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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Spirits and Booze

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Issue date: Saturday, March 11, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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Welcome to the Paranormal Insider. This publication takes 
no responsibility for how your beliefs are challenged or 
even permanently changed by the stories that follow. Further
warning: Change, you may recall, does not happen overnight. 
As with most transformations, the seed of welcome or 
unwelcome change lies dormant within until—months or years 
later—it overwhelms your defenses. And becomes the new 

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Spirits and Booze.

Hi Gus:
"I recently read a book about a man who'd just had a Near 
Death Experience. A short while later, he entered a tavern 
and noticed that there were dark entities hovering around 
the people who were drinking the hardest. Not only that, 
the more these people drank, the more their auras were 
weakened. As the night wore on, holes or gateways appeared 
in their auras, allowing the dark entities to enter their 
bodies and take control.

"Based on this man's account and others, it is my opinion 
there are evil spirits that prey exclusively on people who 
drink or take drugs—and are also in a weak or depressed 
state of mind. This fragile state of mind, combined with 
intoxicants, allows the malevolent entities to gain a foot-
hold in the psyches of drunkards, causing them to do things
they would not normally do. These entities are creatures 
of opportunity, so to speak. Like wolves or hyenas, they 
strike the weakest in the pack.

"To get rid of such evil spirits, the alcoholic or addict 
must completely kick their habit. This will give them the 
strength to successfully reverse the possession."

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The Dilemma of the Non-Professional Psychic.

Hello Gus:
"I'm hoping you or your readers may be able to advise me on
this. As a non-professional psychic, I have learned not to 
give readings without being asked. But a friend of mine has
been giving off some very strong psychic impressions lately,
and I just don't know what to do. Should I tell him what I 
have noticed?

"Both he and his wife are strong believers in the paranormal
and pay attention to the field. I guess I should add that 
the reading I get about him isn't negative nor positive, 
just very strong."

Meet the Aswang.

In case you visit the Philippine jungle anytime soon, 
here's a legendary monster to watch out for. The Aswang 
is a vampire-like creature with human features and no 
legs. It slithers across the jungle floor like a snake, 
yet can become airborne in order to suck the blood of
unwitting victims. The Aswang also squirts poison from 
the inside corner of its eyes.

Here's another hideously strange Philippine monster: The 
Tikbalang. Local lore says the Tikbalang stands more than 
7-feet tall and possesses a horse-like head and wild pig 
tusks. The fearsome beast can climb trees, hiding in wait 
until game passes beneath—often in the form of an innocent 
villager. A hot, foul-smelling mist is a tip-off that a 
Tikbalang is lurking nearby. Unfortunately, if you're 
close enough to a Tikbalang to smell its breath, you're 
probably lunch.

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Reincarnated Felines.

Hi Gus:
"My dear feline companion, a Flame Siamese-Cross, passed 
many years ago. A friend even wrote a song about him that 
still makes me cry. But I digress...

"In just the last couple of months, I have not only been 
hearing and smelling 'Flame,' I have met two new cats that 
act just like him! Life truly repeats, no?

"Reality is a circle. But I had no idea that our beloved 
pets traveled the same circle that we do."

Supernatural Powers?

Dear Gus:
"Several years ago, I awoke in the middle of the night very
agitated and on the verge of a scream. When I opened my 
eyes, descending towards me was a glowing white plus (+) 
sign. Each arm of the plus sign was equal in length—it was 
definitely not a cross.

"This event took place Thanksgiving Day, 1996 at 3 a.m. 
Over the course of the next several months I developed 
supernatural powers such as telepathy and the ability to 
have out-of-the-body experiences. When I sleep, I'm able 
to leave my body and travel to other places. I can even
share other peoples' dreams. I can also see loved ones who 
have passed on from this world to the next.

"A while back, these supernatural talents became too 
powerful for me to cope with on my own, so I saw a 
psychiatrist. She put me on a medication that controls 
them. She believes that I am bi-polar.

"I have several questions for my fellow readers: What 
was the plus sign that descended on me in the middle of 
the night and changed my life forever? Was it truly 
supernatural? Or was it a symptom of what my doctor 
claims is a bi-polar condition?"

BTW: I very much enjoy your newsletter every Saturday.

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