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Publication: Coffee Break
Teen, dad arrested for pony prank

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Tuesday, June 17, 2008             

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       Upper Deck unveils presidential race cards
California baseball card maker Upper Deck has revealed its
new set of caricature cards featuring U.S. presidential
candidates.  The cards, which Upper Deck said will be 
inserted at random into packets of its 2008 baseball-card 
series, include a card depicting Hillary Clinton, who 
exited the race during the weekend, lifting presumptive 
Democratic nominee Barack Obama in celebration, the New 
York Post reported.  Also included is a card depicting Sen. 
Obama, Ill., sliding across home plate in Jackie Robinson's 
Brooklyn Dodgers No. 42 while presumptive Republican 
nominee Sen. John McCain of Arizona attempts to tag him
out in a scene recreated from the 1955 World Series.



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           Teen, dad arrested for pony prank
Police in Westport, Conn., said a teenager and her father 
have been charged with breach of peace after the student
brought her pony to school.  Staples High School junior
Sarah Friedson, 17, said she walked her pony, Cocoa, to
school on the last day of classes Friday partly as a prank
and partly to protest the high price of gasoline, the 
Hartford (Conn.) Courant reported.  Westport police said
Friedson and her father, Ronald, 50 -- who was following
the pony in his car -- were arrested after they ignored 
warnings from school administrators and a security guard 
to keep the pony off of school grounds.  The elder Friedson
said school administrators overreacted when they called 
police.  "It's a fat old pony," he said. "He looks like
something out of a cartoon. The only danger is if you're
a carrot."


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          Tribune planning paper geared to teens
Chicago Tribune Media Group and Chicago Public Schools
officials said they are creating a weekly newspaper and Web
site aimed at high school students.  The newspaper and its 
companion Web site will be the only media products in the 
Chicago market serving teens exclusively, the partners said. 
"We want to redefine what a high school newspaper can be,
so we put a lot of thought into how we can improve the 
media experience for local teens," Scott Smith, Chicago
Tribune president and publisher, said in a statement 
Monday. "This audience represents our city's future and the 
new weekly student newspaper and Web site will help them be
better informed and engaged with their communities."  The
Chicago Tribune said it will distribute 100,000 copies of 
the new weekly newspaper to all Chicago Public Schools high
schools beginning in September.  The newspaper's content 
will be largely written by students, while Tribune editors
will review and edit all content.  "This partnership brings
great opportunities for our students to get invaluable work 
experience alongside professional journalists," added Arne
Duncan, chief executive officer of the Chicago Public
Schools. "It also will be a useful tool to improve
students' reading and writing skills, while keeping them 
connected to current events."


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