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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
The Cats Still Roam

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Issue date: Saturday, June 10, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

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Greetings, Paranormal Enthusiasts! I trust everyone 
survived 6 - 6 - 6 unscathed? Church higher-ups were 
working hard lately to quell anxieties about this 
supposedly ominous date. A Father Leonard in Australia 
actually pointed out that those who were trembling in 
fear of the devil as the calendar page turned to June 6, 
were trembling in vain. The Jesuit priest from the 
Australian Catholics Bishops Conference was reported by 
Yahoo News Australia to say, "We know from other historical 
sources and from the New Testament ... that Dionysus's 
(who complied a list of dates of Jesus' birth, death and 
resurrection) dating was out. We assume that Satan knows 
that the sixth day of the sixth month in '06 was in fact 
the sixth of June 2002." 

Well, with this information in hand, I am going to dig out 
my old date books and see what, if anything, happened back 
on that day. How about you? 

I thought I'd let you know that I haven't been able to 
access my webmail but I hope the glitch will be fixed very 
soon. In the meantime, if you have comments or stories to 
share, please post them to the Paranormal Insider blog, or 
email me directly at zsuzsana@arcanamatrix.com. I'm sure 
we'll find the little gremlin soon so I can catch up with 
you all. 

Carpe Diem! 


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The Cats Still Roam 

Several years ago, on a warm sunny Sunday, a group of 
friends and I made an outing out of visiting some 
supposedly haunted houses in and around Keswick, Ontario. 
We pulled up a long decrepit driveway to an old abandoned 
brick century home, noted in the area for its brooding 
presence and the turkey vultures that guarded the place. 

There were five of us in our group (I was counting on the 
fact that there's safety in numbers) and in bright day-
light, the house isn't quite as spooky as the previous 
times I'd seen it - in the rain, in the dusk, and late 
at night. Nevertheless, the glassless windows and general 
disrepair gave the isolated building a really menacing 

For the first few minutes I hung back, taking long distance 
photos, not really wanting to follow my friends who had 
already eagerly pushed their way through the overgrown bush 
and weeds to the entrance. Curiosity got the better of me 
though and I, too, ventured inside to see a sad shambles of 
a once lovely house. 

The first strange thing I noticed was a large painted 
number 69, with a circle around it, prominent amongst the 
graffiti on the walls and door frames. My curiosity grew. 

While the rest of the gang was trooping upstairs and down, 
not too concerned about the gaping floor planks and falling 
down walls, I stood in the entry way and tried to absorb 
the atmosphere, and visualize what sort of energies were 
hanging around. My first impression was of a crusty old 
man, the family's grandfather or great-uncle. Then I saw 
the cats' spirits. One was white - still guarding the 
house, the other was black and white. My girlfriend in the 
meantime, who had ventured further into the house than I, 
kept hearing cats meowing, and saw a little brown haired 
girl in an old-fashioned blue dress. The impressions were 
kind of tying together with another, earlier psychic 
impression we'd heard from a ghost researcher, that a 
family had lived there: a mother, her small children, and 
perhaps an older male relative. 

It wasn't long before I really started to get the creeps, 
just standing around, so I went back outside while my 
friends finished checking out the place. There was no sign 
anywhere of cats or kittens, yet the meows continued. 
Everyone heard them and the guys examined every nook and 
cranny they could find, including the basement, but no 
furry critters were to be seen. 

We are all standing outside once again when I commented on 
the cats I had visualized. My girlfriend got goosebumps up 
and down her arms as she listened, and told me of two large
handlettered signs of indeterminate age they had seen in 
the house, one painted on the walls and one on a large 
piece of plywood lying on the floor. The sign read, "Where 
are the cats?" 

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A follow-up:

A few years later we told our landlord, a life-long 
resident of the town, about our little ghost hunt. We were 
a bit hesitant about telling our story as he definitely 
didn't seem to be the type who'd be open to the paranormal, 
but somehow we had gotten onto the topic of hauntings. 
Imagine our surprise when he shared his own experiences 
at that house. As a youngster, he and some friends had 
decided to go out one night and have a little 'party' at 
the abandoned house. When they arrived, sneaking up through 
the brush and overgrown grass, they saw that there were 
several people already inside. Sneaking up closer to the 
windows, they peered in, and had the fright of their lives. 
The people inside appeared to be some sort of cult members 
and had allegedly just tortured or killed a cat (maybe more 
than one) in some kind of horrific ritual. The kids took 
off in a panic, and I don't know any further details, but 
this surprise revelation certainly convinced me that what 
we had sensed and heard on our investigation was accurate. 
Maybe, if this story is true (and I think it is), those 
poor cats will one day get justice or closure and be able 
to move on. 

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Ghost Clearing 101

Are you sensing you're not alone in your home? Perhaps you 
are experiencing strange occurrences such as objects moving 
of their own accord or footsteps and shadows of no known 
origin. There are spirits all around us at any given time; 
however, only some of them become active and reactive. 
What can attract spirits? Fragmented energies, Ouija boards,
young children, and arguments or upsets in the home are 
some of the common factors. Why are they most active at 
night and/or in the wee hours? Possibly because we are 
less active then and things are quieter around us, so we 
tend to notice their antics more at that time. And some 
spirits wish to be noticed since their mere presence often 
indicates some unfinished business which begs investigation.

What can you do to rid your home of unwanted visitors? You 
must tell them to leave. Remember that your home is YOURS - 
not theirs. They may be visiting, but YOU live there now, 
therefore you are the boss. Exercise your authority of 
ownership and try not to be afraid. That said, remember to 
first center yourself and remain calm and focused. It may 
be helpful to burn sweetgrass, sage or incense in order to 
create the right atmosphere for clearing your home of any 
unwanted energy. Once this is done and you are focused and 
centered, speak to the ghosts in a clear, concise manner 
and, firmly but calmly, tell them to move on (e.g. "This 
is my home and I do not find your actions amusing in any 
way. Only disruptive. You must go on to another level of 
existence, toward the light, and leave this place."). If 
this doesn't feel effective enough, I have found it very 
helpful to make some loud noise as well, such as some 
energetic clapping or banging on pots and pans while 
repeating words such those above. You may have to do this 
clearing 'ritual' more than once in order to get through 
to the entities troubling you, assuming they are not 
totally malevolent and are of a high enough vibration to 
understand you. Such a ritual should work in most cases, 
given your intent, clarity of thought, and your authority. 
If you feel that you are not psychologically capable of 
performing this ritual by yourself, you may have someone 
else perform it, but you must be in attendance. Remember: 
it is YOUR home and your space.

How can you be sure you do indeed have a ghost? Keep a 
journal of disturbances and oddities in your home. You may 
notice a pattern forming (things happen when someone in 
particular is in the room, perhaps) which may help you 
determine their cause. If you are still unsure and require
physical, scientific proof, there are organizations which 
can help. 

Always remember that you are, in your own right, a powerful 
person. By claiming your power, unwanted 'visitors' will 
have no choice but to move on. 

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