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Publication: Angel Voices
The flow of forgiveness.

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Your angel message for: Tuesday, January 09, 2007


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Dear Readers:

Thank you all for your ongoing support and interest, and a
huge thank you to all of you who have graciously shared your
angel experiences and spirit encounters. You are truly
lighting up the world.

Peace, love, and joy,

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the draw, please send your name and date of birth to
tarot@arcanamatrix.com. Make sure to put Angel Whisper in
your subject line. Please do not enter more than once per
month. Multiple entries will be discarded. If your name is
chosen, your Angel Whisper will be posted here in the
AngelVoice column.

Blessings and bliss!

Please note: If you have an angel experience or story to
share, please post it to our forum at: AngelVoice Forum


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EARTH ELEMENT: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Forgiveness.
Angelic Advice: The greatest power of healing is forgiveness
- first of the self, then of others. Forgive yourself as
Spirit forgives you, then pass it on! Remembering our
connectedness allows the flow of forgiveness - and brings
great healing freedom. Your angels wish you joy in: Loving

FIRE ELEMENT: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Renewal. Angelic
Advice: Allow yourself to focus on a sense of inner peace.
Inspiration and hope are waiting to burst forth, even if
there have been difficult times recently. From peace and
stillness comes new growth. Your angels wish you joy in:
Pregnant Pauses.

AIR ELEMENT: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Puppy Love.
Angelic Advice: This angel appears to inspire you to love
unconditionally, innocently and passionately. Use this
inspiration today to forget your past hurts and to jump up
and run to one you love, without ego or constraint. Forget
the lessons of ego today and rejoice in love. Your angels
wish you joy in: Heart-to-hearts.

WATER ELEMENT: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Ecstasy. Angelic
Advice: Let go today and let the divine ecstasy of knowing
you are a beloved child of the source fill you with pure
joy. When you feel others do not notice, angels always
appreciate your special gifts and talents. You need no
outside encouragement, only that voiced in your own soul.
Your angels wish you joy in: Creative Excellence.

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