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Publication: Coffee Break
Teen sends thousands of texts a month

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Friday, June 27, 2008             

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Ultrasound imaging used to check on pregnant women's 
fetuses has become so popular several U.S. states are
considering requiring them before abortions.

At least 30 ultrasound bills were considered in 17 U.S.
states this year, said the Guttmacher Institute, an 
abortion-rights research group.

Oklahoma lawmakers this year reversed Democratic Gov. 
Brad Henry's veto to approve making ultrasounds mandatory
at least an hour before abortion procedures.
Ohio and South Dakota are now among 14 other states with 
looser laws calling on doctors to allow women to chose 
whether to have an ultrasound prior to an abortion, 
Stateline.org reported Wednesday.

Anti-abortion activists say women should be able to see 
the most up-to-date medical data about their pregnancies 
prior to having an abortion.

Pro-abortion activists argue the laws are unnecessary and
get in the way of a decision that should be made by
patients and doctors.

"Requiring doctors to perform ultrasound on all women at 
all stages of pregnancy is degrading and cumbersome,"
Dr. Dana Stone of Oklahoma City said.

What are your thoughts on ultrasounds being mandatory
before an obortion?

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          Teen sends thousands of texts a month
An Ohio teenager has such a talent for texting that she
sends about 15,000 messages a month.  Paige Horn, 15, told
WEWS-TV in Cleveland that she doesn't need to look at the
phone while she sends messages.  "I just don't look," she 
said. "I guess I had the phone a long time and I just know
where the buttons are and I just hit them."  Paige does
have a time limit. Her parents shut off the phone at 9 p.m.
on school nights. A high school student in the Canton
area, Paige said she has a 3.0 grade point average and
plays on the school volleyball and basketball teams, so
texting hasn't completely taken over her life, the
television station said.  She told WEWS-TV she didn't 
realize her volume is unusually high until her phone went
dead. When she took it in for repairs, she was told the
number of text messages she had been sending was
responsible for the breakdown.


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         Man charged with drunken lawn mowing
An Alaska man has been charged with going for a drunken 
joyride on a riding lawnmower.  Wayne Lewis, 20, was
arrested early Sunday morning by state troopers, the 
Anchorage Daily News reported. Police had received a call
from a woman near Fairbanks.  "I was woken at about 1 in
the morning by hearing a lawn mower outside my window," 
said Anne Sterle of North Pole, Alaska. "And it scared the
heck out of me, because my husband was out of town. The 
first thing that went through my mind was someone was
stealing our mower. And then I thought, wait a minute,
we don't have a riding mower."  Sterle watched from a 
window as Lewis got caught on some decorative rocks,
staggered off the mower and freed it. When police came,
he had moved on to the next property.  Megan Peters, a 
police spokeswoman, said that the trooper who responded
followed Lewis using his lights and siren and sometimes
hit speeds of 5 miles per hour. She said the officer "was
too embarrassed to call it a pursuit over the airwaves."


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           Skull found in old house's attic
A couple repairing the roof of their 1910 Utah home say 
they discovered a human skull hidden behind a wall in the 
house's attic.  Police in Tooele, Utah, are now trying to 
track down the survivors of a previous family that had 
lived in the house for about 65 years, the Salt Lake 
Tribune reported Wednesday.  After the discovery, police
brought in cadaver-sniffing dogs to see if any other body
parts could be found on the property, but came up empty.
The skull, believed to be that of a small adult or a child,
has been sent to the Utah Department of State Antiquities 
and Archaeology to be identified, the newspaper said.
Records indicated the house's former owners were also 
not its first.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What are your thoughts on Obama asking supporters to help
Clinton repay debt?

"It's a lot of hogwash to bail out Hillary. If there's
money out there, let it go to help the people, not just 
one person. She and Bill are costing the taxpayers big 
bucks every year as it is."

"Why does Clinton have that much debt anyhow?"

"It is very big of Obama to ask supporters to help.  Maybe
we can move forward."
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