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Publication: Cat Nips
Teach Your Cat To Come

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             CAT NIPS - Friday, July 18, 2008
  "Stories, Facts & Tips on the World's Most Popular Pet"

Dear Fellow Ailurophile!  

TGIF!! Well here it is Friday already. It seems to me 
I'm going to have another quiet weekend. This comes
as a welcomed rest considering our weekends have been 
quite busy. Gracie is in her "glory" having the whole 
house to herself. We're just getting off a Heat Wave
so enjoy the weekend.

Cassie Cattails  

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                Teach Your Cat To Come

When cats fetch, or follow commands like “sit” or 
“shake,” people say the cat is being dog-like. Not 
at all, Gordon says. “You simply have a responsive 
cat, more alert to you, with a more active mind. 
And the exercise is good. All in all, you have a 
happier cat.” 

Learning at least one command may save your cat’s 
life. “If you can only teach your cat one thing, 
teach the come command,” says Payne. “If Princess 
Kitty somehow got loose from her harness or there 
was a fire and I needed to call her, I knew she 
would come when I called.” 

When most cats are called, it’s true they’ll turn a 
cool shoulder and slink off in the opposite direction. 
“It doesn’t mean these cats can’t learn to come, and 
it doesn’t mean these cats don’t know their names or 
what you’re asking. It does mean you haven’t con-
vinced your smart cat it’s in its best interest to 

When you think about it, many cats already know the 
come command -- except instead of reacting to their 
names, they respond to the electric can opener or 
the opening of the fridge door. 

Then extend the distance. Once kitty is responding at 
a run, you’re ready to chime the bell or whistle at 
unexpected times and from other places in the house. 
You can make the game even more exciting by sometimes 
offering just plain old food (just before the cat’s 
usual feeding time), but at other times rewarding with 
tidbits of chicken (some trainers use chicken baby food), 
liver treats or anything else your cat really loves. 
Soon, you can phase out the bell or whistle, and just 
call, “Gracie, come!” The response will be as automatic 
as it is in the most obedient dog. 

For a great kitty workout, and as an upbeat way for 
the kids to interact with the cat, play hide-and-seek. 
Begin simply by hiding around the corner and calling, 
"Gracie, come!” Soon, you can hide under tables or be-
hind furniture and Gracie will bolt around the house 
until she finds the person with the tasty morsel. 
DOG TAG Medical Alert Storage Device (1 GIG)

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Fashioned after the WWII GI's Dog Tag, this unique and
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It's SO EASY TO USE. A simple fill in the blanks... each area,
allergies, medications etc... has questions that you just type
in the answer. If you have x-rays you can upload it from yours
or your doctor's computer, lab test too!

The doctor can also download the information right to the card...
and likewise you can have any additional information uploaded
to the doctors records too.

Grab a card for yourself and another for a loved one. It may
be the most important purchase you'll ever make.

DOG TAG Medical Alert Storage Device (1 GIG)

                    Are cats smart?

In the animal kingdom, the cat's IQ is surpassed only 
by monkeys and chimps. Cats think and adapt to chang-
ing circumstances and learn by observation, imitation, 
and trial and error. Interestingly, cats seem to learn 
more quickly from their own mothers than from examples 
set by unrelated cats, but imitate humans. They have 
been shown to exhibit greater problem solving abilities 
than dogs. Tests conducted by the University of Michigan 
and the Department of Animal Behavior at the American 
Museum of Natural History have concluded that while 
canine memory lasts no more than 5 minutes, a cat's re-
call can last as long as 16 hours, exceeding even that 
of monkeys and orangutans.

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The Cat Companion

There is something about the pressence of a cat....
that seems to take the bite out of being alone 
Louis J. Camuti


Be Back With You On Tuesday --- Stay Safe - Cassie Cattails  

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