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Publication: Wrestling News Today
The Death Of John Kronus

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                  Monday, July 23, 2007

New Details on Kronus' Death; Candice Michelle News
Story By: Marc Middleton

- Candice Michelle has updated her "Candy Coated" blog on 
  WWE.com. In this blog entry, Candice talks about having 
  the heart to be WWE Women's champion, defending her title 
  and being ready for her match at Great American Bash. 
  It's a pretty good read. 

- The Citizen of Laconia has a new article up this morning 
  on John Kronus' death. The article says Police were 
  summoned to an untimely death call on Blueberry Lane at 
  2:46 p.m. on Wednesday that they have deemed not to be 
  suspicious in nature. An autopsy has been performed and 
  they're waiting on toxicology results. His sister noted 
  that their family has a long history of heart problems 
  that have taken lives at an early age. 


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More News On The Death Of John Kronus
Story By: Devis Owens

- At the end of tonight's "Off the Record," Greta Van 
  Susteren mentioned that another pro wrestler has passed 
  away. She stated that Kronus was found dead at his girl-
  friend's home yesterday. She went on to say that he never 
  worked for WWE, but did so for rival Extreme Championship 

- TMZ.com is reporting that New Hampshire officials are 
  treating this as a "suspicious death," and an autopsy 
  has been ordered. 

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Benoit, Diva Call-Ups, Smackdown Booking, More
Story By: Devis Owens
source: wrestling observer

- Talk of bringing up women from the "farm system" is 
  ongoing. Shantelle Taylor is the front runner to get 
  the call. 

- WWE is now considering expanding into Mexico, creating 
  a new full-time territory. If WWE does expand into 
  Mexico, WWE would want exclusive contracts with arenas, 
  but CMLL owns its key buildings. 

- The new WWE video game was just about completed when the 
  game company was told to remove Chris Benoit from it. 

- WWE Smackdown will now be booked similar to RAW, with 
  more of a focus on storylines, rather than on wrestling. 

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                      Reader's Forum

Soooo...what does Vince have to say now that they have 
found steroids in Benoit's body.  He swore that no way 
could it have been steroids that caused this husband and 
father to break.  How "should" he feel now? He should be 
sorry and he should be ashamed and he should be humble.... 
what "will" he feel now?  Arrogant, narcisistic, and 
blaming everyone but himself. It's time now for there 
to be a committee on wrestlers using steroids just like 
baseball did.  Someone needs to save not only these 
athletes but their families as well. 
- Clark

To cg0360:

You're a clueless moron. 

- Ralph J



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