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Publication: Diet Buddy
Take 10 - Minutes For Exercise!

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, April 9, 2007

Take 10 - Minutes For Exercise!

Hi There Buddies...

We read it in magazines, books, online and are continually 
reminded how exercise is good not only for weight loss, but 
also has numerous health benefits as well.  Putting your 
body in motion can help prevent heart disease, high blood 
pressure, stroke, diabetes, fight depression, improve your 
sleep, etc...and why aren't we all doing this?

While experts recommend working out 45 minutes to an hour 
a day (30 minutes for beginners), many of us don't always 
have that amount of time available in our busy schedule to 
devote exclusively to exercising.

You can still exercise though...you just need to sneak in 
the equivalant in resourceful ways.  "The idea is to keep 
moving," says fitness expert Ann Grandjean, EdD.  "Get a 
cordless phone and walk when you talk.  Find whatever works 
for you and just move.  Park half a mile from the mall and 
walk.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Those 
little, itty-bitty things add up."

Today with the help of Prevention Magazine let's look at 
some very simple ways to sneak in those 10-minute exercises 
without making a dent in your daily schedule.


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Stolen Moments Add Up!

If you think that short bursts of activity have a 
negligible effect on your fitness program, think again. 
One study found that people who split their exercise 
into 1-minute increments were more likely to exercise 
consistently, and lost more weight after 5 months, than 
people who exercised for 20 to 40 minutes at a time.

In a landmark study conducted at the University of 
Virginia, exercise physiologist Glenn Gaesser, PhD, asked 
men and women to complete 15 10-minute exercise routines 
a week. After just 21 days, the volunteers' aerobic fitness 
was equal to that of people 10 to 15 years younger. Their 
strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility were equal 
to those of people up to 20 years their junior. 

In yet another study, researchers at the John Hopkins 
School of Medicine in Baltimore found that for improving 
health and fitness in inactive adults, many short bursts 
of activity are as effective as longer, structured work-
outs.  "It would be useful for people to get out of the 
all-or-nothing mind-set that unless they exercise for 
30 minutes, they're wasting their time,"says Gaesser.

Breaking exercise into small chunks on your over-scheduled 
days can also keep your confidence up, says Harold Taylor, 
time management expert and owner of Harold Time Consultants 
in Toronto, who has written extensively on the subject.  
"Skipping exercise altogether is 'de-motivational'- you 
feel depressed and guilty," Taylor says.  "If you skip it, 
you tend to figure, "What's the use?  I can't keep up with 
it anyway.  Yet as long as you make some effort each day, 
that motivates you onward.  Success breeds success."

Keep in mind, though, that short bursts of exercise are 
meant to supplement, not replace, your regular fitness 
routine.  Here's a round-up of practical ways to work 
exercise into your day even when you "don't have time to 
exercise."  (You don't have to do them all in 1 day; 
select what works for you.)

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Adapted from Fit Not Fat at 40-Plus

Around the House!

*  When you go outside to pick up your morning newspaper, 
   take a brisk 5-minute walk up the street in one 
   direction and back in the other.

*  If you're housebound caring for a sick child or 
   grandchild, hop on an exercise bike or treadmill while 
   your ailing loved one naps.

*  Try 5 to 10 minutes of jumping jacks, (a 150-pound 
   person can burn 90 calories in one 10-minute session.)

*  Cooking dinner?  Do standing push-ups while you wait for 
   a pot to boil.  Stand about an arms length from the 
   kitchen counter, and push your arms against the counter.  
   Push in and out to work your arms and shoulders.

*  After dinner, go outside and play tag or shoot baskets 
   with your kids and their friends.

*  Just before bed or while you're giving yourself a facial 
   at night, do a few repetitions of some dumbbell 
   exercises, suggests exercise instructor Sheila Cluff, 
   owner and founder of The Oaks at Ojai and The Palms, in 
   Palm Springs, CA, who keeps a set of free weights on a 
   shelf in front of her bathroom sink.

While Waiting!

*  Walk around the block several times while you wait for 
   your child to take music lessons.  As your fitness level 
   improves, add 1-minute bursts of jogging to your walks.

*  Walk around medical buildings if you have a long wait 
   for a doctor's appointment, "I always ask the reception-
   ist to give me an idea of how long I have left to wait," 
   Cluff says.  "Most are usually very willing to tell you."

*  While your son or daughter plays a soccer game, walk 
   around the field.

*  Turn a trip to a park with your child into a mini-workout
   for you.  Throw a ball back and forth and run for fly 

At Work!

*  Walk to work if you can.  "I walked to work for months, 
   1 1/2 miles each way," says Mary Dallman, PhD, professor 
   of physiology at the University of California, San 
   Francisco, and she really saw results.

*  If you have a meeting in another building, leave 5 or 10 
   minutes early (or take some time afterward), and do some 
   extra walking.

*  On breaks, spend 5 to 10 minutes climbing stairs.

*  If you're pressed for time and you must wait for an 
   elevator, work your abdominal muscles around your belly 
   button.  Then elevate your upper torso, and release.  
   Finally, contract your buttocks for a few seconds.

*  Use a ringing phone as an excuse to stretch your back.  
   Stand with your feet astride.  Imagine that you are 
   encased in a plaster cast from your waist to your head.  
   Gently tilt the lower part of your pelvis backward, 
   contract your abdominal muscles, then gently tilt your 
   pelvis forward.


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When You're Watching TV!

*  Put away your remote and change channels the old-
   fashioned way - by getting up and walking to the 
   television set.

*  Dance as if you were 16 again.  Put on a music program 
   or MTV.  Then dance like crazy, advises Peg Jordan, PhD, 
   RN. "Free yourself to think of movement as something 
   that you have a right to do," she says.

*  During commercials, jog in place.  A 150-pound person 
   can burn up to 45 calories in 5 minutes.

*  Do leg lifts with small weights while you watch The 
   Weather channel, cooking shows, movies, or the news.

While Traveling!

*  Pack your sneakers and exercise video.  Call ahead to 
   make sure your room has a videocassette player.  If it 
   doesn't, ask to rent one from the hotel.

*  If you're traveling by car, stop twice a day for short, 
   brisk walks and some stretching.

*  During layovers at airports, avoid the mechanized 
   "moving carpets" that transport travelers from concourse 
   to concourse. "If you're in between flights, walk around 
   the concourse as much as you can," suggests Cluff.

*  Book a hotel room between the fifth and eighth floors, 
   then ignore the elevator.  Better yet, take two stairs 
   at a time.  (Check with the hotel first because for 
   security reasons some hotels do not allow guests to use 
   stairs except for emergencies).

*  Do calf stretches while riding in elevators.


If we try, we can all find a way to squeeze some of these 
great tips into our busy schedules.  Even starting with 
just one and working our way up to more will help.  Using 
these tips and forming daily habits around them will 
ultimately contribute to a leaner, healthier and happier 

Did You Know ???

That incorporating physcial activity works best when it 
becomes a natural, ingrained, part of your lifestyle.  
Walking the dog, mowing the lawn, or taking the kids to the 
park to play all count and can make a difference. Your goal 
need not be to run a marathon (or even a mile) - just get 
moving!!!  It only takes ten minutes to change your life.

Having a problem getting started with your exercise plan?  
Have a Diet Buddy help you at...

Diet Buddy Forum

Have a great week everyone !!!

Disclaimer: Since I am not a medical professional any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.
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