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Publication: Gizmorama
Study: Insects first to feel warming

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Gizmorama - Study: Insects first to feel warming
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Good Morning,
As promised today I have included reader comments about
turning off your PC at night or while you are out. I also
found a pretty good article on the subject that I thought I
would share.

Thanks again to every one who wrote in!

Until Tomorrow,

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Study: Insects first to feel warming

Tropical insects will likely be the first types of animals to
suffer extinction because of rising global temperatures, U.S.
researchers say. The study, conducted by scientists from the
University of Washington and Colorado State University on behalf
of the National Academy of Sciences, contends that because
tropical insects are already living close to the top of their
heat tolerances, it will only take a relatively small amount
of warming to kill them off, The Independent reported Monday.
On the other hand, the study found, species living at higher
latitudes have greater tolerances to heat and cold, and because
they are thriving at temperatures cooler than what they can
withstand, warmer climates may actually "enhance their fitness."
"Our analyses imply that, in the absence of ameliorating factors
such as migration and adaptation, the greatest extinction risks
from global warming may be in the tropics, where biological
diversity is also greatest," the study's authors wrote.
The research was publish in the academy's journal Proceedings.

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Shuttle ready for terminal countdown test

U.S. space shuttle Discovery will undergo a terminal countdown
test this week in preparation for its STS-124 mission to the
International Space Station. The National Aeronautics and
Space Administration said the shuttle, now at its Kennedy
Space Center launch pad, will under go its "dress rehearsal"
countdown Tuesday through Friday. Discovery and its seven-
member crew are to lift off May 31 on a 13-day mission to
deliver the Kibo laboratory's large Japanese Pressurized Module
and its remote manipulator system to the space station, NASA
said. Three spacewalks are scheduled for the mission. STS-124
astronauts and space center ground crews will participate in the
simulated countdown activities, including equipment
familiarization and emergency training.

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Reader Comments...

I power my PC off each night.
Hopefully, turning off the PC at night saves some power and
reduces our electric bill (and is green - environmentally
friendly). Also, I think it helps MS Windows XP Home to have
a 'rest' to reset itself... - R.A. Payne

Turn off your computer when it’s not in use. It sucks up a lot
of electricity even at “rest”. There is no harm in turning it
off, and back on when you need it. - Steve

I turn mine off before I go to bed and usually turn it on again
in the early afternoon, so it's on about 12 hours per day.
One month (a good while back), I left it on 24 hours a day for
a month and saw a large increase in my electric bill. A
computer tech once told me that it wasn't worth turning it
off unless it wasn't going to be used for at least 4-6 hours,
but I have no idea if that's correct. - Anonymous

I keep my PC ON overnight; Windows is such an unstable program
platform that I never know if it will turn ON again if I turn
it OFF. - Lou

I have a custom built computer. I am told that it is best
to leave on, rather than to turn on and off each time. Your
computer will last longer. You NEVER want to remain on
line. - Anonymous

I choose to turn my computer off when it is not in use. I
seem to feel it may be a good idea to turn it off to conserve
on the energy it generates. I have no idea if this is a good
thing or not. I am in the habit I guess, of just turning off
all equipment that won't be in use until the following
day. - Ri


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