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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Spirit Communication

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Issue date: Saturday, January 13, 2007
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Dear Readers:

I thought I'd share a little food for thought about spirit 
communication by telling you about a rather astounding 
experience I had recently. 

My dear uncle, who lived out his life in Hungary, passed 
away a few years ago and his passing left a huge hole in 
my heart. He was my favorite uncle: a frustrated scholar, 
an avid adventurer, and a walking book of knowledge with 
a warm and humorous soul. About 15 years ago while he was 
visiting us in Canada, I asked him for a huge favor, to 
write out our family history. This he did, although it 
was a huge and painstaking task, and he gifted me with 
several handwritten pages of family ancestry information 
and a family tree. This was one of my prized possessions, 
especially as no one else was left in the family who would 
have this knowledge. Well, a couple of years ago, I 
discovered this precious documentation missing. I searched 
high and low - for weeks, months, and yes, years. It was 
devastating to me that I couldn't find these papers, 
especially when I am extremely organized and caring of my 
belongings. It came to the point that I was begging and 
pleading with the angels, the universe, to help me find 
the papers. I consulted my psychic friends, I did spells 
and rituals, I pleaded with St. Anthony - all to no avail. 
A little while ago I began to speak with my departed uncle 
directly, asking him to show me where the papers were. In 
the midst of all this searching, I had discovered keys to 
an old safety deposit box which has somehow gone missing 
and although I have gone to the highest corporate recourse, 
there is no chance of identifying or locating this box any 
longer. I lived daily with the knowledge that these 
treasured documents may have at some point been consigned 
to that missing safety deposit box and would never again 
find their way back to me. It was a monumental feeling of 
guilt, and of loss. 

Just before Christmas, I was lying in bed one night and 
considering how to word yet another prayer to my uncle. 
It occurred to me for some reason to speak to him in 
Hungarian. This thought had never crossed my mind before 
as English is a more natural language for me, obviously 
I guess, as it is the one I use every day. So, I spoke to 
my uncle in the darkness, in Hungarian, asking him to help 
me find those papers. A day or two later, when I had some 
time, I decided once again, to start going through all my 
personal papers, files and collections that have grown 
to massive proportions over the years. I am a pack rat - 
I have kept and filed away every greeting card and letter 
I have ever received since I was a baby - every photo we've 
ever taken or received, mementos by the score, all stored 
away neatly in pretty boxes. I decided to do yet another 
search, going one by one through these items and examining 
each and every little bundle or paper in what I was sure 
would be a vain attempt at locating these papers. Then, for 
some strange reason, I had a thought. I remembered working 
online with a family tree generator about 10 years ago, 
(and 2 houses ago) and realized that I had never since 
seen the practice printouts I had made at that time. I had 
a strong suspicion that I may have been working with my 
uncle's documents when I did those printouts and the whole 
shebang may have been filed away together. I thought back 
to what else was gong on at that time and remembered that 
I had my metaphysical store back then, so I pulled out the 
archive file box of my store and business records, and 
started going through all my files. My heart just about 
stopped when I found an unlabeled folder, and when I 
pulled it out, I saw the edges of the fancy telltale 
stationery I remember using for the family tree work. To 
my amazement, as I held my breath and opened the folder, 
there it was - my uncle's letter with my family tree, all 
tucked away among my business records. 

If I had any doubts about whether my uncle had actually 
intervened to help me, they were pretty much laid to rest 
in short order. I was doing some last minute gift wrapping 
the same day or the next and needing some ribbons and bows, 
I reached into a large storage tote box where I keep 
reusable bows and such. I pulled out 2 or 3 ribbons and a 
faded little gift tag fell onto the table. I didn't 
recognize the writing on it at first glance and picked it 
up to have a better look. Puzzled, I read the words "To a 
dear niece...from Uncle Steven." At first the tag made no 
sense to me, because I have no relatives in this country 
and none who speak English. Then, it clicked. The tag was 
from a gift my uncle had given me those many years ago when 
he was here visiting - and he had obviously asked someone 
how to write his name and these words in English. And that 
would have been the same year I asked him to put together 
our family tree. 

