can't see it, feel or touch it, it ain't real. And 
when shocking events take place in the physical plane, 
they're just as quick to come up with pat answers that 
ensure nothing will rock their buttoned-down world. But 
maybe we all possess a little of that reluctance, at least 
I do. It's easy to tell others to think "out of the box." 
But what about the boxes WE occupy and are too comfortable 
to leave? ...Random thoughts provoked by this disturbing 

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The Paranormal Prison!

Hello Gus:

"I know that you, as a reporter, are occupied 24/7 by the 
paranormal world. I too, am fully wrapped up in the 
paranormal, but as an investigator. For 25 years, I have 
conducted laboratory and field studies of such psychic 
phenomena as spirit communication, UFOs, astral travel, 
demonic possession, ESP and others. You as a reporter may 
even be familiar with my name. However, because of the 
controversial nature of this communication I require 
anonymity. Now to my story...

"After the horrible events of 9/11, I postulated a theory 
that the jets crashing into the World Trade Center towers 
were the first acts in what was to be a world-wide cycle-- 
lasting two decades or more—in which the power of evil 
dominated the power of good. Whether demonic or vibrational
in nature, dark forces had been unleashed that would plague
the entire planet and every human inhabitant. The full 
theory is too involved to go into here, but combines 
ancient prophecies with the scientific measurement of 
psychic energy—sort of a Richter Scale of such activity.

"I found that every measurement of psychic energy went 
through the roof in September, 2001. On top of that, the 
entire world literally received the fallout. Remember the 
huge clouds of smoke from the vaporized buildings? Well, 
that smoke was whipped around the planet in the jet stream, 
with tens of billions of minute particles eventually 
settling on the earth's surface. In other words, in the 
months following 9/11, the residue of evil was deposited 

"Which brings me to the unbelievable events that took 
place in Abu Gharib prison in Iraq. While, like every 
thinking human being, I was shocked by the grotesque 
photos, in a sense I wasn't surprised..."

(Continued below)

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The Paranormal Prison, Part 2.

"...I wasn't surprised by what took place in Abu Gharib 
prison because it fit neatly into my theory that nearly 
every human being has been touched by the actual residue 
of the vaporized Twin Towers—the destruction of which was 
an act of evil with the earmarks of demonic or dark 
vibrational forces. Having been polluted by this dust, 
the affected human beings commit their own acts of evil, 
which cause other acts of evil and so on down the line 
until the dark force has been dispersed.

"In my humble opinion, nothing else can explain the actions 
of the military police in Abu Gharib prison. These people 
were the salt of the earth, ordinary folks who lived in 
small towns and trailer parks, according to published 
reports. When Saddam fell, they were hailed as heroes. 
Now, many of the same voices are calling them sadists and 
perverts. It's almost like we're talking about two entirely 
different sets of people—one of them god-fearing patriots, 
the other terrible Satanists.

"In a sense, this is an accurate conclusion. I believe that 
these ordinary men and women came under the evil influence 
of the same otherworldly entities that were BEHIND 9/11. 

"A reasonable person may wonder that if nearly everyone on 
earth has been in contact with the 9/11 fallout, why hasn't 
everyone committed acts of evil? While I have no definitive 
answers, I believe it takes the stress of an already ugly 
situation to trigger the behavior. In other words, the 
stress of working in Abu Gharib prison, with its horrifying 
history, COMBINED with the 9/11 fallout causes otherwise 
good people to take awful actions that they never would 
have contemplated before the 2001 terror attack. 

"What can be down to prevent this plague from spreading? I 
have some thoughts about that I'd like to share..."

(Continued below)

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The Paranormal Prison, Part 3.

"Probably the most controversial part of my theory about 
9/11 fallout is the potential solution. Since the condition 
is triggered by stressful, ugly conflicts, I believe that it
is imperative to do our utmost to eliminate such conflicts 
from the face of the globe. I recommend that on an agreed-
upon date combatants lay down their arms and commit no 
aggressive acts for one hour. This means everywhere—Iraq, 
Nigeria, the Sudan, and in the countless other locations 
where people are attempting to kill and maim one another 
in the name of a cause. I realize that it will be difficult 
to convince the participants to join in—all will be 
suspicious that the 'other side' will break the pact and 
start killing them when they're defenseless. But that's 
just the point. Whenever you have the impulse to strike 
back, you are under the influence of the 9/11 evil. Unless 
we ALL stop at once, the cycle of escalating evil will not 
end. Humanity is in the grip of a horrible spell, caused 
by demonic or other dark psychic forces, the origins of 
which we are not yet aware. While I am not certain my 
remedy will work, I believe that too much is at stake not 
to try.

"I thank you for allowing me the space to speak and will 
gladly receive any comments."


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