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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Steiner Suffers Neck Injury

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                 Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Scott Steiner Suffers Neck Injury Over The Weekend
Story By: Richard Gray
Source: PWInsider.com

It looks as if there may be some major changes to TNA's
upcoming Slammiversary pay-per-view. Scott Steiner, who
was slated to re-unite with his brother Rick as the
Steiner Brothers tag team against Team 3D at the PPV,
was injured over the weekend. According to one backstage
source the injury is to his neck and is believed to be a
trachea injury.

While the exact severity of the injury is still known,
Steiner is scheduled to undergo surgery. It is also
unknown at this point how long he will be out other than
he will not work any of his scheduled dates this weekend
for Hermie Sadler's UWF promotion in Philadelphia and
Maryland. UWF is already in the process of booking a new
main event.


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         Random News From The Wrestling World

Former Superstar Blasts Double A; Mark Henry's Injury 
Story By: Richard Gray
Source: PWInsider.com

- The current issue of WWE Magazine with The Hardys on the 
cover includes an interview with former WWF and WCW super-
star Paul Roma. In the interview Roma is asked about his 
reaction to Ric Flair and Arn Anderson's negative comments 
towards him on the Four Horseman DVD. Roma said, "It 
doesn't bother me. What's disturbing is listening to Arn 
talk like he's the toughest thing since King Kong. You 
never did anything, so what makes you tough now? You laid 
on your bed, sucking down Krispy Kremes and KFC; you're 
not a tough guy. If you were that tough, Sid [Vicious] 
wouldn't have beaten you up." 

- In the same issue of WWE Magazine, Mark Henry was 
interviewed about his recent return to the company from 
injury. When discussing his knee injuries the former 
World's Strongest Man said, "The lliobial band broke 
and the kneecap broke in half. I suffered with that 
kneecap for five months in the ring. That's why every-
thing else got ripped apart, because I kept wrestling 
with it. Not many people can say they've walked around 
for five months with a broken kneecap." Henry claimed 
that while suffering with the injury it would sometimes 
take him 30 minutes just to get up the stairs to his 
apartment and, "nine times out of 10, I'd just lie on 
the floor for three days until it was time to go back 
to work." 


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WWE Refs No Longer In On Finishes At House Shows
Story By: Richard Gray
Source: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

World Wrestling Entertainment implemented a new policy 
during the middle of last month of not informing their 
referees of the finishes of matches ahead of time on 
house show cards. Right now, it is still in the 
experimental stages, but the finishes of all matches 
scheduled before intermissions at house shows will 
indefinitely take place without the referees knowing 
the planned finish. 

The new policy adds a new variable of realism to matches 
as it forces workers to listen to the referee's 
instructions (such as breaking a hold before five) or 
kicking out of pin attempts before the three count. 
Since the wrestlers know that the referees are unaware 
of the finish, they must work in a more convincing 
fashion and have to pay attention to avoid false finishes. 

After the first two weekends of the new policy, there were 
no incidents of unplanned finishes taking place. "It keeps 
everyone on their toes," said one WWE backstage source. 
"There has been nothing bad said about it by anyone so 

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                      Reader's Forum

In response to "Cheryl's" inquiry of the Tough Enough 
contestants... I'm not sure about all of them, but I do 
know that "The Miz" (don't remember his full name), the 
Tough Enough contestant who first got his name from the 
MTV show "The Real World," has been wrestling matches on 
SmackDown! His latest appearance, I believe, was against 
Chris Benoit last week.... Also, I never caught his name, 
but the "Boogeyman" character was a 40-some year-old Tough 
Enough contestant who was disqualified because he lied 
about his age. Again, names fail me, but the latest Tough 
Enough winner was let go by the company after they sent 
him to OVW some time ago. 

- Wakedaddy

To Nikki's comments about Smackdown,
I never said that I didn't like Smackdown. You are correct 
in stating that week in and week out, Smackdown consistent-
ly offers better actual wrestling than Raw. With guys like 
Benoit, Finley, Regal, London, and Kendrick, how could it 
not? I just made the point that as of late Smackdown has 
had an enormous amount of injuries to many of it's big 
names, Undertaker and Kennedy getting injured is the whole 
reason Edge went to Smackdown in the first place. Mark 
Henry and Batista are both pretty fresh off injuries as 
well. Luckily with the draft coming up tonight, hopefully 
things will get shaken up a bit and help fill in the gaps 
on both brands a bit more. I just hope that Punk doesn't 
get sent to Raw and get pushed too hard too soon.  He's 
definitely over with the fans, but as of right now (barring 
his excellent match with Burke as Backlash) he really needs 
a little while longer in ECW to develop a broader moveset 
that he can use in the WWE. We all know we'll never see a 
Pepsi Plunge as long as HHH is with the company, and some-
thing tells me that he's not going anywhere! ;) 
- MemphisWrestlingFan

hellooooooooooooooooo, MICHAEL HAYES, wake up and smell 
your coffee dude, fans are starting to change channels 
due to your retarted story lines, I watch RAW only to 
see cena get his ass whooped by khali, and the hardy boys, 
I won't even turn the t.v. for SD anymore since taker"s 
out due to injury, I've been watching TNA impact I'm an 
huge fan of sting and many of the other talent in TNA 
has to offer, a very huge "get well" out to shawn michaels 
whether you come back to RAW or not it's been a pleasure 
watching your career and seeing you become the "show 
stopper", "the main eventer", and the "ICON", god bless 
you shawn and family......in closing,,,,,,,, MICHAEL HAYES 
- RockFalls 

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