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Publication: SoHo News and Tips
How To Get in Google's Index

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All businesses want to be easily searchable, and able to be
googled. However, sometimes it is not all that easy to get 
into google's index. Below is an article providing tips to
speed up the process for your business, including advice
from the Google software engineer himself.


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- Internet giant's stock price climbed 1.9% to $504.54 per 
share in early trading on the Nasdaq Nov. 21, hitting a new 
52 week high. The stock has soared in recent months from its 
52 week low of $331.55 on March 10. Not bad, considering the 
company had first priced at $85 per share when it went public 
in August, 2004. 

- The world's second-largest personal computer maker, reported 
on Tuesday quarterly earnings per share that topped Wall 
Street's average estimate, sending its stock up nearly 10 

- The White House on Tuesday lowered its forecast for economic 
growth this year and into 2008, reflecting the drag from the 
housing slump. Even with the downgrade, though, the Bush 
administration is predicting that the unemployment rate will 
turn out to be slightly lower than previously thought.

- California's Supreme Court has ruled only those people who 
originate defamatory remarks on the Internet can be sued and 
not those who republish them. The ruling in San Francisco over-
turned a lower court ruling in 2004 in which two doctors 
claimed a San Diego alternative-medicine advocate had re-
published defamatory comments about them on Internet news-

- Years of rivalry between newspapers and the Internet portals 
that are siphoning their local advertising dollars gave way to 
a new partnership yesterday, as seven newspaper companies 
announced a wide-ranging deal with Yahoo.

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Tips for Getting In Google's Index 

Google in no way guarantees that every URL manually submitted 
will be indexed, regardless of how many times you try. It is 
known to reject sites because no other relevant Web sites link 
to them, or because of uncertainty about the sites' nature or 
quality. "Some people attempt to submit lots and lots of sites 
(some of them low quality or 'spammy') via our 'add url' form, 
and it wouldn't be in our users' best interests to crawl and 
show spammy sites," writes Google software engineer Matt Cutts 
in an email. 
Less frequently, a site may not get picked up because it 
contains a hidden code that blocks search-engine crawlers from 
retrieving information, or because its domain name was 
inherited from previous owners banned by Google for bad 
behavior, says Mr. Cutts.

If there's no reason to believe your site would be rejected 
for these reasons, you may just have to wait. It can take a 
month to six weeks for some sites to appear, since it can take 
that long for the entire index to refresh.

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That said, Web-site owners can take steps to speed up the 
indexing process. Submitting your domain address to Google's 
URL submission feature at www.google.com/addurl/ is a fine 
start. But finding other sites to link to yours, preferably 
well-ranked ones, is a much savvier strategy.

"A good rule of thumb is that the more high-quality links we 
find to a site, the deeper Google will crawl that site," 
Mr. Cutts says.

Swapping links with other local businesses or posting a 
message on a popular online insurance forum and including a 
link to your Web site are two possible ways to achieve this.

Once your site is indexed, don't assume it will hop to the top 
of the search results. Search-engine marketing experts say 
Google will "sandbox" newly indexed sites for about nine months, 
or essentially delay their ability to compete for top rankings 
on popular search terms. Mr. Cutts says the company doesn't 
comment on that matter.

From The Wall Street Journal Online



That American Express has been, and still is the preferred 
credit card for  business related expenses. American Express
claims that more that 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies use
its card and that many companies require that all business 
expenses be placed on the American Express Corporate Card. 
Be aware, however, that American Express frequently charges 
higher fees than the other credit card companies.

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