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Publication: ABC Soaps
Texas laser said to be world's strongest

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Gizmorama - Texas laser said to be world's strongest
"The Cutting Edge of Science Fact and Science Possibilities"
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Good Morning,
I found an interesting article this morning about the 
10 impossibilities conquered by science. Here is a link if 
you want to take a look...

Until Tomorrow,

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	 Computer simulates merger of 3 black holes

U.S. astrophysicists say they have, for the first time, used 
a supercomputer to simulate the merger of three black holes.
Manuela Campanelli, Professor Carlos Lousto and Assistant Professor 
Yosef Zlochower -- scientists at the Rochester Institute of 
Technology's Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation -- 
simulated triplet black holes to test their breakthrough method 
that, in 2005, simulated the merger of two black holes by 
following Einstein's theory of general relativity. They said 
their new simulation of multiple black holes evolving, orbiting 
and eventually colliding confirmed a robust computer code free 
of limitations. "We discovered rich dynamics leading to very 
elliptical orbits, complicated orbital dynamics, simultaneous 
triple mergers and complex gravitational wave forms that might 
be observed by gravitational wave detectors …," Lousto said.  
"These simulations are timely because a triple quasar was 
recently discovered by a team led by Caltech astronomer 
George Djorgovski. This presumably represents the first 
observed supermassive black hole triplet."  The study is to be 
published in the May issue of the journal Physical Review D.


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	 Texas laser said to be world's strongest

The University of Texas at Austin says its Texas Petawatt laser 
reached more than one petawatt of power last month, making it 
Earth's most powerful laser. A petawatt is one quadrillion 
watts. Physicist Todd Ditmire, who directs the Texas Petawatt 
project, said the laser is the only operating petawatt laser 
in the United States. Ditmire said the laser has a power output 
more than 2,000 times the strength of all power plants in the
United States. The laser is brighter than sunlight on the 
surface of the sun, but it only lasts for a 10th of a trillionth 
of a second. The laser will be used to create and study matter 
at some of the most extreme conditions in the universe, including 
gases at temperatures greater than those in the sun and solids 
at pressures of many billions of atmospheres, researchers said.
The Texas Petawatt Laser was funded by the National Nuclear 
Security Administration, an agency within the U. S. Department 
of Energy.


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	   Rocket that will launch GLAST is assembled

The U.S. space agency says the Delta II 7920-H rocket that will 
launch the Gamma-ray Large Area Telescope satellite is in the 
process of being assembled. The rocket is now on Launch Pad 
17-B at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, where 
solid rocket boosters were recently attached to the rocket.
A series of nine strap-on solid rocket motors will next be 
mated with the rocket to help power the first stage. Officials 
said the boosters are larger than those used on the standard 
Delta configuration. "The Delta II is one of our most reliable 
launch vehicles," said Rick Harnden, the National Aeronautics 
and Space Administration's GLAST program scientist. "However, 
we'll be breathing a lot easier once GLAST has been lofted 
successfully into orbit." GLAST is scheduled for launch from 
the Cape Canaveral Air Station May 16 between 11:45 a.m. and 
1:40 p.m. The powerful new space observatory will, among other 
things, search the universe for signs of new laws of physics.
NASA's GLAST mission is an astrophysics and particle physics 
partnership, developed in collaboration academic institutions 
and partners in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, and the 
United States.


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