In the weeks since then (and yes, I have put the papers in 
a place where I will always be sure to find them) I have 
experienced wave after wave of joy and relief and gratitude 
that I have these precious papers back again. And I have 
gained a new nugget of wisdom - or at least something that 
is important food for thought - that when we try and 
communicate with the other side, it is most likely best to 
take the extra time and care to explore the ways in which 
we will best be heard and understood, instead of assuming 
that any old method of communication will get through. I 
have resolved to work with this theory and it has got me 
thinking about other forms of ritual, prayer, spellwork 
and magic - whether there really is a reason to work with 
all the elaborate guidelines and ritual or whether simple 
'intent' is enough to get things moving out there is the 
cosmos and the land of spirit (as I have previously 
believed). What do you all think? Please send your thoughts 
and comments to: paranormal@zsuzsana.com 

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Bardo and Feedback About Suicide

I am pleased to share below some of our readers' letters 
and some thoughts regarding the state of souls who have 
committed suicide. 

Hello Zsuzsana,

I read several of your email sites and love them. Keep 
up the good work. 

This may be some help to T. Goddard Moon who wrote to you 
about her brother committing suicide and he came and told 
her it was terrible there. From what I have read when 
you pass over there is a right and a left door. The left 
door is for black souls and people who have committed 
suicide. It is not a nice place to be. He will reincarnate 
fast and if he lives out his next life as he should he 
will go in the right door next time and will be in what 
we know as heaven. 



This is for the lady whose brother (Steven) took his life. 
In order for her to help him, he has to know that he was 
sick and not in his right mind, then he can go forward. 

To help her to understand what I am trying to tell her, 
it would help if she would watch a movie, title, "What 
Dreams May Come", and there is also a book by Dannion 
Brinkley, titled The Secrets of the Light. 

I was told in a dream when my niece and first cousin took 
their life, that they were safe in the arm of Jesus, and 
I have seem them several times. 

I pray this will be accepted in the spirit it is given - 
one of love. 

Deloris Quinn

Please tell this woman to buy "Destiny of Souls" and 
"Journey of Souls" by Dr. Michael Newton.
His books discuss this. 
Lorie Robbins, DC

A Note from Zsuzsana:

I have been researching the concept of Tibetan/Buddhist 
concept of Bardo, which is the state of existence 
intermediate between two lives on earth. Wikipedia says 
that in this state when the consciousness is not connected 
with a physical body, "...one experiences a variety of 
phenomena. These usually follow a particular sequence 
of degeneration from, just after death, the clearest 
experiences of reality of which one is spiritually capable, 
to, later on, terrifying hallucinations arising from the 
impulses of one's previous unskillful actions. For the 
spiritually advanced the bardo offers a state of great 
opportunity for liberation, since transcendental insight 
may arise with the direct experience of reality, while for 
others it can become a place of danger as the karmically 
created hallucinations can impel one into a less than 
desirable rebirth." 

Philosopher Sean Robsville 
(http://www.geocities.com/scimah/Bardo.htm) says: 
".....After we die our very subtle mind leaves our body 
and enters the intermediate state, or 'bardo' in Tibetan. 
In this subtle dream-like state we experience many 
different visions that arise from the karmic potentials 
that were activated at the time of our death. These 
visions may be pleasant or terrifying depending on the 
karma that ripens. Once these karmic seeds have fully 
ripened they impel us to take rebirth without choice..." 

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Feedback from Our Holiday Issues


I would like to know, on the New Year's Eve tradition - 
basket full of things you want the New Year to bring - 
what do you do with the contents of the basket after you 
bring it back into your home. It is a lovely tradition. 
My family and I did it last night, but do not know what's 

Happy New Year to you and all your subscribers. I enjoy 
your newsletter immensely.



Re: "When I was a little girl growing up in the south, my 
mother always told me it was BAD LUCK if the new year 
found a Christmas tree in the house. To this day, I always 
get the tree down and all Christmas tree decorations down 
by Dec. 31st."

Our readers write:

I've heard of this custom except that New Years Day was 
the day to take down the decorations. 

My Grandmother said it was good luck to eat Hog Jowls, 
Black Eyed Peas, and Stewed Tomatoes. She often 
substituted ham for the jowls.  She always seemed to 
come up with the money for whatever she needed so maybe 
it worked. 

My friend has encouraged me for years to take money 
outside on New Years Eve and bring it in the next 
morning, I had not heard of the basket deal, but I 
plan to try it. Liz Ritzie 


In my family it was the exact opposite, We made sure the 
tree was up!  The few years we were convinced to take it 
down earlier, the year went really badly.  I wonder 
where the majority is on this? 


I am also in my 70's and have always taken our tree and 
all decorations down before New Year's as my mother 
always said it was bad luck to take anything from the 
old year into the new.  

