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Publication: Coffee Break
Sweden hosts footballgolf tournament

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Friday, July 25, 2008             

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          Suit: Woman humiliated by flight attendant
A passenger on a New York-to-Rome flight claims in a lawsuit 
she was humiliated when a flight attendant had her detained 
without just cause.  Carolyn "Lynne" Meadow, the artistic
director of the prestigious Manhattan Theatre Club, claims
in her suit against Continental Airlines that she was
detained and interrogated by the FBI after she asked a 
flight attendant to be quiet so she could sleep on the 
Aug. 9 flight, the New York Sun reported.  Meadow's suit,
filed in the New York Supreme Court, claims she was woken
up shortly after the flight departed New York by a flight
attendant, identified in the suit as Chris Boone, who was 
speaking loudly with a colleague. She said she put her
finger to her lips and said, "Shhh."  Later in the flight,
Meadow said her malfunctioning movie screen -- which the
suit claims was attached only by an electrical chord --
broke off while she was attempting to adjust it.  She
said Boone then confronted her about the broken screen,
insisting she had purposefully destroyed airline property.
"From the moment you 'shushed' me during takeoff, I knew 
there would not be enough attendants on this plane to take 
care of you." The suit quotes Boone as saying, "The
authorities will deal with you on the ground." Meadow was
detained by the FBI for about an hour and released without


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        Researcher: 'Sex and the City' helps women
A Danish graduate student wrote in her doctoral thesis that
women are attracted to "Sex and the City" because they see 
the characters as role models.  University of Copenhagen
post-grad Mette Kramer said the attraction of the TV 
series, which ran from 1998-2004 on HBO, and this summer's 
movie version of the show, extends beyond mere entertainment
and leads many women to use situations from the program as 
models for real life, the Copenhagen Post reported.  Kramer
said that by living vicariously through the show's central 
characters -- Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha -- 
viewers can view how the women deal with issues in their
fictional lives and translate it to the real world.
"They can later try out the tactics as simulated versions
of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha," Kramer said.



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          Sweden hosts footballgolf tournament
The World Championship of footballgolf kicked off Thursday 
in Uppsala, Sweden, organizers said.  The tournament, which
is based on the rules of golf but involves players kicking 
soccer balls toward the holes, was inaugurated by Swedish 
soccer legend Kurt "Kurre" Hamrin, The Local reported.
Last year's champ, German Alex Kober, said he expected 
the competition to be much stiffer this year as the contest,
which was previously held in Germany, has come home to the
sport's country of origin.  "It will be much harder to come
in the top positions, after all we are going to the 
motherland of footballgolf. The favorites are certainly
the local 'matadors,' which know their course inside out.
The German players want to compete at the top and I don't
want to leave the cup in Uppsala without a fight," Kober


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