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Publication: Diet Buddy
Spotting "Fad" Diets!

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           Diet Buddy - Monday, June 4, 2007

Spotting "Fad" Diets!

Hi There Buddies...

Dieting as we all know is big business in this country...
to the tune of about 45 billion dollars a year.  We spend 
lots of money on weight loss gimmicks and products that 
haven't even been proven yet... in our never-ending quest 
to achieve a simpler way to weight loss.

"The lure of quick and easy weight loss is hard to resist," 
says registered dietitian and American Dietetic Association 
spokesperson Dee Sandquist.  "That's especially true for 
people who struggle to make changes that will optimize 
their health.  They wind up on fad diets that can be harm-
ful to your health in the long run." 

The American Dietetic Association (ADA) defines "food 
fads" as unreasonable or exaggerated beliefs that eating 
(or not eating) specific foods, nutrient supplements or 
combinations of certain foods may cure disease, convey 
special health benefits or offer quick weight loss.

The reality is, no 'super food' or diet approach can 
reverse weight gain resulting from overeating and 
inactivity.  And because most fad diets don't teach 
new eating habits and many require you to give up your 
favorite foods, people usually don't stick with them," 
Sandquist says.  She offers the following tips to help 
evaluate a new product, diet or recommendation, 
compliments of Diet and Exercise Magazine. 

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*  If it sounds too good to be true, it is - especially if 
   the diet or product offers a "quick fix."

*  Avoid products offering a guaranteed cure or which 
   promote "limited-time offers."

*  Watch out for products that describe certain foods as 
   "good" or "bad".  Fad diets may require you to avoid 
   foods or entire food groups.  "Countless reputable 
   studies over many years have shown balance and variety 
   are needed for good health.  Any diet that requires you 
   to give up whole categories of foods and to take supple-
   ments to replace their nutrients is, by definition, 
   unbalanced," Sandquist says.

*  Is the source of the information, such as a book author, 
   also trying to sell a product, like supplements?

Diet Questions!

When evaluating a nutrition product, service, treatment 
or device, it's smart to ask yourself even more questions 
before you lay out any money.  The following questions are 
drawn from the American Dietetic Association's Complete 
Food and Nutrition Guide.  If your answer to any of these 
questions is "Yes," it likely means the claim is too good 
to be true and you should be suspicious.

*  Does it use scare tactics, emotional appeals or a money-
   back guarantee, rather than proven results?

Playing on emotion, misinformation of fear is common among 
nonscientific pseudo-experts.  Watch for terms like "break-
through" and "miraculous" or claims that certain foods or 
additives are "poisons."

*  Does it use non-scientific terms like "revitalize," 
   "detoxify" or "balance your body with nature"?

Does it claim to increase stamina, stimulate your body's 
healing power or boost your energy level?  Words like 
"detoxify" are not scientific terms, and no product can 
increase your stamina, strength or immunity. 

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*  Does it offer "proof" based on personal testimonials 
   rather than sound science?

Nutrition is a science, based on fact, not emotional 
belief. Be skeptical of case histories and testimonials if 
they are the only proof a product works.  "Are the products 
claims backed up by a body of scientific research rather 
than just one study, or none at all?" Sandquist adds.  
"Do reputable scientific and professional organizations 
support the claims?"

*  Does it advise supplements as "insurance" for everyone 
   or recommend very large doses of nutrients? 

Not everyone needs a supplement; in fact, taking too much 
may be harmful.  Most healthy people can obtain all the 
nutrients they need from food.  For some people, supplemen-
tation is warranted, but that is an individual decision 
that should be made during consultations with your health-
care provider.

*  Does it claim it can "treat," "cure," or "prevent" all 
   sorts of health problems, from arthritis to cancer?

No product or regimen can treat all that ails you.  Even 
as a credible treatment strategy - such as for diabetes 
and some forms of cancer - nutrition therapy is typically 
a part of your overall health care, not the only factor.

*  Does it make unrealistic claims such as "reverse the 
   aging process," "cure disease" or "quick, easy appraoch"?

There are no "magic bullets" when it comes to health.  Most 
health-promoting approaches take some effort.  Quackery 
thrives because people want simple cures and magic ways to 
change what is imperfect.

*  Does it blame the food supply as the source of health or 
   behavior problems, belittle government regulations or 
   discredit the advice of recognized medical authorities?

Quacks often criticize these sources, as well as claiming 
the traditional health community is suppresssing their 
work.  They call for "freedom of choice" and promote their 
unproven techniques as viable alternatives to proven 
methods.  The fact is, you will find choices among well-
researched methods. 


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*  Does it claim its "natural" benefits surpass those of 
   "synthetic" products?

There is nothing magical or automatically safe about 
"natural."  From the standpoint of science, the chemical 
structures of natural and synthetic dietary supplements are 
essentially the same and the body uses them in the same 
manner (with the exeption of vitamin E; "natural" is more 
potent than the synthetic form).  Even substances found in 
nature can have natural toxins with potent, drug-like 

*  Does it mention a "secret formula" or fail to list 
   ingredients or possible side effects on the label?

By law, medications must carry product information on their 
packaging, including ingredients, use, dosage, warnings, 
precautions and what to do if reactions occur.  Products 
sold through quackery may not report this information, 
including potential side effects and dangers.

"Spending even a small amount of time on the Internet or 
at the library can tell you much about whether a dietary 
approach or product is based on science and isn't just a 
fad," Sandquist says.  "If the answers to these questions 
is no, then you can do better in developing a healthy 
weight-loss plan that is right for you.  A consultation 
with a registered dietitian is the perfect place to start.  
A "personalized plan" will provide a balanced appraoch for 
long-term success."

Did You Know ???

According to the American Heart Association, many fad diets 
are based on "food folklore", some dating back to the early 
19th century and have not been documented to be safe in the 
long term.  Ideas about "fat-burning foods" and "food 
combining" are also classified as unsubstantiated myths. 

Our forums are once again up and running, so don't be a 
stranger, sign up and share your concerns in our Diet Buddy 
forum at... Diet Buddy Forum 

Have a great week everyone !!!

Disclaimer:  Since I am not a medical professional any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice. 

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