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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Steve-O Responds To WWE

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                  Monday, June 18, 2007

Steve-O Responds To WWE; Umaga The Champ?
Story By: Ryan Gray
Partial Source - PWInsider

Jackass star Steve-O recently wrote the following on his 
MySpace blog, "As for upsetting the WWE, too bad for them-- 
they're stuck plastering the television screen with 
commercial, starring only me (representing the entire cast 
of Jackass by myself) and Umaga, promoting the Pay Per View 
event. As for "almost shutting down the Jackass match", 
that's just hype to let everyone know we're comng (sic). 
As for the choke-outs, Ryan Dunn choked me out six times 
in one day. Umaga actually knows what he's doing, he's 
very capable of safely choking me out, and he's the current 
champion of the WWE, of course I was a complete nightmare 
for those people doing everything in and out of my power 
to get footage of Umaga choking me out, and then have him 
sign a release form, which I was packing on the bod." 

WWE did come close to pulling the plug on the whole 
"Jackass" storyline as they felt Steve-O was acting very 
disrespectful backstage, filming things for his own 
personal use. 

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Samoa Joe Injured, Slammiversary Dark Match, & More
Story By: Ryan Gray
Source - PWInsider

Samoa Joe is currently suffering from a bulging disc in 
his back. Even with the injury he is scheduled to fulfill 
all of his commitments. 

A dark match will take place at Sunday's Slammiversary 
pay-per-view featuring local radio DJ Charles vs. Ms. 

TNA will be having a house show tonight in Sheffield, 
Alabama. Scheduled for the show is Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles 
in a Best of Three Falls match and Christian Cage vs. Kurt 


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Kennedy Returning As Heel, Stephanie & Linda Back On TV
Story By: Steve Carrier
Source: PWInsider.com

- Due to Vince McMahon's on air "death" WWE is planning 
on having Stephanie and Linda McMahon return to WWE 

- Yokozna's profile has been added to the WWE Alumni page 
at WWE.com. 

- Speaking of WWE's web site, Mick Foley's profile has 
yet to be appear on RAW's Bio Page, yet he claims to be 
apart of RAW.

- Apparently Triple H feels that there is not enough heels 
on the RAW brand, which is the reason Mr. Kennedy was 
drafted to RAW. This move indicates that Kennedy will not 
be returning to chase Edge for the World Title like he was 
originally supposed to, but confirms that he will be 
returning to RAW as a heel and eventually be feuding with 
Triple H in the future. 

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                      Reader's Forum

I am sure there are many people that truly wish that old 
Vinnie was blown up in that limo, but give me a break. 
Vinnie your story lines are out there. Get back to 
wrestling and stop all the bull crap. 

Vermont Fan
- Kathy

What's the news on Triple H? He's been gone too long. And 
now WWE has to stoop to new lows, killing it's creator, 
Vincent Kennedy McMahon? I think bringing back Hunter will 
increase the viewing, giving the show much better ratings.! 
But, take this from where it comes, an avid WWE fan. Listen 
to the fans for once! 

- John

Monday night Raw just hit a new low doubt very seriously
if this story is true about vince dying .And his family
to go along with this story hard to believe just for 
- Tony in Florida 

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