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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
The Orb

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Issue date: Saturday, March 25, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

Comment The Post Below...

Welcome to the Paranormal Insider. Let's start off with 
an e-mailer's question: "Have you ever been given the Evil 
Eye? It happened to me yesterday. And by Evil Eye, I don't 
mean the sort of look a motorist gives you when you almost 
cut him off in traffic. I mean a black stare that chills 
you to the bone; that makes you want to run away screaming 
or fight back like you would a diamondback rattler. Yes, 
it happened to me yesterday at Baskin-Robbins, where I was
awaiting my chance to order a double-dip cone of pralines 
& cream. I accidentally backed into another customer, 
causing his root beer float to slosh about in his cup. 
That's all. But the guy—who was blond and slim and not 
otherwise menacing—gave me a piercing look that told me 
he'd been dabbling in the dark arts.

Maybe, just maybe, I'm making too much of the incident. 
But it threw me off to the point that, without taking a 
lick, I tossed my double-dip cone into the trash. And 
believe me, that says a lot."

Note From Gus: Have YOU, dear reader, ever been scrutinized
by an Evil Eye?

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The Orb.

Hi Gus:
"Since my baby was born a year ago, in almost all of the 
family photos I've taken, there are orbs all over the 
place. These orbs were never there before in previous 
photos from my childhood or teen years or anything (trust 
me, I took them out and looked). But now all of a sudden 
in my son's first birthday pictures they appear and in 
our wedding that we just had a couple of months ago.

"The orbs also appear in new photos of my parents or me 
and some are real tiny and then others are huge and look 
all iridescent. Some photos have a lot of orbs in them 
and others have only maybe one or two. Are these orbs bad 
or good?

"The orbs really scared me at first, but then people I know
who are into that type of thing keep telling me the orbs 
are good and they are guardian angels or deceased family 
members who have come back to protect us. Frankly, I'm 
confused and not sure what to believe. I am really into 
supernatural subjects but I never studied up on orbs. 
I'm more into ghost hunting like they show on TV all of 
the time. Thanks for your help!"

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Pyramid Power.

Hi Gus:
"I'm responding to last week's story claiming that the 
stones that form the Pyramids were levitated into place. 
The best that I know about the Pyramids is that the first 
recorded document about their construction comes from 
Herodotus, a teacher who sent his students out to record 
local stories. Then he compiled these tales into his 

"The story of the building of the Pyramids was just that, 
a story. No Egyptian in the day of Herodotus knew first-
hand how the massive building blocks had been hauled up 
the structure. The story that slaves dragged the stones 
up earthen ramps was just a theory back then and is even 
less believable than the theory that they were levitated 
into place.

"Even using today's construction methods, with large cranes 
powered by diesel engines, the Pyramids still couldn't be 
built. How were the stones even cut into blocks? The Great 
Pyramid is estimated to be about 10,000 years old. That's 
older than the Iron Age and even the Bronze Age."

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Lucky Charms.

There are as many types of lucky charms as there are people 
who believe in their magical powers. For instance, a button 
once worn by a beloved family member can be thought to hold
"magical" powers by an adoring granddaughter who keeps it 
in her purse. And who's to say that the button doesn't 
perform magic if it comforts the young woman during trying 
times or inspires her to achieve great feats? Perhaps the 
supernatural power every lucky charm possesses is the 
ability to inspire hope.

Here's a tidbit that may intrigue the e-mailer who believes
she was assaulted by an Evil Eye in a Baskin-Robbins: In 
Asia and many parts of Africa turquoise is prized as a 
lucky stone that can ward off the Evil Eye, and is worn in 
rings, necklaces and bracelets as protection.

Laughing Child Ghosts?

Hello Gus:
"I really enjoy your site. What I want to ask is if anyone
else has heard unseen spirit children laughing and playing.
I first encountered such child-like voices when I moved 
into a house, part of which had been built in the 1800s.

"The voices were preceded by the sound of footsteps and 
the front door opening and closing. I rushed downstairs, 
looked everywhere and found no one. Then, at 2 a.m. I was 
awakened by the noise of children running and having a 
lot of fun. But there were no kids to be seen anywhere,
inside or outside the house.

"A few days later, it was just turning dark when a friend 
drove up to see me. She said that, earlier in the day, 
when our car was gone, she had heard kids laughing inside 
our home. My friend had knocked on our window, but no one 
had answered. The laughter had simply continued on.

"I’d like to hear what anyone has to say about the spirits 
of children, seen or unseen. I must add that hearing the 
kids has been nice, not scary at all."

         GopherCentral's Question of the Week 

Rep. Jack Murtha suggested on Meet The Press that VP 
Cheney and Sec. of Defense should resign. Do you agree? 

Please take a moment to share your opinion, 
visit: Question of the Week

Do you have questions...comments...leads? Send an email to 
Gus at: Email Gus 


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