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Publication: Gizmorama
Submerged trees reduce global warming

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Gizmorama - Submerged trees reduce global warming
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Good Morning,
I hope you are enjoying this weeks articles. Can you
believe it is already July? I have been so busy trying to
get ready for my vacation, time is just flying by. Thanks
again to everyone who wrote in about XP, I will publish
reader comments in tomorrows issue.

Until Tomorrow,

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Weather clouds future of biofuels

U.S. energy experts say recent storms and flooding highlight
the risk of the nation's increasing reliance on corn for fuel.
The cost of filling U.S. gas tanks could soon be influenced
"as much by hail in Iowa as by the bombing of an oil pipeline
in Nigeria," The New York Times reported Tuesday. "We are
holding ourselves hostage to the weather," ethanol expert
John M. Reilly of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
told the newspaper. "Agricultural markets are subject to wide
variability and big price spikes, just like oil markets."
Biofuel supporters said the government mandate requiring oil
companies to blend ethanol into motor fuel can be suspended
in an emergency, while the Renewable Fuels Association said
only two out of 160 U.S. ethanol refineries were shut down
by recent storms.

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Submerged trees reduce global warming

U.S. scientists say they've discovered submerged trees have
the potential to be used as carbon credits since they can store
carbon for thousands of years. University of Missouri
researchers discovered trees submerged in freshwater aquatic
systems store carbon for significantly longer than trees that
fall in a forest. "If a tree is submerged in water, its carbon
will be stored for an average of 2,000 years," said Associate
Professor Richard Guyette, director of the university's Tree
Ring Laboratory. "If a tree falls in a forest, that number is
reduced to an average of 20 years, and in firewood, the carbon
is only stored for one year." The team studied trees in
northern Missouri, an area with a high number of riparian
forests -- forests with natural water flowing through them.
They discovered submerged oak trees as old as 14,000 years,
potentially some of the oldest in the world. "Farmers can sell
the carbon they have stored in their trees through a carbon
credit stock market," Guyette said. "Companies that emit excess
of carbon would be able to buy carbon credits to o offset their
pollution." The study was published in the journal Ecosystems.

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NASA mission would look at black holes

A U.S. space agency mission under evaluation might discover
the shape of space that has been distorted by a spinning black
hole's crushing gravity. The National Aeronautics and Space
Administration says the Gravity and Extreme Magnetism, or GEMS,
mission would use new technology that can explore the structure
and effects of the formidable magnetic field around magnetars --
dead stars with magnetic fields trillions of times stronger
than Earth's. "Current missions either don't have the resolution
to do this, or … simply can't do this because magnetic fields
are invisible," NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, which
proposed the mission, said in a statement. The principal
investigator of the project, Jean Swank, said the extreme
environments around black holes, magnetars and the shocks from
exploding stars called supernovae all produce X-rays. "GEMS
will be the first mission designed just to measure the
polarization of these X-rays, which will enable us to explore
these exotic places in an unprecedented way," said Swank.
Goddard's GEMS proposal was among six selected for detailed
concept study. NASA will select two for development in the
spring of 2009. One selected mission will launch in 2012,
with the other in 2015.


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