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Publication: Tarotscopes
Sharing a toast.

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PSYCHIC TAROT PREDICTIONS for Thursday, September 13, 2007
*Mystical Insights to Power Up Your Day* by Zsuzsana

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Re: Mini-oracle draw

Thank you for all your entries and for your personal notes.
Please be patient if you have entered the draw as I do keep
all entries on file. Please do not enter more than once a
month. You can purchase your own detailed Cosmic Winks
oracle at my personal website www.arcanamatrix.com at any
time. Your Saturday and Sunday Tarotscopes are also online
at the above link.

Mini-oracle readings consist of symbols and events to watch
for and spiritual guidance from the Tarot cards I have drawn
for you. To enter the draw, please send your name and date
of birth to tarot@arcanamatrix.com.

Blessings and bliss!


Doris D. Christian - Jan 8, 1972
Partnerships, new friends and relationships, mutual
understanding. Romeo and Juliet. Conversations from the
heart. Decorative gardens. Coming together. Sharing a toast.
Finding a soul connection in someone's eyes. Mossy green,
gold. The number 2.

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EARTH ELEMENT: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Recent cosmic storms slow down to just a few cloudbursts
today, but there is still a little uncertainty in the air.
You may have to change some plans, and life may be moving at
a pretty fast clip. Just hold your hat on so the gusts don't
grab it to play with and breathe deeply when you can catch a
few minutes to yourself. The answers are blowing in the wind
and are set to usher in new clarity.

FIRE ELEMENT: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Have you been listening to the signals your body has been
giving you? You're tired and you could be pushing yourself
to exhaustion. You might be in danger of running out of gas
so take today to rest and regroup. Nothing is so pressing
that it can't wait until tomorrow. Be nice to you today:>)

AIR ELEMENT: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
If you're a mom, don't be surprised if you feel somewhat
ineffectual today. Alternatively, you may be worried about
another mom in your life. For women: female problems may
affect you today, and for men: you may run into problems
with your wife or mother. It is a great opportunity to be
supportive which will in turn lead to positive personal and
relationship growth.

WATER ELEMENT: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Allowing yourself to daydream a little might not be a bad
idea. You'll get some clarity on which way to go in regard
to a very confusing situation. Let your mind wander today.
Jot down any ideas you get -- no matter how
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