Jane in Phoenix 


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Feedback About The Star of Bethlehem

The Star of the Birth of a KING!
Hello Zsuzsana,

I don't normally reply to these types of articles but 
you struck a nerve on this one. Yes, I do believe that 
it could have been extraterrestrial being or craft that 
lead the Magi to the new born KING...I do believe in UFO's 
because I have seen objects that I could not explain. And 
I do truly believe that that there are other beings out 
there in our universe. I can not believe that an all 
powerful Supreme Being created this GRAND universe and 
only put this world with living creatures on it here, 
there has to be more. Maybe this Supreme Being chose that 
we should never meet other beings from other worlds or 
maybe the Supreme Being chose to only have a few other 
worlds and/or beings come and visit us. It is really 
strange that has hard has we, the human race, have tried 
we never been able to locate planets in our solar system 
with life of any type on it. Yet, there have been written 
documented reports of other visitors to this world for 
centuries now. So why can't we believe that a more advanced 
civilization could have led three wise men to a newborn 
KING, the King of the human race, so the humankind can 
believe in a Powerful, all knowing and seeing Supreme 

I will grant you and the readers of this ezine that we do 
have some very smart scientific people on this world. But 
as you said in the article "none can come together on a 
consensus" of what the strange star was or might have been. 
Most of these scientists think with only their heads and 
not with their hearts as well. 

I truly believe in God or Supreme Being, or whatever name 
is used by different people on this tiny world. But I also 
believe that there are other beings visiting this world 
as well, whether it is to study the human race or to 
incorporate themselves with us to keep a race of being
alive. I do not know. But until we use both our minds and 
hearts, we will probably never know for sure what that 
strange star was. 


Mike Mitchell 


Hi Zsuzsana,

There was a Discovery show on the Nativity star. An 
astronomer discovered by doing research that the Magi 
or astronomers in the year 6 were looking for a 
constellation that spoke of a King. The one they were 
looking for was in the constellation of Aries. It was 
a very strange phenomenon. All the planets had to be in 
direct alignment (there has since been one other event 
recently) and two planets, Jupiter and Mars had to be 
in this strange configuration of a star in the sky. 

The moon also had to be eclipsed, as in the song "Age of 
"When the moon is in the seventh House,
And Jupiter aligns with Mars,
Then Peace will guide the planets,
And Love will steer the stars!"
I hope this helps to explain what the Nativity star might 
really have been. 

Bright Blessings, "Kkim"

FYI. Don't mean to be rude, but there were more than three 
kings. Also, Jesus was born in the summer months and also 
when the kings arrived to see Jesus, he was approximately 
three years of age. 


a snip from another reader's letter:

Dear Zsuzsana,

I have done lots and lots of research on the Bible, 30 
years worth so far, and I can tell you that the Star of 
Bethlehem was not a paranormal incident. It was a planetary 
conjunction and this was found by astronomers some yeas 
ago because they used Christ's real birth date of September 
14, 7 BCE for the calculation, not the made up one of 
December 25th. This date was adopted by the Christians to 
correlate with the Pagan winter solstice festival where 
the God of the evergreen tree was worshipped and tress 
decorated and food offerings left under the tree for the 
God so that this God would bring back life to a dead 
looking land. 


Firstly, the Magi did not find the alleged child until it 
was two years old, (read the book of Matthew) and they 
were never in the nativity scene because of the alleged 
two years journey. Secondly, there is no true record of 
this child's birth. Thirdly, not being Jewish I do not 
celebrate Jewish birthdays, alleged or otherwise. 


Actually, the UFO theory is what I have believed for most 
of my adult life and then some! Does that make it any less 
miraculous or holy? ... nope ... not to me. I just wonder 
who Jesus really was ... and maybe someday I will be able 
to ask him! 

Love and light
Shells Bells


As a believer in the ET and UFO theories of the gods and 
goddesses, I really enjoyed the lyrics to Chris de Burgh's 
song. Makes good sense to me. 

I had never heard of Chris de Burgh before. I want to thank 
you for turning me on to him.  Went on his web site and 
really enjoy his music. You have created a fan for him. 

Keep your Paranormal Insider coming!

Happy Holidays

Chris Boyette

May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, the 
angels protect you and Heaven accept you. 


Next week, I plan to discuss dreams and hope to be sharing 
some more of your recent letters and feedback ... until 
then, all the best and Carpe diem! 


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