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Publication: Gizmorama
Study forecasts hike in online education

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Gizmorama - Study forecasts hike in online education
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Good Morning,
Did you see the guy they call Fusion Man, fly with jet-powered 
wings over the Alps yesterday? Here are some photos and a
video, if you want to check it out... Pretty cool.

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	 Study forecasts hike in online education

A conservative think tank in California is predicting that 
U.S. high schools will be delivering half of their courses 
online by the year 2019. Authors of a study conducted by the 
Hoover Institution at Stanford University said they expect 
online education to surge because it saves money and offers 
flexibility, The Christian Science Monitor reported Wednesday.
Teachers in traditional schools can't be as flexible as online 
educators because they spend their time delivering one-size-
fits-all lectures, says Michael Horn, co-author of the study.
Horn says teachers will be free to work with students who need 
extra help if computers take over the job of delivering the 
lectures. "It can change our assumption of what teacher-student 
ratios make sense," he said in the Monitor article. While the 
efficiency of online learning accounts for its growing 
popularity, opponents say there has been little research 
assessing the quality of programs and not enough official 
oversight. "You have to have high standards, tight oversight, 
scrutiny over what teachers are doing," Luis Huerta of Columbia 
University's Teachers College, told the Monitor.


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	  Compound might stop cancer progression

U.S. medical scientists say they have discovered a compound 
that, in laboratory tests, has shown success in preventing 
cancer. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center 
researchers said the compound, which still faces several rounds 
of clinical trials, successfully stopped normal cells from 
turning into cancer cells and inhibited the ability of tumors 
to grow and form blood vessels. If successful tests continue, 
researchers eventually hope to create a daily pill that would 
be taken as a cancer preventive. "This compound was effective 
against the 12 types of cancers that it was tested on," said 
Doris Benbrook, the study's principle investigator. "Even more 
promising for health care is that it prevents the transformation 
of normal cells into cancer cells and is therefore now being 
developed by the National Cancer Institute as a cancer 
prevention drug." The synthetic compound directly targets 
abnormalities in cancer cell components without damaging normal 
cells, researchers said. The disruption causes cancer cells to 
die and keeps tumors from forming. Benbrook and her team have 
patented the discovery and hope to start clinical trials for 
the compound within 5 years.


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	   Polar bear listed as threatened species

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne announced 
Wednesday he will order the polar bear to be listed as a 
threatened species. Kempthorne said he is accepting the 
recommendation of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director 
Dale Hall to list the polar bear under the Endangered Species 
Act.  Officials said scientific evidence shows the ongoing 
loss of sea ice threatens, and will likely continue to threaten, 
polar bear habitat. The loss of habitat, officials said, puts 
polar bears at risk of becoming endangered in the foreseeable 
future, the standard established for designating a threatened 
species. "I am also announcing that this listing decision will 
be accompanied by administrative guidance and a rule that 
defines the scope of impact my decision will have, in order to 
protect the polar bear while limiting the unintended harm to 
the society and economy of the United States," Kempthorne said.
 He said his decision was based on three findings. "First, sea 
ice is vital to polar bear survival. Second, the polar bear's 
sea-ice habitat has dramatically melted in recent decades. 
Third, computer models suggest sea ice is likely to further 
recede in the future."


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