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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
The Danger Of Certainty

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Issue date: Saturday, April 29, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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Welcome to the Paranormal Insider, where the fantastic and 
the fearful collide. Fearful? Unfortunately, yes. Many 
people do fear the paranormal unknown because it challenges 
the beliefs that they hold so dear. Imagine, if you will, 
an individual who subscribes to a philosophy that she feels 
explains every event in the world, from birth to death to 
why it rained on her wedding day. Then imagine her sense 
of certainty upended by an unexpected occurrence, like a 
ghost in her living room or a strange object racing across 
the night sky. Her reaction? Fear. Or even rage. That her 
rock-solid explanation has been violated. What should your 
reaction to her be? Only tolerance will do. Otherwise 
you'll become just like her - fiercely defending the 
crumbling beliefs that used to hold her body & soul 
together. Until doubt entered her life.

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                 The Danger Of Certainty. 

"Anna" read the tabloids for the exciting gossip about the 
stars, how this one just divorced that one, or another one 
had packed on 50 unwanted pounds. But Anna also liked the 
other articles, the ones with advice on how to become 
richer, sexier and happier. 

The story that changed her life, though, was about the 
color purple. Purple just happened to be Anna's favorite 
color already. She felt it looked quite "gothic" against 
her parchment-pale skin and jet-black hair, especially 
when she wore black lipstick outlined in purple. But when 
the tabloid said that meditating in a room painted and 
furnished entirely in purple would bring her success, the 
color became an obsession.

Always extreme, Anna painted her entire two-bedroom 
apartment purple, even the floor, and spent the next two 
weeks and her meager savings on purple furnishings. She 
even mingled two types of toilet bowl cleaner so that the 
swirling water turned purple when the toilet was flushed. 

Yes, Anna was obsessed, so much so that her roommate fled 
in the middle of the night, leaving impoverished Anna on 
the verge of being evicted. And Anna desperately needed 
to keep her apartment. Because she felt that coloring it 
purple had already increased her prospects of success.

Anna fronted The Color Purple (not real name), a gothic 
rock band that played small clubs in her college town. 
Under a purple spotlight, Anna sang and twirled, while two 
guitarists, a bass player and drummer surrounded her with 
ominous sounds. Evanescence, another goth-type band, was 
selling millions of CDs, which caused Anna to feel certain 
that The Color Purple would soon streak to the top of the 
charts. Of such wispy hopes are young dreams made - and 
Anna ascribed all of her imminent success to her embrace 
of purple.

Unfortunately, The Color Purple did not make it to the top 
of the charts. In fact the group broke up when the school 
year ended and the other members moved on to more lucrative 
summer jobs. Like being a life guard and such. Anna was 
devastated. And she blamed it all on her rotten landlord. 
You see, when the group was on tour in another college 
town, Anna's landlord entered her apartment to fix a leaky 
faucet. A traditional man, he was appalled by the purple 
paint concealing the beautiful oak floors. He began that 
afternoon the difficult job of removing the color.

That same night, Anna got into an argument with the bass
player, who quit the band. The other members followed him 
out the door. The Color Purple was kaput. When Anna 
returned home a few days later to discover her newly-
varnished floors, she knew that it was the absence of 
purple that had broken her spell of good luck. So certain 
was she of this that she located her landlord and assaulted 
him with a wooden meat hammer. After a brief trial, Anna 
was sentenced to six months in a gray concrete cell.

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In last week's issue, an avid gardener claimed a psychic 
relationship with the fruits and vegetables she cultivated.
Today, here are your comments, pro and con: 

                Psychic Gardening: PRO. 

Hi Gus: 
"The woman who wrote about being emotionally attached to 
the plants in her garden is not imagining things. Buddhists 
recognize plants as sentient beings because they do respond 
to their environment.
"On the TV show 'Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?' there 
was a true story about plants that solved the murder of a 
flower shop owner. One of the detectives had a professor 
in college who had shown the class that plants could show 
reactions on a machine similar to a lie detector. The 
detective called his old professor and asked him to bring 
his machine to the flower shop. After the plants were 
hooked up to the equipment, several possible subjects were 
brought inside. The plants did not react. Then the shop 
owner's nephew, who also worked in the shop, stopped in 
to see what the police were up to. The plants reacted 
immediately. The cops took the nephew to the police 
station and told him that they had found witnesses to the 
murder. The nephew confessed.
"Keep up the good work, Gus! I love your emag! 

Hello Gus:
"I can understand where this dear gardener is coming from, 
as I believe that all things have their own energy. However,
I feel compelled to point out that by not utilizing her 
bounty from the garden, she is in effect taking away the 
purpose that her fruits and veggies have as a vital part 
of giving life through their nutritional value. It would 
be the equivalent of having a child and doing nothing with 
it to promote its growth and knowledge and just letting it 
lay around until old age comes and it dies. Everything has 
a purpose in life and I, for one, do not want to be part 
of denying that purpose."

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                  Psychic Gardening: CON. 

Hello Gus:
"Okay, I kept my head and heart open for the psychic 
gardener as she requested. I was doing fine until she got 
to the part where she said her potatoes screamed in pain 
when she threw them into the frying pan oil. At that point 
I rolled my eyes and said, 'Oh my God. This lady really is 
a nut.'
"I hate to say that about anyone because I do keep an open 
mind when it comes to paranormal activity. But the screaming
vegetables were not something I could wrap my brain around.
"The so-called screaming she heard was probably the same 
sound you hear when you throw a lobster, clam or oyster 
into boiling water. They make a screaming noise, too. But 
it is only the sound of air and moisture escaping.
"Well, that's all I have to say." 

         GopherCentral's Question of the Week 

Do you believe members of the Duke Lacrosse team raped 
the dancer at the party? 

Please take a moment to share your opinion, 
visit: Question of the Week

Do you have questions...comments...leads? Send an email to 
Gus at: Email Gus 


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