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Publication: SoHo News and Tips
Tips for Bartering

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                   SoHo NEWS & TIPS
Helping You Make the Most of Your Small Office/Home Office


Here is an article for advice on bartering. Get something
you need for something you already have. This is a great 
idea for small businesses their are sites to help you
offer your products or services in an exchange.


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- US Airways Proposes $8 Billion Delta Air Takeover for 
bankrupt Delta Air Lines Inc. in a transaction that would 
create the world's largest airline.

- Former Hewlett-Packard Co. Chairwoman Patricia Dunn is 
scheduled to be arraigned today on charges that she directed 
an illegal investigation into news leaks at the computer 

- President Bush meets with chief executives from GE, Ford 
and DaimlerChrysler in the Oval Office, urging them to become 
competitive in a difficult global environment.

- Wal-Mart and rival Target are brewing up a price war for 
holiday toys, electronics and other things consumers may want 
for Christmas that could spell savings for shoppers, but profit 
woes for retailers in the critical holiday quarter.

- Crude oil rose after three days of decline because of 
speculation that fuel inventories fell in the US ahead of the 
Thanksgiving holiday, when a record number of drivers will 
take to the roads.

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Online Sites Promote The Art of the Barter

Last winter, Minal Mehta of Temple City, Calif., needed more 
equipment for her home office, but she didn't want to buy it. 
So the 30-year-old Internet marketing consultant posted an ad 
on bartering site SwapThing.com.

Ms. Mehta offered to provide consulting services in exchange 
for a laptop computer or other office supplies. A month or so 
later, a local entrepreneur building an online music service 
responded, offering to give Ms. Mehta a 2000 Acer laptop if 
she created a list of keywords he could use to improve his 
site's search-engine rankings.

They worked out the specifics of the deal -- the laptop for a 
list of 50 words -- at a Starbucks. Ms. Mehta paid SwapThing 
a transaction fee of $1. She estimates her hour and a-half of 
consulting was worth about $100 and the laptop about $300, but 
both parties were satisfied with the trade. "It made a lot of 
sense from a business standpoint," Ms. Mehta says. "Neither of 
us had to pay the other anything and we both got something we 
were looking for."

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Businesses have been swapping services since ancient times. 
About 400,000 firms barter each year, accounting for about $9 
billion in U.S. sales, according to barter-industry group 
International Reciprocal Trade Association. But a growing 
number of Web sites are trying to lure small firms and 
independent contractors to swap goods and services. The barter-
ing sites let business owners arrange to exchange everything 
from traditional services such as accounting help and legal 
advice to more-unconventional things such as dental work and 
pet-sitting. Some sites also encourage businesses to swap with 
consumers as a way to cultivate eventual paying customers.

This isn't the first time Web entrepreneurs have tried to make 
online bartering successful. The dot-com boom of the late 
1990s spawned sites such as BigVine.com that tried to create 
online barter exchanges using "trade currency" eliminating the 
need for one-to-one trades. But most failed to generate enough 
interest. Creators of the new sites argue that Internet users 
now are much more comfortable shopping and negotiating online.

Before the Internet took hold, businesses were mostly confined 
to trading with personal acquaintances or joining formal barter 
exchanges such as International Monetary Systems -- membership 
groups that broker trades and work with trade currency. The 
newer generation of sites, taking cues from the popularity of 
social-networking sites, aim to make it easy and cheap for 
business owners to meet trading partners. They can post 
profiles and email trade offers back and forth -- or even call 
each other directly.

From The Wall Street Journal Online


The small business Administration (SBA) set up the Procurement 
Automated Search System (PASS) to increase the number of 
government contracts awarded to smaller businesses owned by 
minorities and women. ANy business owner can complete an 
application to be listed in the government's database of 
potential suppliers. When an agency needs a product or service, 
it can search PASS for the names of potential vendors. Call 
your local SBA for informatin on PASS or look at www.sba.gov.

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