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Publication: Wrestling News Today
TNA Talking With Hogan?

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                 Wednesday, May 23, 2007

TNA Sources Claim They Are Talking With Hogan 
Story By: Ryan Gray
Source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Hulk Hogan recently attended a press conference in Japan 
to help push the release of his daughter, Brooke's new CD 
"Undiscovered." Hundreds of reporters and nearly all 
television media outlets were on hand. 

During the conference Hogan said that he has decided 
against working for TNA. Several sources within TNA are 
claiming that this is a work as the two sides have been 
talking for several weeks now. 

Hogan also said he would like to work for the IGF promotion 
in Japan. When asked if he was too expensive for the small 
promotion, he said he wasn't expensive at all. Hogan then 
reiterated that he will never work for WWE or Vince McMahon 
again as Vince told him that he couldn't afford to pay him 
like he was the dominant star. 

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

JR Speaks on Bret Hart, Austin and More
Story By: Will Hengelbrok

Jim Ross has updated his blog at www.jrsbarbq.com, in this
edition he speaks on rumors of Steve Austin being fired
from WWE, whether Stevie Ray and Booker T are really
brothers, and if Bret Hart would ever wrestle HBK again,
here are a few things he had to say:

On Steve Austin and WWE

Did Steve Austin get fired from the WWE? Uh, no. He did
quit a time or two, but that was a long time ago and things
and times have changed, all for the better I might add.
Steve is doing great and has two more movies contracted to
do for the WWE. Even though "The Condemned" did not burn up
the box office as everyone wanted, I have yet to see a
single wrestling fan that saw it say they did not like it.
No one should worry about Steve, as he is still positive
about his film career, as are all of us that know him. The
one thing that Austin always had going for him was the will
to be the best at what ever he did, and being an actor in
movies is no different. My money is on Steve Austin. Movie
critics will most likely never cut the WWE any slack, but
that should come as no revelation to long time wrestling
fans. By the way, did you ever see one commercial OUTSIDE
WWE programming for "The Condemned" I sure didn't.

On Booker T/Stevie Ray

Yes, Booker and Stevie Ray are brothers in the true sense
of the word and both are living in Houston where Booker has
started a small wrestling operation. I assume Booker's
brother helps him out with the school, but I am not sure.

Will Bret Wrestle HBK Again?

I would say that Bret Hart will NEVER wrestle HBK again. Or
anyone else for that matter. That's too bad, as the young
wrestlers of today could learn a ton by watching Bret, but
there are always DVDs.

On HBK's Relationship with Hulk Hogan

I don't know if HBK doesn't like Hulk. That's an HBK
question. If I had to make a guess, I would suggest that
Hulk will not be on HBK's Xmas card list, but that's
simply my assumption. I doubt if either loses any sleep
over what the other thinks of them, to be honest with you.

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One Night Stand PPV Card To Date 
Story By: Steve Carrier
WWE's One Night Stand PPV takes place on Sunday, 
June 3, 2007. 

Following last night's edition of RAW, the announced card 
to date is as follows: 

John Cena vs The Great Khali

Mr. McMahon vs Bobby Lashley 

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                      Reader's Forum

A good match I think would be to pit Kali against umaga.

- Alan

hey there vinnie mac,U SUCK, I have stopped watching ECW
and SD, ECW well due to the fact thats it's boring and
vinnie is ECW champ<-------(what a joke), and SD due to
the taker having to take time off due to an injury, I damn
sure am not watching Mr. big chin and the theif wrestle,
acting all big and bad because he thinks he really did
something that the story writers had to come up with so
the deadman could take a leave for his injury, if he'd
of won one on one against the taker that'de have been
diffrent, but all us wrestling fans know taker would kick
edge's ass one on one in a fair match, AND SO DO YOU EDGE,
YOU PUTTS, so I'll watch RAW and TNA till takers comes
back, come back soon Tim you'll definitley be missed while
on leave, best of wishes to you on your recovery.....

- Jim

I keep hoping they will find away to write Edge completely
off the show. When he comes on I turn the channel. Any big
match he is outside the ring more than in. He's always
running away. Come on writers find away to send him to

- Steve

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